Case-Mate showed new iPhone 5 case online, quickly pulled


  • Zinkus


  • Bikram

    Looks nice!

  • Ponchoo

    looks like the older iPhone 4 – #fail

  • Hiticus

    case mate products are junk. made cheap in china. breaks easily. they make it for pennies and mark up to $40. stay away from case mate garbage.

    • Terry

      Wait. Are you talking about this companies products or ALL Iphone accessories.

      LOL Kapow!
      Apple mark ups are insane even if it’s garbage accessories.

  • Torontock

    This phone will destroy all phones!!

    • Amadeus1958

      What do you mean?

  • son88

    Godammm BGR, you’re all a bunch of Apple branded geeks! You KNOW exactly when the iPhone 5 is coming out, every day there’s at least 10 posts claiming “its coming… omg its coming” Reminds me of the Family guy eps when they show Britishers doing it… “Almost, almost, almost… there we are”!

    This has to stop… stop trolling with these mindless posts about rumored launch dates etc. Ppl come here to read “real” news, not your re-cycled garbage. Step it up already!

  • TheTigerTek

    Looks like an slim iPod touch. I don’t think it will feel good in the hands. Sticking with my Bold 9900.

  • Mike

    uhm.. ironically.. while I read this.. there is an add on the right hand side advertising ZAGG cases – with a familiar look to the same case advertised by Case-Mate LOL

  • MXM4K

    People are too quick to judge a phone that isn’t even released yet. Sure it’s an iPhone, which means I personally won’t like it (unless they radically change quite a bit about iOS), but I won’t bash it until I know exactly what it is.

    My $0.02

  • jr67

    “Inside sources”

    I stopped reading there. If I want unsubstantiated rumours, I go to a romour site not case-mate.

  • Jake

    this case is ugly as crap! Hope this is not the iphone 5 case cause it will be a flop 4 sure!

  • Jim

    Part of me thinks it would be fun to post stuff related to upcoming items, like the iPhone5, then quickly take it down. Get the hype up and the fan boys coming to your site to check it out. Now the items do not even need to be real just enough to fake out some fan and drive some network traffic to your site.

  • Tom@BBM

    YES!!! This could only mean that launch is at most a couple months away, the I will be pounding sales out of line after line of mouth-breathing iSheep!!! You guys are all hilarious, Apple could say Steve Jobs feces is the tastiest fecal matter in the universe and you would all take a huge bite. Its going to be glorious!!!

  • Manny Rehman

    is it just me, or does the device look like a 4th gen ipod touch…

  • George

    OMG enough about(SAM) iphone (SUNG) 5 stuff, Iphone are CR@P nough said

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