Poll: Which Canadian carrier has the best monthly plan?


  • Nex

    1Gb data
    Unlimited texts

    That’s my favourite at the monent. I’m on Bell right now, and for the same price I get my5, 500mb and 30 texts.

    • Copolii

      Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are ya?
      How about (as an example) mobilicity’s $40 unlimited NA talk/sms/data plan?

    • kieran

      That might be good if it were available where I live. As it stands, Wind covers a very small area currently.

      And to address your flamebait comment: go f**k yourself.

    • XDFF

      Well if you go to the bell store u can get the same 55 plan that is available in virgin. so just go and change your plan

    • Jake

      Not everyone has Mobilicity or Wind in there service area.
      I only have a choice between Robers or Telus.
      Telus is by far the lesser of the two evils.

  • Rich

    This is easily slanted WIND / Moblicity, what’s the point of even asking?

    • RobUncorked

      Lack of coverage hugely skews my vote away from WIND and Mobilicity. So even if they are cheaper, not worth it in my opinion. My vote, therefore, is for the carrier that has the BEST plan, not the cheapest. Gotta say Bell there.

    • brent

      Mobilicity and Winds coverage is the same as with small 3, you leave your zone you pay long distance, you leave your calling area with small 3 you pay long distance, its all the same, but the big difference is with wind and mobilicity you can go into any major city and use your unlimited plan as all zones are like one.

  • EditingIsKey

    Hmm, never heard of “Pubic Mobile.”

  • Landon

    WIND/Mobilicity, hands down.

    On WIND right now I have a $35/month plan that includes unlimited NA calls, unlimited text, unlimited data, plus all those “standard” phone features like voice mail and such.

    Granted, that’s a promotional plan, but the “normal” plans for both carriers that have the same features are $45/month.

    This isn’t even a contest.

  • JustinCredible

    Bad question…should read!

    Which Canadian carrier (excluding Wind Mobile who are foreign owned) has the best monthly plan with reliable service?

    • Landon

      I haven’t had any problems with WIND in Edmonton. Can’t speak for other areas.

      Also, what does them being foreign-owned have to do with it? They are still a “Canadian carrier” in that they offer service in Canada.

    • Copolii

      I’d rather pay less to a foreign company than get ripped off by the douchebags at Robbers Wireless.

  • Landon

    Oh my mistake, the “normal” plans don’t include unlimited NA calling, just unlimited Canada-wide calling.

    Still, that’s an excellent deal.

  • dave

    Me and my Nexus S on Wind (Alberta) $35 are such a pair :-).

    Can’t be beat… unless you aren’t in their coverage area.

    • Lucas

      It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the coverage area. Wind’s roaming charges in Canada or the USA still beats Rogers, yet you are using their towers.

      Sad Rogers Sad.

    • bob

      Well at least with Robellus you don’t pay any extra when you make a local call outside of your city anywhere in Canada.
      With Wind/Mobilicity, this is only true in one of their very limited home zone.

  • Nexzen

    whoever put rogers/bell/telus has the best plan is the reason they are still in business… service ya plans no… wind/mobi wins this hands down

  • b151

    Someone voted for ROBELLUS? Must be a joke right?

    • Keith

      There are still a lot of places what they are the only choices for 3G.

  • sookster54

    Telus came out on top? 2 years ago maybe (my grandpa’d Telus plan beats anything that exists now), not anymore with Virgin, Fido and Wind setting out damn good plans. I’m liking the Koodo $40 BB plan myself.

  • collegekid13

    Wind has by far the best plans. But their coverage, even in the 905 leaves a LOT to be desired.

    I’ll be sticking with my overpriced unlimited Bell until I can get good Wind coverage.

  • Lucas

    Okay who the hell keeps voting for the big 3?

    I don’t get it, are you that much of a blind consumer?

  • Bob

    @landon, don’t worry, some Rogers employees will say anything to keep their jobs.

    @nexzen, the people who picked the big 3 either are not in the WIND/Mobilicity coverage area or they are employees that get a pretty good epp.

  • Brian

    The only difference between the big 3 on price plans is that Telus offers free Voice Mail 3 and doesn’t charge a GRRF, Bell doesn’t charge a GRRF but doesn’t give free voice mail, and Rogers charges a GRRF while giving you no voice mail.

    There’s very little difference, but Rogers is clearly the worst.

  • taytay

    Mobi is slightly cheaper than the rest, for unlimited type plans.

    If you don’t think so, you haven’t looked into it thoroughly. If you will do 12 months with them it is $33.33-$40.00 for everything – including data – depending on how unlimited you need your long distance plan to be. They also have a $100 credit right now, but that doesn’t really count in the long-run, does it?

  • Lucas

    @RobUncorked Lack of coverage? Where are you trying to call from? The middle of Lake Ontario? Oh wait, no carrier supports from there.

    This is what gets to me, people complain about lack of coverage from Wind and Mobilicity yet all you need to do is talk, whether in the city or out. Why would it matter whose towers you’re using?

