HTC to release a new tablet next year, aims to “make ourselves stand out and prevent a me-too product”


  • Jay Jay

    I love HTC! If anyone can take down Apple, it’ll be the HTC and Android

  • jordon

    That’ll never happen if they stick with Android.

  • saffant

    Get me a Tegra 3 tablet with 10.1″ Super AMOLED Plus goodness for under $500 and I’m set.

    • Sean

      Tegra 3 with a 10.1′ IPS display for under $500 = Transformer Prime

  • Brrr

    There really is no “Tablet Market”. There is an iPad market, with a few companies wedging their way in to that with iPad copies. Look what we had for tablets before the iPad. As soon as Apple decided to make something different, everyone dropped what they were doing and followed Apple.

    I wish these companies would do more to differentiate themselves… make something that is a different product, not just their version of whatever Apple is doing.

    • iDonkey

      One sure thing that I don’t have to jailbreak my own device everytimes if there is an update and don’t have to pay for an rip off price. LOL

  • Sean

    Just don’t make it like $800+

  • kenypowa

    The best 10 inch tablet is iPad 2; the best 7 inch is Flyer. I love the HTC Flyer so much it is embarrassing -)

  • aviking

    Best 10″ tablet value is an HP Touch pad 32GB running CM7 dual booted to Web OS for a $149.99

    I would take this deal all day long over ANY $700-$800 tablet.

  • daveloft

    Best 10″ tablet value that is actually available is the Lenovo tablet or the ASUS Transformer, both of which can be had for $350 if you shop around.

  • EC

    the Asus transformer was $289 for a 32GB at memoryexpress for their anniversary sale.