WIND Mobile launches “Unlimited Business Solutions”

WIND Mobile recently announced they have 300,000 subscribers and have now decided to expand past the consumer base and head directly into the business market. WIND officially launched “Unlimited Business Solutions” which offers the same plans that are currently available, but with more flexibility (range from $15 – $45/month plus $10 for data add-on).

In a press release this morning WIND stated that “Every business can mix and match plans for each team member, change plans as needed, and with no term-contracts, businesses don’t have to worry about penalties or cancellation fees. WIND also offers more deals as companies grow with savings of up to $5 per month on each additional line. This means a team of four can save more than $3,000 a year when compared to similar plans from the incumbents”.

Probably the best phones WIND currently has for the business folk are the Nexus S, BlackBerry Bold 9780, 9700 and the Curve 3G. However, we’re told that the LG Optimus 2X is coming soon.
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Source: CNW