Rogers Samsung Galaxy SII LTE gets its first price drop, now $179.99 on 3-year


  • Andy

    Before a shi+ storm ensues. You get price protection. You have 15 days to get a price match.

  • George

    FYI Andy people on Rogers aren’t wind customers. If someone can afford the LTE phone and the plans that go along with it,they ain’t going to cry over $20 price drop like wind users.

    • ld

      Some of us just want the phone without using LTE…. so the faster the price drops, the better!

    • Andy

      Oh, I’m sorry @George, I did not know this was a Wind sponsored website. Is MS not a public access site where all can voice their opinions?

      I had my say, and who’s to say that customers are not going to buy this on a term? Granted, it is a lot less now, but there people who will. If someone is happy on Rogers, or live in areas with no Wind coverage, then this is their option.

    • Ivan

      No going to “cry” but I would take the time to get my $20 back no matter which business had it. Twenty bucks is 20 bucks.

  • Joey Lawrence

    I read that the Nexus is being officially released in the UK on the 17th. I would think Canada could have that date or not far behind considering they have said we will have it by the end of the month.

    See ya later 3 year old BB8900…which surprisingly still works great as a phone.

  • Nicolas

    Does somebody know where I can find one in montreal?
    Another question: Can I use a standart plan instead to choose an LTE plan?

    • Dimitri K.

      Yes you can use your normal Smartphone data plan on the S2 LTE. If they make you get a LTE data plan then just tell them you want it without a LTE plan. They can not force you to get a LTE data plan. I got my HTC Raider & S2 LTE without needing a LTE plan.

    • Nicolas


  • XER

    Well… By boxing day, BestBuy would probably have it 0!

    • crimsona

      Given how fast the Bell GS2 dropped on contract, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. Android phones just plummet like bricks if you’re willing to sign for 3 years – too bad the outright pricing doesn’t follow

  • Mobilenator

    anyone know where i can find a good comparison between the galaxy S2 and the soon to be released Nexus? I don’t know which phone to go with.

    • Dalex

      If your choice is in between the Galaxy Nexus and Rogers or Telus’ versions of the Galaxy S2, then its an easy choice: The Nexus.

      You get a better SoC (CPU and GPU) and Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, with a higher resolution display (albeit Pentile) at 1280×720. You are also guarenteed to get all upcoming versions of android first (well at least faster than other devices).

      If its vs the international/Bell version… I’m still swaying towards the S2, but you can’t go wrong with either in that case.

  • Paulman

    At first I was angry that they would change their minds only NOW and drop their price to be more competitive with the other carriers (and to make the savings more comparable to their other discounted phones). Then I was like, “why am I angry? I’m going to save $20 :D” ha ha.

    I’m still a little miffed that they’re doing this only now, last minute, but oh well.

    And finally, what do you mean that this is “only a few days after being widely available”? The phones that have been reserved via the Rogers Reservation system are only shipping now, and I think the bulk of them arrived either yesterday or are arriving today (like mine). I’ve phoned around to a few stores in the Vancouver area (Burnaby/Coquitlam) and none of them had the Galaxy S II LTE in stock and one said they were expecting it maybe in a week or two?

  • JB

    I really think that $200 on a THREE year contract is a huge rip-off. Talk about early-adopter tax, this thing will be $0 by Christmas.

    I think one should let LTE mature a bit (at least on-package/die LTE radios) before jumping in. Good for Data sticks though…

  • Dalex

    I just gave in and bought a white unlocked Galaxy S2 from Newegg yesterday, I can’t wait. I kept telling myself to wait for the Nexus, or even this device, but the original S2 is still the better phone. The Exynos chip is still unmatched and no battery killing LTE will make me switch to a slow Qualcomm or even the underclocked TI Omap4 in the Nexus.

    Only thing missing is Ice Cream Sandwich, but the S2 is confirmed to get it, so shouldn’t be too long.

    • Randy

      i’m waiting for the nexus, but i think you made a good decision as well. the oringal gsII is better than this phone and rom / dev support is tremendous. plus they’ve sold over 10 million international GSII’s, so it will be first in line to get ICS i’d imagine.

  • Mathieu

    $20 price drop for $3000+ contract … wow Rogers, you’re good!

  • Amelie

    Any idea when the Galaxy Note will hit in Canada? BTW I’m a woman, I got a purse and I do not do lots of phones calls, so perfect fit for me its the Note…

  • Rick

    I want a Galaxy S2 LTE or Galaxy Note on the Bell Network. Can we buy this phone outright with a plan and can we unlock them to work with Bell? Rogers always had better phones & network at times but Bell has good costoner service and price plans especially if you have an old unlimited plan.

  • Rick

    I wanted to say without a plan earlier.

