Public Mobile continues to expand Toronto and Montreal coverage

Public Mobile has been in business for over a year and there are rumblings of how many customers they have. We’ve had various tips that range from 65,000 – 80,000, but since Public is a private company they choose not to declare any subscriber numbers. They have the capacity to reach 19 million subscribers in their core Toronto and Montreal regions but they’ll never bring that many customers on board. The reason is that Public is not for everyone – and they confidently know that. They offer no-contract devices with a low-cost talk, text and a data add-on that can be had for around 30 bucks a month. A note on their company blog today talked about their updated coverage map and the remaining 2011 build out plans. Seems like they are still plugging forward so they must be doing OK.

Public is somewhat thought of the lone-carrier that nobody believed would get off the ground, mainly because of the unwanted G-Band spectrum and their entry level devices and low cost offerings. The point is that Public is slowly growing and some Canadians are choosing to spend their money with them versus Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Wind or any of the other carriers.

Source: Public