    • BT

      Outside of Wind’s own footprint, you pay to make that call. Unlimited isn’t so sweet anymore.

      While they all charge for roaming, the Big 3 all have much larger footprints before you’re considered roaming.

  • Bob

    @collegekid13, where in the 905 area are you? I am in Burlington and I have great service here and I work in Mississauga and I haven’t had an issue there either.

  • Adam

    If you can get a slick retentions deal, then yes, Rogers can be excellent. For the average user or new customers, gotta be Wind hands down.

    Now, of course, this poll doesn’t ask about which carrier has the best plan on a half-decent network.

  • anon

    While the new providers have great plans, their towers and network speeds suck.

  • Alex Perrier

    With TELUS i have unlimited local calls/250 SMS/3GB Internet with CID & VM10. It’s costly compared to others like Mobilicity, but with a calling card, it’s good for people who travel a lot in Canada.

    A friend of mine has Mobilicity and paid for a year of service. It’s $30 every month for Canada & USA phone calls & MMS/unlimited global SMS/unlimited data. $360 for a year, it comes down to $30 per month.

    The best plan for people living in select urban cities is Mobilicity. Otherwise, it’s a toast to TELUS. 😀

  • Lucas

    My friends complained about my Wind phone’s coverage…

    In Wasaga Beach. The best part is, so did I.

  • Bob

    I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I never have a problem with coverage or data speed. I have the motorolla xt720 phone. I also have a huwaii data stick and the mobile hotspot. I use the hotspot with my g-tablet and again, no problem with streaming videos or surfing the web. Maybe I am just that lucky but I have not experienced what some people complain about.

  • psqu

    I’m very happy with the Student 50 from Telus. It’d be nice not to have to sign for three years at time, but can’t go with anything other than the big 3 where I’m living.

  • Halfpixel

    I’m going with TELUS. Wind’s plans are great, but if you travel a lot and need to use your phone on the road out of their zones, then they’re not quite as good.

  • Derek

    I am on Sasktel’s $149.00/month “All for One Plan”.

    This includes unlimited everything, including data, with no additional fees.

    While some of the small new entrants have cheaper plans, they limit you geographically. I have all of Sask for my work territory, as such I cannot find a plan that even comes close for my needs.

    • Adam

      Holy hell you pay $150 per month for a cell plan? I GUARANTEE you can get something better.

  • Jimi

    Ha, Wind all the way baby… $40 Holiday Miracle Plan.
    That gives me unlimited Canada and the US (24/7), unlimited Texts, Call display and voice mail, and Unlimited Data; which I just found out that I used over 6GB last month. 🙂
    I agree that if you do not live in one of the bigger cities in Canada, then you do get shafted but they are expanding all the time.

  • B

    With Telus, I have for $55:
    1 Gb
    My 10 unlimited across Canada
    Unlimited Messaging,
    Voice 10, Call ID, Call waiting
    200 anytime min
    Early Nights and unlimited Weekends
    Unlimited Local calling

  • David

    Why is this even being asked? Every carrier that operates in their particular market segment has identical plans.

  • ddp079

    I don’t know, My 10 nationwide, 5GB, Unltd Txt, and std features for 55$/month with Telus is alot better than other plans available here in Saskatchewan. Wind/Mobilicity don’t even exist here so they are moot.

  • JustMeAndMe

    None of them. All those plans (including those from Wind, Mobi & Public) could be offered for the half of the price.

    • Landon

      Thanks, but that’s not the question.

  • Brando

    Rogers 55 bucks 1g data my 10 canada wide, unlimited text 200 anytime minutes, do think nell and telus are offerimg the same dont have the small guys on my area be nice thoo

  • Jimi

    @ Dave – No kidding, I was in Vegas back in October and used my phone like a normal person, total bill for roaming on T-mobile = $35 on top of my $40.
    My pal that was with me (and his iPhone) made 3 or 4 calls and was billed around $25 on AT&T’s crappy network.

  • ickyballz

    Wind Mobile currently does not qualify as a Canadian Carrier and before the fan boy assault begins I am with Wind currently adn just pointing it out for technical purposes

    • Landon

      They are still a Canadian carrier in the sense that they offer service in Canada.

      Foreign-owned, sure, but that’s not really important to the discussion here.

  • Nick

    IMO Wind doesn’t count, as its coverage is not nearly widespread enough for me to consider it a Canadian carrier. Maybe a big-city or regional carrier, but even then it’s nowhere near Canada’s 2nd biggest city, Montreal (greater metropolitan population: 3 million!). I wouldn’t call a postal service that only delivers mail from 5 cities a national one either.

    • Landon

      That’s a fair point.

      Still, I would rather use WIND nation-wide (even out of the coverage area) than pay into the Robellus coffers.

    • bob

      You are saying that you prefer paying $5/MB (limited to EDGE speed) and 20¢/minutes over your normal monthly expenses to be with Wind instead of Robellus?

  • Bob

    ickyballz, where is this definition of “Canadian Carrier” that you speak of? Can you provide a link? They operate in Canada, they are a Canadian carrier. This is not a fanboy assault, this is someone pointing out how ignorant your comment is.

