RIM exec says “there were no plans” for BBM to go on other platforms


  • bob

    Will just accelerate the downfall of this useless software.

    Open protocols FTW.

  • George

    Rim is still in business?

  • jay

    I fell for the rumours. This makes sense, but I was optimistic. I have a feeling I’ll be back with BlackBerry once BBX settled in to handsets.

  • Barry

    There “were” no plans.

    Past tense.

  • jb

    oh well I was hoping. But to be honest this bbx looks so good I might be back on the rim bandwagon in 6mths anyway.

  • Arber

    I’m just saying I think it would be smart to allow BBM to go on other platforms but the person would have to get a like $1-$5/month addon to chat on BBM (they make the app go connect to BIS and see if it has that options). Something like that would help them make money

    • Terry

      It would never be put on Iphones, since Apple has ichat. They don’t allow competing services on their platform.

  • David Dee

    Reminds me of RIM’s “brilliance” in only providing email access to BB Playbook owners who had a blackberry. We all know how that went.

    Finally, an opportunity for RIM to try and partially redefine itself by widely distributing and monetizing its messaging platform and….NO to collaboration again? Another symptom of the inherent weakness of leadership at RIM. For the sake of that Canadian success story, time for an executive culling before it really is too late.

    • Jonesy1966

      And how much native email access does the iPad have? Or the Xoom? Or the…….

      You get the picture.

    • Dave

      It’s already too late because of these 2 greedy evil clowns CEO.

    • Jack B. Nimble

      I’m not sure your argument makes sense. If they distribute BBM, even for $s, their handset sales will take the hit. Anecdotal to be sure but I’ve run into a significant minority of BB owners that bought them for BBM period.
      Ps. I hate the BB I typed this on.

    • david dee

      From day one iPads and Android tablets could access email without the purchase of iphones & android smartphones, wasn’t the case with the Playbook. Under the guise of security RIM attempted to push phone sales. The market saw through it, evident in the abyssimal sales numbers for that device. Not exactly sure what your point is??

    • Jonesy1966

      From “Day 1” the PlayBook has been able to open Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail and AOL web mail accounts, the exact same accounts Apple et all have been able to access. You’ve never needed a BlackBerry phone or device to access these them. An iPad can as much open a POP account as it can a can of beans. Fact is, I can open POP accounts, something that still eludes every other tablet maker out there.

      From “Day 1” RIM has stated over and over again that the initial PlayBook device is/was intended for those with BlackBerry phones. The second gen, coming this quarter, will have full POP intergration with OS2. OS2 will also be made available to those with first gen units.

    • David Dee

      @Jack B. Nimble: Not sure if you have communicated with many non-business professionals. Many people, specifically younger adults and people in emerging countries, are attracted to RIM primarily because of messenger. The almost non-existent data cost, lack of requirement for an sms plan and peer group enrollment are a huge driver of rim sales in these markets. Your other point on handsets ignores the fact that RIM handset sales levels are unsustainable in the future as their product is not competitive. They need to devise new revenue streams to ensure future success, this could have been one of them.

      @Jonesy1966: Not sure which iPad you are referring to? Mine has an integrated mailbox that pops both Gmail and Yahoo problem free, no iPhone. On your other point, RIM stating the Playbook required a bb from day one didn’t help avoid the inherent failure of this product, in part due to that requirement. How incredibly leading edge, launching a second generation tablet O/S in Q4 2011 with the ground breaking feature of POP integration! I better go and pre-order fast.

  • DavidsDad

    Dont be a sellout moron David!

  • dammm


  • Phyxius

    when will they get rid of their CEO, he is bringing RIM down for the past year…. it’s as if the board is afraid of him.. they keep making mistake after mistake, all they have is their hopes.

    they said bb tablets would be the next best tablet… hopes were up, but it fell flat

    they said the new bb phones were the best… hopes were up but it didn’t do as great as they hoped

    now QNX… so far so good, but is it as good as they say? only time will tell.

    and all these servers going down?!? although not the CEO’s Fault, it still reflects on him.

    i thank god i was on vacation when the servers went down, i work for tech support on a mobile company, i am so happy i didn’t work that week.

    but there are still 15% of people affected by outages with data

    i am very disappointed in blackberry.

    i am not an iphone fan boy but i have to say, it works… even android works…
    blackberries i find very lacking. i used to love blackberry but now i am very disappointed in them.

    lets see what happens in the future, hopefully they will bounce back but at this point they look overwhelmed and plagged by issues.

    interested in knowing what you guys think.

    • Dave

      “lets see what happens in the future, hopefully they will bounce back but at this point they look overwhelmed and plagged by issues.”

      How? with these 2 evil clowns CEO at present, the future of Rim is OVER.

  • BBMer

    There were no plans before and there is no NEED now.
    You have gmail, icloud and a ton of other apps/software that does what BBM does ( messenger with Push technology)

    RIM: CEOs over promising and under delivering; seriuosly?? you had that huge event yesterday and not a SINGLE DATE for BBX, native mail app for Playbook, and BBX phones??
    When you put it in perspective…. Who cares about BBM?
    RIM has nothing new to sell in Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb!
    The new tablets at $200-$250 with Android will kill the Playbook this holidays….BBM or no BBM

  • Tom

    “Hopefully it stays this way.”

    How about for those of us who like using BBM, but find that some of our friends are so uncooperative that they get an Android or iPhone? Now we have to switch to a different messenger, or we end up ostracising those people.

  • chumly

    With all the beatings rims been getting lately, it’s time for black and blue berry go android.

  • GTP20

    Two years ago when I tossed my Blackberry for an Android I would have paid just about anything to have BBM on my new phone. Now.?.?. It seems the only people I know still carrying a Blackberry are the ones that have to because its a company Blackberry. There may very well be 50 million subscribers to BBM, but how many of those subscribers are actually using it? RIM should have opened it up years ago, it would have been a good money maker for them. I wouldn’t pay for it now.

  • Eddy

    that’s a shame

    looks like Stephen Elop will need a new job as CEO at RIM.


  • Fury

    I actually thing they SHOULD bring out BBM for Android/iPhone/Whatever.

    WHY? Very simple. 10$ per phone for BBM = a TON of money. Sure. Their Blackberry sales will drop. But so what? If they’re still making money hand over fist from BBM, then who cares how many phones they sell.

    Look at microsoft. They’re laughing all the way to the bank with their 10$ per android phone sold by several major competitors?

    Serioiusly. Cut the physical Berries down to just a niche product(like they are) and focus on BBM for other devices. They’d make more profit.

  • Al

    Makes sense, only weeks ago where RIM had their server failures due to overload (assuming that’s the reason since they have roughly 50million users [read from another post]) if they allow this onto other devices, their userbase will skyrocket and no way their servers can handle it

  • RIM

    Al…there was nothing to do with roughly 50 million users, one of the switches didn’t go to the back up if you read the news. BTW, RIM has been in business for a long time one or two outages is normal. Bet your internet had more outages than RIM. GL with that, and don’t make up BS that you can’t support.

  • desi boy

    isko kyu nahi banate saare mobile aur laptop ke liye saale chutiyes lund ke kaan bb waalo