Public Mobile customers can now receive AMBER Alerts on your phone


  • Bilal

    boring post

    • Grover

      Boring but very important for subs to know

    • Dimitri

      Boring post you say? guess you have not lost a child & wouldn’t know how it feels eh? Stfu.

      Amber alerts are the best thing when someone goes missing. Its important to have them. If a child or a person gets lost or has been kidnapped people would not know unless amber alerts happen.

    • Sonny

      Read up on Amber Alerts, everyone. They are very ineffective at what they intend to accomplish. Still, it’s better than nothing.

  • S S

    This is a good move. People will be able to distinguish real Alerts and chain mail.

    I got a forward (via BBM) an “Amber Alert” yesterday. I deleted them because I thought they were just spam/chain letters. That’s when I turned on the news and learned they were real.

  • @grumpybuttfunny

    Good move! There was an amber alert on twiiter a few months back that was a hoax! Its situations like this that make people think twice about tweeting or retweeting an alert! Never knew this even existed gonna have to check with Virgin and see if they have this! Great post!

  • JSmith

    Nice to see every carrier care about the welfare of children, and help a worthy cause. Too many weirdos out there. Thumbs up on this one!