TELUS discounts Bold 9900 and Torch 9810 to $99.99 on 3-year


  • crunch204

    Bell has the same, since last friday

  • emc_es7k

    I got the Bold 9900 for my daughter on Saturday at the $99 promo price on renewal with the $55+ student plan.

    • Stimulator

      She let me use it this morning to call a cab. Man, last night was crazy!


    FACT: The keyboards on the Bold and Curve are bigger than the screens.

    Once again, thankyou for your time. Have a good day.

    • Dimitri

      FACT: You are a useless d*****s who keeps posting repetitive things on here

    • RealDeal83

      FACT: you a wrong fan boi

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    • Alex Perrier

      THEORY: Perhaps “Fact Finder” is an alias of Vlad, but instead of praising the iPhone, he disses the BlackBerry.


  • Ken

    Didn’t take long for the big 3 to drop these to $99, wonder how much longer until they are $0?

    • Hermanski

      These phones will not go to $0. Dream on.

      iphone will plummit to $0 once iPhone5 is out and the phone is a repeat of iPhone1/2/3/4/

  • Ronaldo

    iphone is screwed with this pricing now that these phones are $99 as well. Goodbye iPhone!

    • San Quentin

      I work at Telus and they decided to lower the price because no one was buying these phones.

    • Alex Perrier

      Usually, people tend to try the iPod Touch first, then they upgrade to an iPhone if they like it.

      i’ve seen a former BBMer recently upgrade to an iPhone 4. Also, a T-Mobile G1 user switched to the iPhone 4 as well, but they apparently still use Android on the i4. i have yet to ask them why they chose this smartphone instead, but it doesn’t surprises me.

      The 9900 and 9810 are at the same price than the iPhone 4. i have to say that the Torch looks interesting, and is my favourite BlackBerry. Then again, why is there no front-facing camera?

      Somebody please let me know why the BlackBerries are worth the price.

  • RealDeal83

    The 9900 will be free on a three year in about a month, just an FYI.

  • ELNY

    …and where is Rogers? They’re still at 199.99 for each!

  • Plaz

    Oh look, the Big 3 fighting over whose going to **** the customer next.

    Also, $629.99 is NOT the MSRP… that’s Telus’ price to deter you from buying it outright. Wow.

    • Jer

      Wondering would Telus even try to match no term prices of the other 2 if you talked to a rep or walked in their store?

  • Reg

    The $99 price point is appropriate for the Bold and both Torch lines in comparison to most Android offerings. Regardless of which OS you support, each one has a consumer base that would be willing to pay $99 for their newest device. This is a great trend as it looks like competition between the OS and even between carriers is slowly driving prices down. Well for everyone maybe the Apple fanboys lol.

  • anona

    Same with Virgin.

  • kardi

    I wonder when Telus will drop that RIDICULOUS $629.99 outright price for 9900?
    As much as I like Blackberries there is no way I’m signing a 3yr contract in order to get one for $99.99.

  • joe

    49.99 at Tbooth on Rogers for new customers

  • MG

    Blackberries should always be $0. Period.

  • Todd

    why are companies always reducing the contract prices, how bout reducing the outright price as well, now that would be a deal. cause in reality all phones on a 3 year contract should all be at $0. but the real deal is a discount off the full retail price.

  • doubtin thomas

    stop selling us garbage telus come on with some 2011 phones