Rogers releases the rugged Sonim XP1300 CORE


  • Adam

    hmm… wonder how long until smartphone users come in here saying what a piece of crap this handset is…..

  • aaron

    Put it in water and then call it, while it is underwater. And then answer it.

  • Brayden

    Save $150 on a three year term? Awesome! Sign me up! I mean, $150 is more than I paid for my Galaxy on a 3 year, but this phone looks way better. Am I right?

  • Big Daddy Data

    I personally ran this device over with a truck and it’s still working. Rock Solid!!!

    Kids don’t try this at home 🙂

  • JSmith

    Looks very similar to the MIKE handsets Telus sells. Built to military standards still doesnt mean indestructable but damn close.

  • Rick Whitley

    Check out “Will it Blend” with a Sonim phone. It the only thing I’ve seen that didn’t blend

  • k

    Apparently it took 3 posts, Adam.

  • t

    Good product, but price #fail.

    • JSmith

      Pricing directly reflects fact its due to military standards. Think about it this way, if the handset was pretty much unbreakable, and you didnt want to upgrade every year or two, this phone could last a long time. Manufacturer will make less on people having to replace handset because they broke it. Tough to do on a military spec me..i’ve tested MIKE ones. Ran over with a car, heavy duty fork lift, and still worked. Even saw one used as a hammer for roofing.

    • Ger


      I can understand the outright price. $299 is not unreasonable for a phone like this which is built for durability. However, taking $150 off for a three year contract is ridiculous. You’re locking yourself in to save $50 a year, which for many people isn’t even a month of service.

  • Zak R

    Bell announces the HTC Sensation. In response, Rogers announces the Sonoma XP1300 Core…. I’m so leaving!

  • Jay

    I can see the awesomeness of this phone coming in really useful for several market sectors. Truckers, construction workers, etc. Rogers is pretty smart for bringing this in.

    To people in said industries (such as myself), it doesn’t really matter what the price is as long as it doesn’t break the second we drop it. I think sometimes people are just too cheap.