  • Dalex

    @Amelie. The note won’t hit hit North America before 2012 at least, if it does, but you can get an unlocked one if you’d like. It’s quite expensive however, running from 850$ to 1000$ on ebay

    @Rick you can get either unlocked and they will work just fine with Bell’s HPSA+ network.

  • howard olsen

    Now that’s insulting. Got my GS2 LTE yesterday and have not been able to make a single inbound or our outbound call unless I drop the device down to the Edge Network. It took 24 hours to figure that out and several angry clients who couldn’t reach me nor me them. Spent over 3 hours on the (landline) phone with Rogers Tech support who have now escalated the ticket to level 2 – apparantly there are lots of us with trouble. So not only have I wasted a ton of time and have a phone that doesn’t work, they also just dropped the price (less than 24 hours after release) and I got to get back on the phone to squeeze the price drop out of them …. WoW I can’t even begin to express how frustrated and angry I am.

    • Danny Gonza

      I am in the same boat. Just picked up the GS2 LTE yesterday and found that I could send calls but not receive. I live in Winnipeg and we don’t have LTE and now I’m forced to go down to Edge?! Plus the price drop. It’s like getting a new bike and having the tires slashed the next morning.

    • Mitch Bundy

      Did you set your APNs? I’m not subscribed to LTE, and the APNs in the phone were only set for LTE. Luckily I knew what the problem was. It would be nice for Rogers to, you know, pre-configure this stuff, but you know, it’s Rogers….

      Also, gonna go return my phone, etc, etc to get the extra $20 off…

  • Rick

    I heard if we ordered a phone from Europe such as the UK they are always unlock. Is this true? Looking into the Galaxy Note. Have anybody ever ordered anything from amazon UK to Canada or from any other good reputable company?


    Solid price, all things considered.

  • T1MB1T

    STOLEN phone from WIND!!! How is it that you are all supporting the company that PAID them NOT to let WIND have it?! I hope you all have cancer!

    • Rick

      You are a sick person for whishing others to have cancer. I don’t whish this on you nor to my worst enemy. Wind Mobile is good for people that never travel outside there city.

    • Dimitri K.

      Really :/.. You went that low to say something stupid like that :s.. I do not wish cancer on you or anyone else but maybe you should be banned for saying that. Honestly get a life & get out. Rogers never stole from Wind anything period. IF you are inlove with wind that much then go work for them.. Show me a link that says that Rogers stole or paid Wind not to have it. Please do it.. If you have nothing then shut the f**k up & get the f**k out. Wishing cancer on people is really dumb & honestly Staff should just ban you or remove that comment.

  • George

    Timbit usually I can handle the occasional wind troll saying something stupid, but you f****n wish people have cancer what the f**k is wrong with you! You are a f****n sick person and you need mental help.

  • Alex

    @ Dimitri K.

    You mentioned that you can use your normal Smartphone data plan on the Galaxy S2 LTE. Are you able to get the download/upload speeds that Rogers is announcing (basically are you able to use the LTE network) ? The reason I ask is because I was told my customer relations today that in order for the S2 LTE to use data over the Rogers LTE network I need to switch my data plan to an ‘lte data plan’ but the guys from the rogers store tell me that any data plan will let your lte enabled device to work on the lte network. I was curious to know from someone like yourself.

    Thank you

    • Dimitri.k

      Alex if you want to use LTE networks then yes you need to buy a LTE data plan. If you wish not to use the LTE network and just use HSPA + AND 3G then you do not need a LTE data plan. I am not using LTE on my ohone sunce its too much to pay for a few gbs.

  • Big Red Angry Bird

    No big deal for us who already have the phone. I spent 5 minutes with Rogers billing department and had my account credited with the $20 for price protection.

  • Ginger

    Got mine in store yesterday. I called and they advised me they JUST got them in at around 4pm. I booked over there and got it all set up.

    Phone is working great so far. Upgraded from a Nokia N95. Been waiting for this bad boy for awhile. I’m annoyed that at the moment with being able to set specific ring tones for contacts, but I can’t set alert noises/sounds aside from the default whereas my N95 could. Aside from that, I’m totally loving it. As soon as I saw the price drop I had no issues getting the “within 15 days” price match either.

    Great device and HSPA+ is more than enough. 5Mb file in under 10 seconds? LTE has a long way to go before it would make sense to use. Battery life has been solid as well.

    Can’t say enough good things about my whole experience with the hardware and my provider.

  • Ryan

    For me it was $229 w/ $50 mail-in rebate in order to get the $179.

    Like Howard, Rogers also messed up my plan when setting it up. Luckily I have voice but no data (although I upgraded to the LTE plan). And to top it off, I talked to 2 Rogers techs but they say their billing system is down for maintenance so they can’t fix it right now. Blah.

  • jomari

    i just want to ask if there is already available here in the philipines right now the samsung galaxy s2 LTE.., how much it cost in the philipine money and further more i just want to ask also if there s a voice command..?