Video: By far the coolest iPhone 5 concept to date (laser keyboard included)


  • phoneguy

    what a bunch of crap this will not be the iphone 5 and I love how when he loads the car one the beam is coming from the side of the phone lol good editing tho

  • skullan

    I’d have to agree. If the iPhone implemented these, I would think about buying one 🙂

  • Joe

    The holo imaging would be so much more handy for when I’m sittin on the can

  • MXM4K

    Would be cool if it were true. Like a poster above said, I’d definitely consider buying one if it had features like that.

  • Sean

    I really would love the laser keyboard. Bluetooth ones are so expensive and it would be really useful in the dark.

    Also a (holographic) projector would be really good but i would see it as being more an iPad feature first. Would be really good for presentations

  • Rich

    The keyboard is entirely possible (ThinkGeek has a form of it available I think). I’m not sure we can go quite that thin for hardware yet though. Still, I’d rather they enhance the OS rather than add those features 😛

  • Saffant

    Wow.. not gonna lie.. it looks great!

    Imagine if it were actually that thin tho; you could probably crack it with one hand.

  • Huweii

    Nothing beats a REAL man’s QWERTY keyboard from RIM

    • Brendon

      RIM is for 12-16 year old girls who don’t know how to operate a phone

    • RuPaul

      iPhone is for 12-15 year old girls and 13-16 year old boys who enjoy fart apps and old corporate men who like playing angry birds in the bathroom stall at work whilst taking a dump

  • Quif

    I liked my iPhone but got bored of it. I was tapping on a piece of glass and realized it reminded me of tapping on my window at work trying to escape my cubicle

  • Jim Henderson

    These features are nothing new, RIM has been working on them for the past 2 years, this is basically what QNX is

  • Scott Henderson

    QNX will be leaps and bounds

  • Tracy Cuntish

    I like the BB because I can BBM with my girlfriends at UWO

  • Unco

    I like BBs only because they’re Canadian. Theres nothing else to it.

  • Hans

    RIM is ALIVE

  • Henrietta

    I mistakenly used my iPhone as my vibrator – it was in the dark and they both are cheaply made and cheap feel

  • Matt

    Apple – make this a reality! I would go out and buy an iPhone ASAP if it actually had these features.

  • Martin

    So fake…

  • MobileWarrior

    I heard this version of iphone also stops global terrorism. Neat feature Jobs!

  • pierce

    Is something like this even possible?

  • Terry

    This won’t happen. This would be innovating. We all know Apple doesn’t do that anymore.

  • Stuntman

    Regardless of your brand loyalty, you have to admit that this is a really cool video. For those who are not fans if Apple, just use your imagination and pretend it is your favourite brand or running your favourite OS.

    I probably won’t get it because I like physical keyboards. If they can make the projected keyboard give tactile feedback as I run my fingers across it, then I’ll consider it.

  • Nick

    The edge to edge display looks nice but it will be the biggest design flaw as you won’t be able to hold it properly in your hand without opening random applications due to the thin bezel. And Steve Jobs will come out and say don’t hold it that way.

  • _ThaNerd_

    LMAO the cheesiest crap I’ve ever had to witness. iPhone5 will just be an iPhone4 with some minor upgrades hence Samsung Galaxy S 2 will still prevail hardware wise at this point in time. As for this video…well it should be named: iPhone 2000 rumour coming soon 2025. LMAO!

  • Shakuras

    This is the sort of things we dream about, it will not happen anytime soon, especially on a cellphone. lmao

  • somerandomshmuck

    Its like the seabird! except stolen!

  • Red

    iPhones are great for most people, very cool tech, and if these features were included, wow! what a device! For me, IOS products are boring, all they have gong for them is apps. I had an iPad from work and I got bored of it after a week; bought a Transformer, still going strong after a month, so much more than just apps.

  • Rene

    “And, for $4000, it can be yours!!!”

  • Used Cell Phone

    Sadly iphone4s was released and all hope was gone. 🙂