Rogers Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 upgrade to OS 2.3 “will be available in the coming weeks”


  • Cody B

    It was so much easier to flash my phone to 2.3 instead of waiting for rogers to eventually release it.

  • choy

    Rogers seems to be the slowest when it comes to updates

    • tom

      Dude, we are talking about Rogers here. Reviewing firmware compatibility and adding Rogers bloatware aren’t revenue generating to them (Who uses those bloatware anyway)

      They are happy to sell you a phone and tie you for three years. Firmware update, keep waiting ppl.

    • Rogers_Chris

      Hi choy, this is Chris from Rogers. I just wanted to jump in here to mention that Rogers tests all OS upgrades provided by handset manufacturers to ensure the best experience for our customers before we release them.

  • Clockwork

    It angers me when I see people b***h and complain about 2.3 being delayed. SE released this with 1.6, and said we’d get 2.1 They never promised 2.3 or Multitouch and they did because they listened to us and provided us updates 15+ months after this phone was released which is a long time to support in today’s tech world. So Thank You SE for doing something right..finally! As for Rogers, you had to give the Xperia Pro to Fido didn’t you? Asses. For those still complaining, If you’re out of warranty, go update via XDA methods. You have nothing to lose. I love my x10a (now x10i lol) running 2.3

    • bob

      When the phone came out, 1.6 was really outdated, so the first update doesn’t count. We know they didn’t promise anything. But we don’t promise SE that we will buy their next phone either.
      I am glad to see they support their phones. 2.3 will be much needed given that they skipped the really important 2.2 update.

  • Mike

    How sad is it that it’s taken community developers 1/4 the time, to hack together a working x10 2.3 update based off of other released Sony phones.. and without source code to much of it. Sony’s update’s are a joke! I’m sure they could easily bang out a stable beta by now if they really put there minds to it and put it out there for testing. instead they dissappointed all there early adopters, and most of us dread the words Sony and Android in the same sentance. I know a sony phone will never be in our family again!

    at least they are pretending to be working hard on it..

  • Phil R

    God damn!!! So, what are they doing? Are they making the update for Rogers or for unlocked phones? Or are they waiting for Rogers to finish putting their crap into the update to release it simulatniously?

    Give us the update already!

    • Rogers_Chris

      Hey Phil,

      We don’t add anything more than shortcuts to our OS updates, which you can delete immediately if you don’t find them useful. As I said above, we test updates as soon as we get them from manufacturers to ensure we’re providing our customers with the best experience possible. Not doing this testing would cause problems, which I’m sure you can appreciate.

  • Phil R

    I chose, when I cancelled my Rogers contract and went to Fido, not to get the Xperia pro, thinking that I would be able to enjoy my X10 a little longer… now Its too late for me to change my mind and get the X pro… God damn.

  • Alex Perrier

    It’s a race to the finish. Who will get Gingerbread first? LG Optimus One or Sony X10?

  • Stephane

    I think the problem is actually that he’s listening to Jamie Foxx…

  • Amar

    For the people complaining, atleast it IS getting the update. They did wrong in the past but now they are redeeming themselves, give them credit.

  • Android X pro

    I just bought the Xperia pro on fido. I love it. I hope it updates to ice cream sandwich when it comes along. It seems that they support their phones more than most companies.

  • The Truth

    I think Rogers is just intentionally delaying so that X10 owners will just give up and use their Hardware Upgrade Program and get another device, thus renewing subscribers for another three years.
    Sony Ericsson, by saying “it’s not in our hands now, it’s with the providers”, just washed their hands of the software upgrade delay, and the providers can now take the heat for it.
    In the end, hardware owners still get the shaft and can only answer by choosing another hardware provider or take their mobile business elsewhere. That’s a gamble the providers and manufacturers will always win because most customers will just wait it out or renew.

    • Micheal

      Certainly not going to defend Rogers here, but I will defend SE a little. They never did promise updates beyond 2.1 and they never promised dual-touch. There are certainly some things lacking in this hardware and software from SE, but they are still working to support it in their way. The delay from Rogers may be because of software issues that they want resolved (maybe they don’t want to support USB tethering or something) or maybe they are just being lazy and getting only one person to take on the task of adding Rogers branding and software. On the other hand, I haven’t heard any update on the availability of a network supported update from AT&T in the USA. Their X10s were stuck on 1.6 until earlier this summer. Those customers like to think that they deserve the cutting edge of tech, so it’s fun to be an update ahead of them, right?

    • Rogers_Chris

      The Truth, you’re way off base here. We’ve done everything we can at this point to make the update available to our customers. Right now, Sony Ericsson Canada are working on making the update available to us as soon as possible, and after that happens we’ll release it to our customers.

  • Jeremy

    Though neither Rogers nor SonyEricsson owe anybody more than what was promised when the phone was purchased, this will definitely affect future purchases. A company can only abandon their products so quickly before customers realise they should have bought something with greater longevity.

    Personally, if I’m paying $500 for a phone, I expect it to be updated for at least 18-24 months if not longer. (That translates to about $20 to $28 per month for the device). After that, I’d be looking into community builds, etc. to try to keep it running longer.

  • Jeremy

    Another point… if I’m stuck on a contract, then they darn well better provide updates for the duration of that contract (3 year contract? My Android phone better get all the new releases for those 3 years since I’m stuck paying the carrier for this thing).

    For those without a contract, then it gets a little more fuzzy.

  • unni

    Is the experia 1.6 version is suit for nybus software for voice chatting ? I would like to buy 1.6 version, bcose somebody told that 1.6 version is support voice chat through nybus . could u help me to clear my confusion.?

  • Altimatic

    For those people defending SE and making it sound like we should simply be grateful that the X10 will get a Gingerbread update… STOP!

    First of all, we all bought the Xperia X10 because the specs were great for that time and better than most that was out there. Having said that, it’s the reason why most are angered when SE initially announced its plans not to upgrade it past Android 2.1. There was simply no reason why the hardware could not support Android 2.3 (Which eventually SE confirmed to be true as they eventually did announce the upgrade).

    Second, why would anyone get a phone on a 3 year contract and have the manufacturer only update it for 1 out of the 3 years? If a carrier is giving you an option to sign a 3 yr contract to get a phone, then the phone better get updates for 3 yrs.

    Third, there is no excuse for SE not communicating better with their customers. Absolutely no excuse.

    I’ve switched to a Nexus S months ago and have been happily on Android 2.3.4 for months. It’s extremely refreshing to get updates much faster than SE or most other Android phones. SE has soured me greatly from buying one of their phones again for a very long time.

    Great hardware is only as good as the software that runs it. X10 owners know this all too well, unfortunately, on the wrong end of the experience for a long time. Hopefully in a few weeks they’re finally get to catch up with the rest of the Android world.

  • TC

    just the fact that someone from Rogers is making an attempt to engage their customer base in the online community is a good thing even if I’m bitter about not getting the update at the same time as other countries. I think if the whole 1.6 to 2.1 debacle hadn’t happened and left such a sour taste in my mouth this would not be such a big deal.. I just find it confusing that countries like India are getting it before us? not to slam India, but come on..