Nokia cuts 3,500 jobs, “we will emerge as a more dynamic, nimble and efficient challenger”


  • Suresh

    Waiting for RIM’s next job cuts! They are coming soon!

  • benry

    waiting for everyone in here to complain about how no one should ever be laid off because it’s mean to the employees, and that ceo’s only think about shareholders and that’s it, and therefore in order to make people feel “good”, companies should not lay off anyone and should just continue to incur losses and drive themselves into the ground, so long as people stay employed.

    where are the comments?

  • Len

    I would disagree with your first statement. There’s very little excitement over Nokia out side of their smaller fan base, and that’s why more then just the turmoil but the whole company is forgotten. I’m not trying to bash the company but the numbers say it clear, neither Nokia nor Windows 7 are what the people want.

  • KidCanada

    Oh com’n, don’t follow steve job’s suit and lie to your customers, in this case to the world. We all know that that’s not the reason.

  • F_______F

    Phact: RIM and NOKIA laid off a total of over 5,500 poor souls who are jobless and bums in streets.

    • KidCanada

      Sounds like you’re one of them, is that why you’re always coming on here and hating on RIM? I believe so. Get a new job and while ur at it get a life too..

    • F_______F

      __F: KidCanada is a 13 year old boy who uses a BlackBerry Pearl Flip and has hair like Justin Bieber


      CONFIRMED: F4GCanada just got pwned by “the f1nder”