Update: Ken Campbell departs WIND Mobile, Lacavera steps in as new CEO

Some shocking news regarding WIND Mobile here… We have confirmed with multiple sources that Ken Campbell has resigned from his position as CEO of WIND Mobile. Campbell joined WIND in its infancy start-up days and helped the company grow to over 300,000 subscribers. Although he’s still listed on the company website, sources state that Tony Lacavera will step in to fulfill the role of CEO. An internal email we received from Ken Campbell to employees notes that “it is time for a change and to hand over the keys to a new leader. In addition to his Chairman role, Tony will now fill the CEO position as we bring the fixed and wireless businesses together”. I guess they’re talking about bridging the Yak brand and WIND Mobile brand together. To help “combine the businesses” Gianluca Corti from WIND Italy will become the new COO and help with the transition.

(Thanks tipsters!)

Update: “Ken has been an integral part of the WIND Mobile team since day one – overseeing the launch of the brand, building our customer base and network and navigating the company through a tumultuous regulatory environment,” said Lacavera. “We are grateful to him for his efforts and wish him much success in his future endeavors.”