Rogers to release the Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G at $549.99 outright


  • Alex Perrier

    Not too bad, but will outright costs for single-core phones drop?

    • Sid

      Prices will never drop. They don’t want to sell you the phone if you’re not taking a 3 year contract.

  • Kemist

    Great start Rogers


    it aint a SGS2. I’ll stick with Virgin.

  • bob

    The Galaxy S2 is well worth the extra $50 ($20 on three years).

  • sean

    Galaxy s 2 or a one that’s way less powerful…tough choice …also can they lower the no contact price so its not in the big leagues

  • CP

    I’ll wait for the S2.

    I think Rogers is sleeping or just trying to ignore the fact that the S2 even exists.

  • J

    Should be $100 on a 3 year and 500 outright considering it is a single core phone.

  • Reg

    That’s definitely a poor choice to compete vs the GS2 for $50, however, I think Rogers had to come up with something either way to offer an option and keep its existing customer base happy.

    Besides, the average or less tech savvy consumer that talks, texts, emails, and youtubes, would not see much difference except the $50.

  • Abe

    i dont think this is way less powerful then the S2 but def. not on par. 3 year price should be $100 and outright should be $500

  • ddenn

    pardon my ignorance, but assuming (and thats just an assumption made on the current info availble) rogers does NOT get the SII, would you say this is a good alternative? On paper it seems the specs are comparable minus dual core. im not a hardware wiz, so can anyone explain practical applications of a dual core hardware? on paper it appears this is a single core SII with a slightly larger screen. ive never done anything extreme with my phones, though ive never owned a “superphone”, would you guys think i’d be limiting myself with this versus, say the HTC EVO 3D? After reading these specs, im bouncing between these 2 phones

    • Derrick Lang

      If you’re not a hardcore user and not interested in games, all you’re really missing out on is a front-facing camera for video calling. I’m fairly certain it will be a competent phone for most users. My only gripe is its price: $150 is a lot to ask considering that every single phone on the horizon has superior hardware and will be priced roughly the same.

      This phone really should have launched for $100 on a 3-year contract; I’d wager we see a holiday promotion along those lines a few months down the road.

  • Androidfann

    Dual-core = more battery. Bring on the infuse!!!!

    • geojunk

      This is not necessarily true and more of a generalization. I’ll bet the Infuse lasts about the same time on a charge as the Galaxy S2.

      Its a little more complicated than just the processor draining the battery. This of a large car with a small engine. Its not necessarily saving you gas because its got to work harder. Efficiency……

  • geojunk

    Uh…. this makes no sense. Why would I choose a single-core computer over a dual-core computer for a similar price of a dual-core machine? 0.2 inches of real-estate doesn’t merit the similarities in cost. If this is 149.99, I’d imagine the EVO 3D will hit shelves at 169.99 price point.

    As for the specs though, they are pretty decent. We have yet to see how well android apps will utilize the dual-core capabilities of the new “superphones”.

  • jellmoo

    I did a compare and contrast, and for the casual user, they are highly unlikely to see a difference between the Infuse and the GS2. It’s only power users, heavy multitaskers, and hardcore gamers that are likely to notice a difference.

    The Infuse is a *very* nice device. The extra screen real estate is subtle, but very noticeable.

  • Bigripoff

    I want a lte device then I’ll upgrade from iPhone4

    • Adam

      LTE is pointless at this point. The geographical area covered by LTE is small, and the network likely won’t be ready for heavy use. When LTE gets to more cities and is more widespread, it will be worth it, but that’s another year or two away.

  • Ronald

    @dden – If I were already a Rogers customer, I could be pretty happy with this phone. I don’t think it would be a mistake to get it. I will be getting an SGS2 this week, though.

    (If Rogers’ PS3 for a family plan deal continued until the Infuse was released, I’d get the Infuse and get the wife a Samsung Focus for the camera.)

  • Matt

    Given the price point this has been set at by Rogers, it is quite obvious that they are counting on uninformed/casual customers to pick this up. To an informed customer who has been waiting a long time for the galaxy s2, this is a slap in the face.

    Goodbye Rogers, I will be moving over to Bell for an s2. Strangely enough, Bell is giving me more services in my new plan AND it’s going to cost me 30% less money per month than my Rogers plan. Epic fail.

  • Derrick Lang

    I can’t believe they’re pricing this in the same region as the Galaxy S2. Are they hoping to fool people into buying because they look roughly the same?

  • Nitin

    S2 advantages : dual core and 2mp front facing camera

    Infuse advantages: Battery at 1750 mAh instead of and less drainage because of single core.

    Overall: S2 is better performance but Infuse is better battery.

    @Matt give Rogers a call and threaten them with the fact you are planning to switch over to Bell for those reasons (make sure you talk to customer care) and enjoy your new plan.

    • Nitin

      Infuse advantages: Battery at 1750 mAh instead of 1650 mAh like the S2 and less drainage because of single core

    • Mat L

      Different Mat but I already called Rogers to tell them exactly that and the first thing the customer care told me when I said I was thinking of switching to Bell because they didn’t offer the SGS2 was ” Well what am I supposed to do about that ?” I was like I just told you that I’m willing to stay and stick it out if you can do something about my plan and all they could do without me having to commit to a new 3 year term was 10$ off my data plan. What are the magical things to say to get a real deal here ? is it all depending on the customer care person you get ? I’m puzzled.

  • Sean

    @ Nitin
    Dual core actually uses LESS power then a single core processor

  • Amar

    So Rogers is getting this, the HTC EVO 3D, and the Optimus 3D. It might not be as good as Bell’s new roster but I have to be honest, this is a pretty good rebuttal, considering they are still giving us 3 new good phones to actually choose from now. IF Rogers can get the new Xperia Duo from SE, they’ll start dominating with this new line up. Anyways atleast they’re doing something as they get their LTE running up, hopefully this will cause a lower price in 3G data. I’m hoping!

  • Brett

    I’ve got this phone on AT&T in the U.S and to be honest. I am a phone geek and I had a dual core atrix and I took it back for this phone just because of the 4.5 inch size and I dont even notice a difference in this phone having only a single core processor. Actually it feels much faster than my dual core atrix did. I have a dual core tablet and this rivals it aswell. If you are a hardcore bragging rights my benchmark is higher than yours type of person then go for the SGS2 but personally I have big hands and enjoy the 4.5″ screen over a 4 or 4.3″ and this phone is just plain sexy.

    • coolzy

      most appls run on a single thread anyways so the 2nd core does little.
      1.2 single will be fast enough for the next 2 years

  • Bri

    I think I’ll wait for Nexus 3 at the end of the year 🙂

  • Derrick Lang

    Our neighbours down south get this for $49 on a contract. Note that it’s a temporary promo, but still. I would have absolutely no issue with this phone if not for its premium price tag. It simply doesn’t warrant one.

  • Eddy

    @Mat L

    LOL looks like your plan got derailed but it wasn’t your fault though. Should’ve hung up after he/she said “Well what am I supposed to do about that ?” and call back another time.

    I didn’t expect the Rogers rep to say that though. I expected him/her to put a positive spin on the Infuse 4G.

  • coolzy

    this phone has better resolution than the galaxy 2 and that makes a big diff

  • Jean-Michel

    Guys. HDMI out. HDMI out. HDMI out. HDMI out!

  • JazzyJazz

    This phone has same WVGA resolution as Galaxy S2. With 4.5″ display its less dpi

  • John1702

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