Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G coming to Rogers


  • jarr

    this is great news! and yet another win for the nation’s best carrier.

  • Luqman

    Hmm…ooks nice and has a great battery, might consider ir.

  • Mel S

    The big downside is no touch wiz 4.0 which is a huge killer for me. If this came with 4.0 then I would instantly buy it.

    3.0 isnt going to cut it. Waiting for the S2 instead.


  • Skrutor

    I’ve been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S2; now I’ll have to see how this unit stacks up. It’s almost too big though.

  • TheTigerTek

    I want Galaxy S2. Enough said.

  • CaptSteelBalz

    I don’t see the point of this phone when GSII will be released at the same time (or really close to). Price difference should be minimal.

    • daveloft

      Doesn’t the release of this tell you something. Obviously the Galaxy S II is not coming soon.

    • Sub-Joker

      @ daveloft, either the GSII is not coming soon or not coming to Rogers.

    • Stupid

      The SGS2 will not be coming to Rogers if this phone is.

  • andy c

    1. no dual core. reviews of the SGS2 show that the dual core cortex cpu makes a huge difference.

    2. screen size. if the phone cant fit in my pocket without having me resort to parachute pants i have to pass.

    other then the two gripes above it looks like a fantastic device. just pack the SGS2’s cpu and camera into a 4inch screen handset and i’ll be ready to upgrade

  • Rookie

    Korean products ..Garbage …. No ……

    • andy c

      considering Apple sources many internal parts from Samsung garbage indeed…

  • Adam

    Just a beefed up Galaxy S Captivate.

    If this came with a dual-core, or more than 512MB ram, it’d be a beast of a phone.

    This is what the Captivate SHOULD have been.

    • daveloft

      Not really, have you looked at the build and design of this phone. It’s much more similar to the Galaxy S II. Also while it may not have the latest chip in it, it does have the latest display, Super AMOLED Plus.

  • EmperumanV

    Thought this was coming out for Bell ? Hmm.

    • M.

      The Samsung Galaxy 2 is only Bell and Virgin.
      The Samsung Galaxy II infuse is Rogers

  • Jay

    8MP camera eh? *coughsorryJobscough*

    • Adam

      AND this camera has ZOOM!

      Who would have thought smartphone users would want zoom. Clearly not Steve Jobs.

  • HK_Forever

    ARM Cortex A8 1.2 GHz processor?

    • bob

      yes, anything wrong?

  • jarr

    since my comment was disliked for no apparant reason:

    this is great news! and yet another win for the nation’s best carrier.

    • Adam

      It was disliked because you like Rogers. This is a Rogers-free zone boy. Wind fanboys only past this point.

    • Julien CV

      Seriously, if your not promoting any of the new entrant or android, get ready to be disliked all the time.

      It’s a tough life being a Fido Customer from the Microcell days.

  • anon

    I’ll get this as I don’t need a dual core processor and I need to replace my current phone

  • bummy

    is this shipping with android 2.2 or 2.3?

  • wtv

    Great device.

    You guys are i****s. This device came out in May in the US. How is it an old device? Because it’s no Dual-Core? You guys think only dual-core devices are worth to be on the market? Way to go.

    This phone remains a beast with a S-Amoled + and 8MP camera.

    • andy c

      the problem is that the Infuse and SGS2 will probably be the same price point. at that price point you have to chose between:

      dual core
      4.3 inch screen

      single core
      4.3 inch screen

      at the same price most people will chose the dual core over the slightly smaller screen.

      now if the Infuse was significantly cheaper on contract ($99 vs $199) compared to the SGS2 then there will be some debate

  • Stupid

    I think Everyone up to date on these phones would have way rather seen the Galaxy S 2 (i9100) than this.

    The SGS2 is more appealing than this for many reasons.

    – More reasonable sized screen. 4.3 instead of 4.5
    – More RAM
    – Dual Core
    – Lighter
    – TouchWiz 4.0 instead of 3.0
    – Android 2.3 instead of 2.2
    – Probably better quality Cameras and image quality

    Could go on but that’s plenty!

    Rogers will now not be getting the SGS2 so who will if anyone? Bell or Telus?
    Rogers has been getting their asses kicked in the hardware department by those two for the last few years. Who ever is in charge at Rogers of letting this continue should be replaced.

  • MarlowXim

    its a nice phone a better reversion of thr captivate. But let’s hope there isn’t a huge lag time for release just like the captivate was delayed by almost 5 months.

    Personally I would wait for the galaxy s2 launch since this devices’ value would depreciate quite quickly after the s2 launch.

  • MARS

    As much as you people whine and complain about no dual core! The average Android user couldn’t care less.

  • phone guy

    Guess Rogers will not be carrying the S2 since there is no way they would have both S2 and the infuse on its roster to compete with each other 🙁

  • HTCmachine

    I am waiting for S2 as well, no point purchasing this phone.

  • Jean-Michel

    The galaxy S 2 is comming exclusively to bell at launch and THIS WAS CONFIRMED TO ME.

  • Peter Boggs

    This phone has the largest screen, the highest resolution, gorilla glass, the most storage, newest O.S., biggest battery,and non slip back. It is the best that is not dual core, so if you do not need d.c. than this is the phone to buy.

  • Nino

    are you kidden me? I don’t want a single core! comeon Rogers! I’m embarased before all the Bell customers! by next week, Bell will have THREE dual-core smart phones (Atrix, HTC sensation, Galaxy S2). How many does Rogers have?….Zip ZERO! That’s not the right way of taking care of your costumers! I’m leaving soon as my 3 years are over!

  • Allan

    GG Rogers

    I work for you and am increasingly disappointed in the lack of direction and fore-site this company has
    Its like the upper levels have no idea what the customer wants to they make up these ideas of what the customer wants that are in no way in touch with reality and more with bonuses they get -.-

  • SEA

    Fu*k you ROGERS for NOT getting the better phone! I was waiting a long time for the Samsung Galaxy S2! I going to leave Rogers just because of this! They just keep getting dudu phones…

  • Chuck

    The Galaxy S II will not be carried by Rogers, for the same reason as the largest network in the United States, Verizon will no carry. Both companies will concentrate selling the Apple iPhone 5, and do not want another competitive product to undermine their iPhone sales. Both companies have been pressured by Apple, not to carry the Galaxy S II phone.