TELUS BlackBerry Curve 9360 available August 26th, Torch 9860 now August 30th


  • Trev

    nobody cares about the new BB – where is the HERCULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shen-Zu


    How does this even make a post?

    Bring us better news, like the new HERCULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funky Co Medina

    The keyboard on the curve and bold are bigger than the screen. This is a proven and verifiable FACT.

  • Joey Tribiani

    Same old blackberry, different model number


  • Quang ZAO

    BB’s are nice to use when you have no other option and its the last device on earth

  • Ross Geller

    I had a blackberry once, in a nightmare, then I woke up and kissed my iPhone

  • Mr. Hens

    Curve 9360? LOL

    Get real. Show us new REAL devices like Samsung and HTC or new iPhone. Not repetitive made phones from year 2005

  • Factfinder

    The keyboard on the curve and bold are bigger than the screens.

    Alternatively stated, the screens on the curve and bold are smaller than the keyboards.

    These are scientific and mathematically verifiable FACTS.

  • Ewan

    Why do carriers even bother with crap like this? They just lead themselves to carrying excess inventory

  • Ethels Lounge

    All of our employees use iPhones and Android devices

  • Barbara Bidden

    I am a proud Blackberry user and will always use BlackBerry. I support Canada and always will. I use BlackBerry to support our troops, economy, and Jacking Jack Layton

  • Afif

    I would use a BlackBerry but my fingers are tired from typing on plastic keys all day at work and the last thing i want to do is type on a plastic keyboard mobile phone.

  • Afif

    I think all penguins use iPhones eh

  • JSmith

    Why is Telus slacking on prices for the 9860, everyone else has posted. Damn you Telus! Pick up the pace and get with everyone else already! Im waiting!~

  • Simon Coulson

    So, I will admit to the folks on here. I use BlackBerry and I am stuck on a 5 year contract with my carrier using the BlackBerry pearl Flip phone. They said it was a good phone and it was a good deal, but I was tricked. I guess I fell for it and now I am stuck. I also paid $399 for the phone so is that a good deal? IS IT!?!?!

    • Ryan Roeder

      What carrier? I’d kill to get that deal!

  • Harold the Barber

    I like. You like? We like.

    • Alex Perrier

      No like.

      Make it prepaid priced RIM! :-O

  • Afif

    I want to get the curve 9360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Cloutier

    Who uses a blackberry?

  • steven

    WTF!! I switched from Iphone 3g to BB 9900. The greatest move i ever made. Its fast, secure (BB has the best security), how can you trust Android for banking security? The keyboard is smooth like butter!!!! I love BB. The new curves look sweet!!

    I went to a wedding last week 8 out 10 people at my table had BB, not one Android device or Iphone. Went on vacation, all the kids had BB’s, saw one Iphone crap.

  • Adam

    @Simon, you’re doing something wrong if you’re on a 5 year contract.