Videotron launches “Canada’s first exclusive mobile TV channel” called LibTV

During the 2011 Canadian Telecom Summit yesterday Videotron President and CEO Robert Depatie stated that “Videotron is holding a news conference to launch Canada’s first exclusive mobile TV channel. We call it ‘Lib-TV’ – no, nothing to do with the political party with a similar name, more of TV-Libre, or ‘liberated-TV’ in English. This will be truly integrated offering that will demonstrate how well a television concept can be integrated with mobile programming.”

This new free mobile TV channel was indeed launched yesterday and so far it’s all original content that can be viewed on your mobile device or online. Currently there are only about 6 shows online that are all 5 minutes in length but you can bank on more coming soon. Videotron has brought on Quebec actor and comedian Patrick Huard to help spike interest and customers can visit LibTV.ca. No word yet if there is an app for this channel.

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