CLEARNET reduces Alberta pricing, data-add on launching “within days”


  • Troy Pavlek

    This… Doesn’t actually bring anything new to the table =\

  • Sean

    They already have Koodo do they really need another sub brand that is way more expensive then it should be…

    • bello

      I don’t understand why Telus can’t offer discount pricing under the “Telus” name. Why do they need koodo and clearnet? The only reason I can think of is if Wind or Mobilicity folds, then Telus can shut down the discount koodo and clearnet in a minute. Otherwise, can’t see any other reason…

  • Taylor

    these phones suck

  • Dave

    Clearnet was bought by Telus and killed. The future hasn’t been nearly as friendly since that happened. Clearnet was one of the friendliest, respectful and fair companies I’ve ever dealt with. I never felt gouged by them and I always felt that I got value for my dollar with them. I recommended them to friends and family alike. I stayed with Telus for nine years after they bought Clearnet and my opinion of them dropped a little each year until I left.

    Telus should leave Clearnet’s good name alone.

  • ML

    I have not seen Clearnet anywhere in Edmonton. ANYWHERE.

  • Happyboy

    Telus suck to bad wind is not whet I live

  • Fred

    For myself, this is great. I live in Edmonton and work on drilling rigs throughout the province (Whitecourt, Drayton Valley, Grande Prairie, Cold Lake, etc…). Clearnet started the Alberta Wide Zone and Koodo has now adopted this as well, even better with Canada Wide. A monthly bill for a few thousand Province Wide minutes for less than $50 has been very, very welcome. So for me and the many others in the same boat, this is absolutely terrific and I hope just the start of better things to come for all of us. I hope the old adage prevails: a rising tide lifts all boats. Hopefully more benefits (higher data caps, lower plan prices, no coverage/zone restrictions, etc…) will arrive for ALL mobile customers in Canada.

  • Mobilicity FTW

    I totally forgot about Clearnet…

  • Rm

    Clear net is web only there are no stores. Telus brought it back to compete with chatr

    • Jean Luc

      Except that Chatr home zones are only Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.
      Clearnet home zones are British Columbia and Alberta, much much more coverage.
      No contest.

  • Jimbo

    Checking their website, it also includes a basic landline homephone for both provinces. I know before it was just one-way in BC. This is a welcome change, they are actually offering more services…for the same bucks. Before it was $5 more in Red Deer. I really like the fact that they offer the home-phone, as well as a mobile phone in an all-in-one package, so you get two services for one price. No other company does this that I know of… Am happy it is finally two-way home phone in BC for sure!