Videotron releases the Alcatel One Touch 908S


  • Steven Schwartz

    Wow $200 bucks for this, only in Quebec. But I guess they want some Alcatel love it is French company. This phone though is not worth the money. $120-$150 ok entry level otherwise it it just Merde

  • Trickster_qc

    210$ that is EXPENSIVE.

    the LG Optimus One is 199$ @ Telus and it’s a much, much better device.

  • Michael

    Think, if WIND was still as small as videotron, it would have to order phones in smaller numbers meaning this phone wouldn’t be out for WIND yet!

    Glad they grew…

  • kad

    they have a better samsung phone for the same price…

    they will not sell any on this one at that price…

    they are starting to have a weird lineup of phones

  • DoctorCell

    Diagnosis: This phone SUCKS as well as the price

    • Alex Perrier

      Almost $210 for the OneTouch, versus $50 (net, after gift card) for either the HTC Wildfire S or the LG Optimus One. Hmm… what a tough choice! Which phone should i pick?

  • Gerald

    I have an Alcatel Smartphone, great phone…durable like a brick. I’ve dropped it 2000 times, sat on it, left it outside in the winter, was frozen in the ice a few times (shinny) and it keeps coming back for more. My 1 beef though, is the camera is absolutely terrible….other than that, good product

  • Mathieu

    Yeah… Alcatel is not really good with smartphones…

    Go for the LG Optimus One instead.