TELUS officially launching Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G September 8th


  • Mark

    4G.. Gotta love how it covers something like 14mbps hspa as well as 100mbps LTE, two completely different generations of cellular networks.

    • aka


      the screen shot shows 21MBps. No where does it say it supports LTE. Samsung just announced their T-mobile 8.9″ version, which shows LTE logo on the back.

    • Mark

      I know.. I’m just referring to all this 4G nonsense in general. The fact that you had to explain how different these two are (hspa 21 and LTE) shows its all nonsense and marketing.

  • Olivier Labbé

    No, where my dual-core phone ? like the Samsung Hercules!

  • daguy

    I think if you really want a tablet data plan, and don’t have enough data on your phone plan to tether or for a share plan, you are better off just getting a MiFi from one of providers and a data only plan and then just sticking with the WiFi versions of these gadgets.

    Paying for a data plan on each device is nuts, and signing a contact with a provider just to get a tablet is even worse. Don’t give them any more control over you than they already have!

  • choy


  • Matrix

    it’s about time !

  • teknoboy2000

    We all need SG2 phone. Come on Telus i’m getting ready to jump the ship to Bell or Rogers. I need SG2 NOW !!!!!!!

  • Jake

    Bell is carrying this as well, launches September 9th.

  • Reg

    We just ordered ours yesterday. Looking forward to using one but I would have really only needed the wifi model and tether off my SG2!

    • Fenrir767

      the wifi model is available at many retailers.

  • patrick m

    Ok telus the Samsung tab is nice so let’s talk about geting a dual core smartphone htc or samsung galaxy would be nice what the hell taking so long bell has about 4 lets go

  • Mat

    Data on tablets is really cheap, for this recommending a midi, it’s not worth it. Tablet data plan with TELUS is 20$ for 500mb up to 35$ for 5gb. You’ll never find 5th on smartphone or mifi for 35$

    Just saying

  • choy

    So no one has released their 3-year pricing yet? I hope its not like a $50 discount.