Playbook OS updated to version, fixes bugs and updates Flash


  • merv

    Is it time to buy a playbook? with those new prices im very tempted. im interested in a 32 gb for $299.99. any thoughts?

    • bob

      I don’t think it’s worth it, especially the 32GB version.

      16 extra GB isn’t worth $100 or 33% more.

    • Rob

      I would do it for 299.00. It’s worth that, especially come February.

  • Tom

    still crap!

  • hurrdurr

    dont do it, get a Transformer tablet


  • Andy

    I will upgrade and see if I can now connect to my corporate wifi.

  • Terry

    Does this mean it can play flash sites like Netflix?

    • Kid_Canada

      Netflix site uses Silverlight not Flash which is still not available on the PB yet but hopefully included in the 2.0 update in Feb.

  • Mike

    Common Google, learn from these guys (never thought I’d say this :D) and make Flash work on ICS, goddamnit!

  • jb

    Merv the PlayBook, is the best tablet I’ve used. I’d say the other good one is the transformer. All these people hating on the PlayBook haven’t tried it and are just hating it cause they are hardcore fanboys of other products. But make no mistake android is very nice, but PlayBook has the best OS in the tablet game. I mean its not even close…32gb is a great size, and that’s a good deal obviously. Cheers

    • Geoff

      Ok, first I should mention that I’m a HUGE Android fan and I really can’t stand Blackberry phones. That being said, I have to agree completely. The QNX OS is perfect for tablets.

  • sdgsdg

    The problem with PlayBook is its screen size, and correspondingly, on-screen keyboard size. It’s just too darn small for most common tasks. Otherwise, it’s a totally solid device if you already own a BlackBerry handheld that you could tether.

    • iTards

      HMMM not really! the screen is perfect for the size and weight.. the keyboard is way better than the ipad one for real.. I always hated anything that comes with a touch screen! but this one fits 100% .. the response is amazing

      The only thing I don’t like abt it is it gets hot sometimes when I tried comwave but I think thats normal.. and the lack of applications which is the main issue now.. I hope RIM can improve this.. I have always loved RIM.. our Canadian company 🙂

  • XER

    This rubbish is getting another trash OS update. Great job!

  • lengend

    I already have the 32gb I bought a while ago. I first bought the 16gb and returned it 3 days later and upgraded to my current 32gb.

    I am going to buy a 64gb now with this sale.

  • Brian

    “PlayBook has the best OS in the tablet game”

    Yeah, the lack of a native email client is a real game changer for me. A blatant lie like this doesn’t deserve the +5 he’s received so far.

  • merv

    thank you for your comments guys. im getting mine. everyone who is using one says its the best.

  • Nick

    I just wish I had waited given I bought a 32 gb playbook for $499 a couple months ago. Also picked up a 9360 (my first bb) and love how I can use the playbook to do stuff like view my calendar or view photos I shot with my phone. I don’t use bb email so that’s not an issue. I love the tablet, especially for reading. The only think I don’t like is that google maps doesn’t work in the playbook internet browser. I bought it because of the native c/c++ SDK which isn’t available for any other tablet.

  • sp

    i just picked up my 16gig one and im totally loving it so far.

    just gotta charge it and update some software but so far no gripes.

    will be used mainly to keep track of my personal training clients and my own work outs and also for use when i go back to school.

    the size of it is perfect for my needs.

    i have a iPhone4S just so that people can see im not biased or a hard core fan boy. i actually saw my friends Galaxy SII and im so tempted to change over.

  • RC

    I got the 32gb Playbook free through work 🙂 For its sale price you can’t go wrong. For the price of one Transformer/iPad you can get 2 Playbooks (1 for you & 1 for your significant other) and you get the majority of what you need from a tablet; Mobile browsing, Video chat with other playbooks, a few Apps, Media player, and I’ve even got access to both my GMail and Exchange accounts on it. I’ve got it bridged to my corporate phone (Blackberry) so I can surf on the go. I’ve also tethered it to my personal iPhone in case I leave the work phone at home. I find the size to be perfect as it is about the size of a novel.

