Video: Unreleased BlackBerry Curve Touch gets handled in 3-minute video


  • zico

    I thought the appeal of bb was the superior-quality keyboard? Who is this marketed to exactly?

    • Brent Mifsud

      I wouldn’t exactly call the curves keyboard “superior Quality”. It was stiff the click was extremely loud and the buttons were similar quality to that of most 100-200 dollar qwerty phones.

      The amazing keyboard is reserved to bold owners. Just pick up the new 9900 and you will see what I’m talking about. Its basically the best keyboard on any phone. Ever.

      The curve touch is probably going to be aimed towards teens who want their BBM and to have a blackberry. Touch screens are attractive to the younger audience, and from my own personal experience, the curve is the most popular blackberry among this age group (the bold is too expensive, and the curve is cheap enough to avoid a contract).

  • ky

    Screen is too small for touchscreen

  • materialist_minimalist

    Yeah, I’m not sure who this will cater to. I can understand the appeal of the normal Curve, but why settle for this when an Android or possible lower priced IP4 will walk circles around it. I suppose success will hinge very much on pricing.

  • Mike

    “3.25-inch full touchscreen that has a resolution of 480×360”

    What is this 2008? That is going to be horrible for text input.

  • Blair

    I think its a great idea but thats probably because the 3 blackberrys I owned all had keyboard failure within the first 8 months of use that rendered each phone useless.
    I also think its good to cater to the users who prefer their keyboard and those who dont, hit more of the market that way.

  • jr67

    I think RIM needs to release more models. They haven’t offered one with an inverted keyboard for those that like to text upside down. Also, they could need to release one the uses a stylus. Can’t leave the stylus users out in the cold. A model targeted at the watersport crown is also missing. They need a waterproof ‘sport’s model. Could market it at the 2012 Olympics. And how about dual keyboards? Sometimes one keyboard just isn’t enough and they have never had a dual keyboard model. I could go on and on.

    Until RIM recognizes these glaring holes in their lineup and fills them with new and distinct models, they just won’t win. They need more models. many more model. A unique model for every imaginable segment of the market would be a good start.

    • NoMail

      I absolutely disagree. They need to concentrate on simplification. When they are done circling the drain, then MAYBE it’s time for them to expand.

  • jr67


    Sarcasm dude. Didn’t think it was that subtle.

  • Elvira


  • TeknoBug

    Having used 8330, 8530, 9300, but not this one, I like the Curve line but not this one.