Fido launches the QWERTY/Touchscreen Android 2.3 LG Gossip Pro


  • Alex Perrier

    This or the HTC Status?

    • Alex Perrier

      i’d say the HTC Status. Fido nickels and dimes, while the Status has a front-facing video camera for video chat. 🙂

    • fail

      C’mon Alex, you can do better than that!
      you can see in the picture that is an LG.

      LG Optimus Pro C660

    • Alex Perrier

      Is there really no hope for LG?

      Yes, i am really considering HTC now, or even Samsung, but i know that LG devices tend to cost very little. The support for upgrades, however, is lamentable.

      Another question: for the LG Optimus Chic, there will be an upgrade by the end of this yeah. Do i need a Bell SIM card?

    • Ray Nicolini

      Motorola Pro+ 4G from bell will be the best choice of the 3 devices.

      Hands down

  • Danny

    You just answered your own question you bloke!

    • Alex Perrier

      i’d be willing to get the LG Optimus Pro if they didn’t GOUGE customers for it! From the same company that charges over $150 for the LG Phoenix! Why do they even bother? It seems unlikely that i’ll ever put “Android under $100” and “Rogers” in the same sentence. That is really unfortunate. 🙁

    • fail

      Telus LG optimus One pre-paid $130: bigger 3.2 screen, you can flash Gingerbread, overclock it, and cheaper, but no Qwerty. Or Samsung Galaxy Ace for $230 with a 3.5 screen. Your choice.

      256K screen?
      256MB RAM? that cripples the 800Mhz CPU. Bottomline you will have trouble playing angry birds….and for $220??
      That phone should be $150 at the most.

    • crimsona

      Galaxy Ace is $175 at Koodo full price without tab. If you’re paying $230… you can do better

    • Alex Perrier

      People, i have the LG Optimus Chic, and it’s a solid phone. The point is that i want to get QWERTY Androids for my friends who will use them on prepaid. None of these QWERTY “feature phones” which are a rip off and offer almost no features, contrary to what their name suggests.

      Here is a non-exhaustive list of QWERTY Androids:
      * HTC Status ($250, Big 3)
      * LG Optimus Chat ($150, Big 3)
      * LG Optimus Pro ($250, Big 3)
      * Motorola Backflip (discontinued, Big 3)
      * Motorola Charm (discontinued, Big 3)
      * Motorola Charm ($120, AWS)
      * Motorola Spice ($80, AWS)
      * Samsung Galaxy 551 ($80, Big 3)
      * Samsung Galaxy Q ($225, Big 3)

      Prices listed are the lowest know net outright price over time, WITHOUT subsidy. The price may have increased or decreased since. If El Tabador gives me a gift card, the net price deducts the gift card value from the phone price.

      And that Koodo warrior killing polar bears offends me. :@

  • Mark

    not too keen on the phone, but i like idea of androids on a fido agreement (2 year contract vs 3 year)

    • fail

      2yr only on feature phones and Curve 9300; iphone and decent androids are still on 3yr contract.

  • TheTigerTek

    I’m with Fido its annoying they never offer real qwerty keyboard BlackBerry phones. Only the Curve. I had to buy my Bold 9900 unlocked.

  • keiYUI

    Yeah but imagine if Fido did have the Bold 9900 or 9810 Torch.. 3year contract with a 3year pricing.

    $35 – City Fido Plan
    $10 – Data Plan (Social Networking & IM/Emails & IM)
    $10 – Value Pack (Caller ID & Voicemail)

    And the value pack is free for the fist month.
    With taxes you’re paying $62.00
    Which is actually way better reminding you that they include unlimited international text and picture messaging as well

    Blackberry fans who want the reception, low prices and a discounted price for a phone would all leave the big 3 and go to Fido. (Which isn’t bad for Fido) but in the long run the other companies including Rogers would lose most of their customers.

    I can see that happening.
    I kind of wish it did happen.

  • Faagmer

    Seen an in-store dummy. Worst keyboard I have ever tried on a cell phone. Seems to be made for child sized hands.

  • CCH

    Fido wont ever get the high end blackberry devices,
    its sad for the people who have fido, but hey its the way rim is being.

    Doesn’t want to give a discounted brand real good blackberry devices to up their probability to be bought! The LG Gossip Pro might be good, but the gossip didnt really hit off that well who knows

    • Ren596

      Its NOT Fido
      Its Rogergs Doing
      Since Fzall 2008 They Turned FIDO in to a Entry Level Brand
      HAS NOTHING to DO with RIM

  • Chuku

    Hey! It’s a Palm Pixi running android…nice!

  • Terry

    what is better this phone or the motorola pro+ 4G?

  • J C

    Or you could just buy the HTC Desire-Z unlocked on ebay for $200. It’s an infinitely better phone that still has a strong development community and will certainly get & easily run Ice Cream Sandwich a la a custom ROM when it’s available. Why people insist on these terrible low-end Android devices is beyond me. Plus you’re on a 2 year contract with Fido.

    Didn’t Engadget or Lifehacker put up an article recently on why you should NEVER buy low-end Android phones on contract?

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