  • TNSF

    “This update also includes a security update for Adobe Flash Player, as noted in Adobe Security Bulletin APSB-11-28, which addresses issues that can potentially affect any PC, tablet, or other device with an operating system that supports Adobe Flash.”

    LOL, defensive much??

  • HotTorontoDeals

    Anyone have any success with Skype or other VoIP software compatible with a RIM Playbook? Really want to travel internationally with it (size) but need to at least make voice calls to people back in Canada and the UK with the Playbook.

    Not sure if any of the unofficial android hacks are recommended by people for the average user? ALL RECOMMENDATIONS WELCOME! Can’t wait for the February upgrade before my trips.

  • greggore

    I had an iPad from day one and loved it for the family, but it was never quite what I needed for my business as a mobile device. I got a Playbook recently and it is exactly what I needed. It’s smaller and fits in my jacket pocket, but more importantly, the applications and ability to pair with my BB cell phone while providing the best security for the information I carry on it, is the most important part about it. You can’t really compare the Playbook to an iPad or other tablets, as it is not meant to be just a mobile toy\entertainment; it’s for business and it’s perfect for that niche. However the video and speaker performance is second to none.

  • Rizz

    Earlier today I was on the bus heading to work. The bus doesn’t have wifi but I was able to switch between Reuters News, facebook, bbm, ebook reader, soltaire, emails and a powerpoint presentation all at the same time while listening to music. I also downloaded “the box” app, which would give me an additional 50GB of storage… So my 32GB Playbook is technically 82GB.

    The playbook does have a bit of a learning curve, i will admit that. Other than the power button being a pain to press, i honestly have loved using it. I am able to do videochats with my gf and my team in Toronto and the US by a touch of a button over a wifi network, and i hear that the updated os will be andriod compatible… Now why would we not be interested in it?

  • jb

    Rizz….you can swipe from top to bottom to wake your screen if your power botton is a pain for you fyi.

    • iTards

      Man this is a nice feature lol I didn’t know about it! Thanks JB

    • Rizz

      Thank You Sir!

  • Garfield

    My Playbook is fantastic. I never use the power button to turn off my tablet. I just use stand-by or let it time out. Barely any battery power drainage is used on the Playbook in standby mode, when I swipe the screen to turn it back on the next morning. (Even when wi-fi is still active also.)

  • kendomaster

    16 or 32? Trying to decide

  • jb

    Go for the 32. Bro.

  • FranzJoseph

    Love my Playbook and at these prices i may have to pick up another one or 2!

  • cjk

    Still can’t get connection from laptop (Win 7) to PB via Bluetooth. Don’t see any improvements in BT connectivity with this OS upgrade. Anyone have any success or any suggestions?

  • chochi

    As someone mentioned the keyboard/screen size dilemma I totally agree. I’ve managed to try out the os 2 beta by registering my pin number as a developer (ok so i lied) in which they used a lower profile keyboard and it was really quite nice. Like the top row of keys had been removed. Since I have gone back to the proper OS for the beta version was really glitchy witch is understandable it is a beta. Lets face it we’ve all bought a retail release windows product or 2 that didn’t work quite right.

  • jb

    Hey guys BOX for.playbook is giving away free 50gb accounts. Its an awesome setup!….highly reccomend.

  • Omis

    Can you watch netflix movies on the playbook?

  • TeknoBug

    Yes if you already have a BB phone with a BB plan, it’s worth getting since you can surf the net and such while riding the bus/train to work or school or such or just want to look up resteraunts and movies while you’re out (Poynt for PB is cool).

    The browser renders many pages as if you’re viewing them from your home PC, looks fantastic as does google+ (set it to desktop mode), etc.

  • Jack

    I just upgraded and I can the wifi improvement right of way.

  • Hal

    Wi-Fi is definitely picking up signals better and stability has improved. Love my PB. I am looking forward to February!!

  • H. Kay

    I’m picking up wireless much better (full reception everywhere in the office).

    The PB is a true professional’s tablet, sure glad I didn’t get sucked in to buying the iToy instead!