Rogers releases a new $42.75 “My10 BlackBerry Social” plan


  • Joe

    let the bashing begin

  • crunch204

    Bell and Virgin already has this, without the GRRF, and is available on ALL blackberries (including the 9900/9810)

  • Reg

    Exactly. And Bell’s costs $40 and includes 200 mins. Not helping drive the prices down Rogers. You’re going the wrong way!

  • Jonesy1966

    Spoke to a friend of mine in the UK last week, 3 year contracts basically don’t exist. The government’s been encouraging 1 year but most of the deals are on 18 month contracts. We’re already decades behind Europe, how much further must we slip back into the stone ages before we realise we’re getting majorly screwed???

    • Sean

      And you can get almost every phone free on the contract and their plans are massive like thousands of minutes and texts as well as unlimited (win like) data


    FACTOID: The keyboards on these devices are bigger than the screens.

  • 0obaho0

    Really? “$42.75”? I will pay $42.67, but not a penny more!

  • John

    Jonsey wind has a new tab thats like a 3 year. Even at 2 years you still have to pay back a huge part of the remaining portion. Just like a contract you have to pay off the phone.

    • Jonesy1966

      Who mentioned Wind?

      But while we’re on the subject, I don’t see how a contract and a tab compare except they’re laid out over a certain period of time.

      The WindTab gives you between $150-$400 off the cost of a phone, a contract does not.

      The WindTab doesn’t charge interest on the balance, in a contract the interest has already been calculated.

      You can bail on a WindTab with no penalty. In a contract you’d have to pay off the balance of the phone, the balance of the plan PLUS termination fees that add up to the hundreds.

      With the WindTab your balance is paid off by Wind after 3 years. As payments are only about $3-$4 per month this is entirely likely to happen, saving a possible 4 years of payments. All of this interest free.

      So, call it a contract if you will. Other than a time stipulation, I see no comparison what so ever.

  • Person

    And it’s no contract at virgin hmm ill be there first for a new blackerry os 7 device for $40 a month

  • Gerhardt

    Ok, tell me now Rogers, is this some brilliant plan to attract customers? No. So STFU and go improve yourselves

  • Bobby Beckner

    I like. You like? We like.

  • Boobie

    I love my pearl flip

  • Ken

    Telus has this as the student 40 but with voice mail, call waiting and call conference, and 50 more minutes for $40, someone already above already mentioned the Bell version which also cheaper than Rogers(Robbers) more expensive…….Shocker!!!!

  • F*G

    Robbers is going to collapse soon giving way to Mobilicty, Public Mobile, and Virgin

  • niceguy


    your friend europe probably forgot to tell you , the phones are crappy and the customer service is offshore for these 18 month contracts. the truth is we need to pay full price or stop complaining about contracts. after all we are happy to whine when we have options. go figure.

    europe unemployment is 10% Canada is 7 %
    uk population density 255 per sq km Canada . laws econmics

    we need to regulate the qualification to update forums , there should be iq level set before allowing to post comments.

    • Jonesy1966

      An 18 month plan there is comparible in cost to a 3 year one here. The extended amortised cost is significantly lower in the UK than here. As for phone selection, not only are there more phones avilable, there are phones we can only dream of having here and more versions of those same phones.

      So yeah, we have it good here, huh?

      I lived in the UK for 21 years and go back regularly, at least twice a year and often check out the deals as I always use a local SIM. I was just looking at carrier’s site as I’ve decided to use a local phone from now on too. The selection is amazing. And all unlocked too!

    • Jonesy1966

      ……and further to your IQ comment:

      No, I won’t bother commenting. I think your post speaks for itself.

      Not to worry, maybe once you’ve learned to actually do a little research before mouthing off you’ll be aloowed to post again.

    • lolz

      They should check your IQ. How do you compare EU unemployment with Canada, and then UK density with Canada?

      Lacking consistency?

  • Erick

    @niceguy I payed full price for my BlackBerry Bold 9900, but guess what, I still need to sign a 3 year deal to get the 6gb data plan, or other good promotions. Our neighbors to the south have 2 year plans that offer a lot more than we get. I’m not asking for a revolution, I’m just asking for some fair prices. Same goes for our internet connections.

    • Ken

      I am sorry but that wasn’t a very smart move, considering both Bell and Telus have that 6gb for $30 add on available on no term contracts and if I remember the picture of the promo from Rogers it also stated something about no term month to month users. Robbers strikes again…….this time on you!!!!!

  • phoneguy

    again our neighbors to the south pay alot less bc they have 10 times the population we do..duh but were geting there


    FACT: The keyboards on these phones are bigger than the screens.

    A thumb down if you agree with this fact please.

    • Eric V.

      Too many thumbs down makes your comments disappear. You should ask for thumbs up.



      These illogical rimjobbers thumb down all my factual arguments, so by asking them to thumb me down if they agree with my post, they will thumb it up – because they don’t want to admit that BBs are typewriters – thus its a win win for factual information.

    • Larkin

      FACT: You are an iIdiot


      FACT: Larkin doesn’t know how to spell.

  • Eric V.

    The thing I find penultimately amusing is that these new plans DO NOT INCLUDE EMAIL as far as I can see.

    • JulienCV

      That is correct, it does not, it’s a blackberry social plan; not a blackberry email plan. Sadly, there is a difference.


    FACT: Larkin for example is upset with scientific/mathematical/empirical knowledge and facts.


    FACT: RIM fired 2,000 employees a few weeks ago.

    Thumbs down if you were one of them.

  • Beemus

    So hard to choose from!! I like all these phones!

  • Ballsack

    RIM is a good company!

  • PantySniffer

    I like these phones but I like the PlayBook better



    What is an “ildiot”? Is it a compliment?

    FACT: Larkin doesn’t know how to spell.

  • Larkin

    Love how the trolls are coming out now.

    @Fact Finder – FACT: Your posts are disliked by many. Leave!


      FACT: Larkin is now upset and wants me to leave.

    • Admin

      Fact Finder please stop these harassing posts or you will be banned.

  • Ryan Brooks

    Here is a fact for ya’ll – iPhone5 is DOA when it comes out.

  • Vivian Smith

    I wonder who gets more thumbs down in a posting? Alex Perrier or Fact Finder? Thumbs down if you agree

  • dan

    I read a lot of posts of people complaining about unfair mobile pricing. lets actually do sonething about it. we should start a website informing people of how we are getting ripped off and possibly start a petition… anyone in?

    • Taylor

      are you dumb?

  • roman129

    Wow 150 minutes! I’m jumping with joy!

  • nuclearbroccoli

    I wonder when Rogers is going to realize that plans with time and usage restrictions are on their way out…
    Wake up Rogers, and offer something decent. And yes, profits will be lost, but seeing as your profits have been made from years of inflated prices, it should come as no surprise….

  • Timmins

    Rogers made this move to help clear excess berry inventory


  • Admin

    Fact Finder is a welcome addition to this board

  • Admin Jr.

    I concur

  • Graham J

    Good to see net neutrality is alive and well in Canada.

  • jim

    Canadians are the most self entitled people in the world and thier BB brand is failing.


    Virgin Will give you 50 more minutes and you can take this plan with ALL blackberry including the new 9900 and 9810.

    How is this competive?

  • Unbiased

    The only provider that is moving toward the right direction in Canada is Fido. At least they offer unlimited for a fair price without compromising the quality of services and network. They also give you some extras like Fido Dollars. They try to improve their service with FidoANSWERS and give you more savings when you can trade-in your used phone.