Update: Ken Campbell departs WIND Mobile, Lacavera steps in as new CEO


  • Chuck

    What haaaapeened???

  • Zackery

    The going “rumour” is that Wind has not been making its internal ‘profit’ deliverables so he was ousted and replaced by an internal replacement from the higher ups in the hierarchy.

    Guess the strategy of gaining subscribers at hefty cost started to turn off senior management when the losses went too steep. No doubt this company was going to lose money in the short term as it ramps up, but seems like the losses were too deep.

    Sad to see him go.

  • smiths

    So rumors about consolidation coming this summer are probably solid and true, clean up at Mobi, now Wind ….

  • skullan

    Personal choice or forced?

    I don’t consider it a bad thing, as it will streamline the leadership for this startup.

    From a publicity point of view, Ken seemed to be that friendly uncle that would stop by and visit once and awhile, where Tony was the very visible face. Odd role reversal for a CEO and Chairman.

  • Pete

    So a guy from Wind Italy will jump in, a few months ago it was a few guys from Orascom Egypt that came on board….. So Wind was able to convince the court about their ownership, yet all new exec’s come for a branch of Orascom.

    I wonder behind close doors who’s calls the shots… Just curious? Who represents Wind Canada in discussion with bankers, hardware manufacturers etc ???? What do you think ?

    • michael

      1. A girl from WIND Italy.
      2. WIND Canada has always been affiliated with WIND Italy, why do you think their allowed to use that same?

    • Me Ted

      I think you do Pete. You’re so smart and pretty.

    • Eddy

      To all the protectionists out there:


    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Its a guy my friend. A quick search will show his mug shot from his corruption trial. Good wind! yet another feather in the cap wind. So is it true that Uncle swaries nephew Omar will be next in line to run wind?

  • Daddy

    Tony Lacavera is bad news for this company. Boy only knows how to talk. And when you listen to him carefully he has no substance.

    • Terry

      Oh I didn’t know you seen him operating the company personally. I mean you must if you can claim he runs a company poorly because all consumers have seen is him doing interviews with news.

      That or you’re a liar.

  • Reggie Noble

    Probably got sick of his calls dropping.

  • EmperumanV

    Was expected.

  • Kenypowa

    I guess he had enough with the company-issued Huawei phones.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      They use Rogers phones. It has been well documented.

  • EmperumanV

    @thefish How did you get that information, unless you know him personally heh?

  • A

    WIND Canada has always been an Egyptian subsidiary no matter what corporate laws they got themselves registered under, the reality : find out who is controlling the financial decision @ WIND Canada (VP Procurement) & (VP Budget) both had came from Naguib Saweris school at Orascom, how nobody could not figure this out yet!!

  • MuRaNo

    @thefish Isn’t that a Rogers number

  • Jake-Z

    I always found it funny how Ken Campbell’s cell phone number was a Rogers number. Not even the CEO of WIND wants a WIND phone. And I can understand why, he needs a phone that works.

    • Jonesy1966

      My number still shows as being from Bell, the company I ported over from.

      Your point is?

    • Me Ted

      That’s effing awesome Jake-Z. Well done. Supersleuth you are. w00t!


    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Ahh yes tubby speaks. Mike why do you still try and be the wind number 1 stooge? you were fired, stripped of the crown and sent out to pasture.. where you promptly ate all in sight.

  • Jonesy1966

    Let the conspiracies begin

  • cloud

    How do you know it wasn’t ported from Rogers once he was able to switch if you remember wind didn’t start out with any service at all but I’m sure all the higher ups had phones that were ported over when they could be

  • A

    Orascom wanted a Canadian face to its operation, and thats when Ken was brought to the picture.

    Ken also was a former Director at a different Orascom’s operation (mobinil) in the past.

    Ken is a smart guy but also was not empowered enough to lead WIND Canada the way he wanted it because of all the Egyptians influence and their narrow minded thoughts which had nothing in common with Ken’s creative ideas.

    It was expected at the corporate level that Ken will be gone one day (in fact will be let go one day) and here the day comes.

    Also, keep it in mind : Lacavera will be gone one day….he is just the spoiled guy who Orascom wanted to step into Canada through.

    Question : did any of the Orascom Egyptian amry resigend or let go since WIND launched (NO), thank you.

    • B

      Completely accurate. I worked there.

  • Hoarders

    And how the mighty have fallen.
    Now the pressure is on school boy tony to take a nose dive and the Egyptians will put him out of his misery. Eventually the complete control will be for all to see financial and stakeholders and management. But don’t expect the prices to remain the same!

  • tbr

    Another one bites the dust and it wont be long till another one’s gone…

  • Hoarders

    And anoher one and another one as the song goes.

  • hurricane_wolfy

    I thought the Captain was supposed to always stay aboard the sinking ship? I guess not…

  • nuclearbroccoli

    From a quick search:

    “Mr. Ken Campbell joined Telesystem International Wireless (TIW) in 2004 and remained with the company after the acquisition by Vodafone in 2005.

    Mr. Campbell has twenty years of experience in the Canadian and international telecommunications industry. He has worked with operators throughout the world including Australia, the Baltics, Egypt, France and the United States.

    Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer of Globalive Wireless, Mr. Campbell was Chief Executive Officer of Bite Group, the Vodafone partner network in Lithuania and Latvia. From 2004 to 2007, he served as Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Romania and was a member of the Marketing Board in the Vodafone Group.

    Mr. Campbell holds a Masters in Business Administration from the London Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Honours Economics from Carleton University, in Ottawa.”

    The guy jumps around so I don’t think we should read into this too much.

    • tbr

      Only people like you don’t want to read into anything.

  • fanboy killer

    ah wind’s personal fan boy nuclearbroccoli is here to give his delightful opinion on why Wind did the right thing.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      the steamed veg has to spread the ” party line ” or he will not get his pay. Wind is spinning out of control and leaving a skid mark..

  • emprah

    nuclearbrocolli is nothing but a spamming shill for wind.

  • tbr

    nucleartroll is just trying to make employee of the month.

  • chall2k5

    Conveniently, Rocco is forgetting that Wind Italy has absolutely nothing to do with Orascom. Wind Italy is currently owned by Wind Telecom S.P.A (formerly known as Weather Investments S.P.A)

    Also, with the VC/OTH/Wind merger Vimplecom will take full control of Wind Italy.

    Orascom hasn’t ever had anything to do with Wind Italy

  • nuclearbroccoli

    @chall2k5- True, but the posters above never let facts get in the way of a good anti Wind rant.

  • Marakesh

    When they’ll fire now the useless Orascom executives still left VP Marketing, CIO, VP Procurement, Sales, PMO, Engineering..s.o as far as their website still shows up with tones of money wasted on their fat paychecks poor Ken was unable to make them back on wireless profits 🙂 as them none :(, Tony time to clean up the leftover trash, still too many fat checks for an underperforming outfit with less than 1000 people still left, bring your Globalive people which built something opposed to these amateurs at Wind which did eat all the given money with no scope parachuting over the night and making a mess

  • phoneguy

    I love this and its just the beginning wind is effed and will either run out of money or just simply screw themselves.

  • phoneguy

    go PM

  • Karim

    @Marakesh yeah 🙂 the wind vp marketing is a drank man brought by Orascom and tolerated by Ken Campbell. Don’t get close to him as you get drunk such away is stinking of alcohol despite he’s muslim and is not supposed to drink. Is it true Ken Campbell accepted a vp sales parachuted over the night in Canada from Bangladesh with a so called orascom experience expecting to make a damn sale around here :)) when this market is so special and it needs very experienced local in marketing and sales also ? Tony, you have so much trash built by Ken Campbell and orascom there you have to remove for a year asnd you won’t finish. Too many VPs, too many people doing nothing still, too much overlap (vp engineering doing operations as does not have a clue what is engineering all about therefore poor services at the other end, vp radio doing nothing as not even a team was ablt to build in 2 years, internal fights and struggles who’s doing what and how things supposedly to get along still to be aligned, bring your Globalive people in all wind key positions then hire local experts under them as all management at wind is poor, inexperienced, unprepared and terrible weak therefore the company situation)

  • KC

    well my friend, now you have to beg a job to those you used to spit on before you moron s**t flying f**k

  • Kardan

    take with you the leftovers from robelus also, the poor ninjas you moron those which made your network an entertainment joke across the country for so long