    • Landon

      They are not being ignorant, they just consider the definition of “Canadian carrier” to include “owned and operated by” in it, instead of just “operating in”.

      Perhaps incorrectly, but since it was not specified in the post, he’s not being ignorant at all. It’s open to interpretation.

  • Bob

    Nick, that is a valid point so in that case, pretty well all carriers would be disqualified because I don’t think they all offer services in “all” parts of Canada and that includes the far north.

  • TheTigerTek

    I’ve been with Fido for about 8 years since the old City Fido days. Right now i have the unlimited North American calling with free roaming anywhere in Canada plus 6gb data unlimited paying $96.00. I know that’s insane I really want to try the new carriers out like Wind and Mobilicity just worried about the coverage. My contract has been up since Jan waiting for better options. I don’t want to lock myself down for Fido’s ridiculous 3 year terms.

  • Jon Campbell

    I know how much my wind costs me every month, i lose a few calls a month and i am very happy that i have at least 70 bucks more in my pocket instead of rogers.

  • JigSaw

    It so sad that $35/ month is consider cheap. I understand that we can’t compare plans in here to the ones in Asia, but I was actually using a plan that is less than HK$150 (which is about $18 CAD), that includes unlimited calling and sms. Sad..

  • Steve

    For accurate results you would have to poll each different area of the country. Waste of time.

  • JigSaw


  • ddenn

    until they kill long distance and include caller id for free, i cant endorse anyone!
    i’ve been with rogers, bell, telus and fido. i really like the plan thats going around with the big carriers, $55 200 mins, nation my10 unlimited text 1gb of data. i recently just switched to that. its a pretty valuable plan, imo. anyone thinking of getting a smartphone should definitely try to look at these plans. but after all the extras like caller id and voicemail, “govt fees”, tax, its easy for thhis plan to inflate to around $80 a month 🙁

    but whoever came up with this plan first, made it marketable and got the seal of business approval should get a pat on the back

  • Blake

    I love my bell plan!!
    Evenings and weekends from 5pm
    My 5 local
    Call display, voicemail 20, 3 way calling, and call waiting
    No zones with local calling wherever I am
    6gb of data shared with my ipad.

    • bob

      That’s a pretty awsome plan. But don’t you have to pay an extra $10 to share with your iPad?

  • Chris

    Does Wind or Mobiliticy have coverage in Saskatchewan?Otherwise we’re pretty much stuck with Rogers, Telus or Sasktel. From what I have seen Rogers get poor reception outside Saskatoon or Regina. Telus and Sasktel coverage is about the same, and Telus has cheaper Saskatchewan only plans.

  • roman129

    I know it was a promo plan, but I’m still stoked about the Holiday Miracle plan. Unlimited everything for $40. Wind has a tighter grip on me than Rogers with a 100 year contract.

  • Terry

    lol This vote is pointless. People are aren’t voting for the obviously choices because they say they aren’t in their area or the roaming charges aren’t as good.

    This vote is for who has the best MONTHLY PLANS. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get it, and it doesn’t matter about roaming charges.
    The monthly plans on both Mobi and Wind are better then any other carrier in this country.

    All those other issues are no part of this vote.

    • bob

      But how can you tell if it’s a good monthly plan if you don’t look what it offers (and that includes coverage)?

      If I offer you unlimited minutes and unlimited data for $30 on my wifi network (coverage of about 100×100 meters), would you say I have the best monthly plan in Canada?

      A company with a small urban coverage will always be cheaper than one with a real coverage.

  • baconeater

    If you use a phone in their zones, Wind and Mobilicity offer the best deals. Wind has really improved their reception over the past couple months, the number of dropped calls has been reduced considerably in Edmonton.

  • rumba lumba


    my friend in Singapore is paying $30/month
    12GB data
    unlimited music downloads through their music service
    and everything else are unlimited.

    i cant believe here in Canada they charge you for call display! wtf this is not the 90’s.

    same with the internet. $45 a month for a 7Mbps connection.
    same price in Japan or Korea and you get 100Mbps.
    in the philippines and other parts of asia there are no download caps on the internet.

    wth is wrong with Canada?! im from asia and i moved here about 5 years ago and at that time we already had 3G on my country and yet here in Canada they charge you big bucks just for 3G? really?

    • Adam

      100 mbps eh? And what phones are there that utilize this?

    • sookster54

      Don’t you mean internet key? I think they’re capable of 100mps.

      Yes this is one of the problems with Canadian carriers, they charge us a lot and give us so little compared to many other countries out there.

  • serpico

    In Calgary , Wind has the best offer – Incredible 35 . But sometimes their network is very poor , it all depends where you are in Calgary .

  • linuxguy

    Mobilicity and WIND Mobile are doing great in Canada. With their competitive pricing, they are waking up our nation. We don’t have to remain the worst cell $$ sucking plans on the planet. Kudos to Mobilicity and WIND. My votes are always to them. I have a WIND monthly plan and have never had a dropped call since I started in January. I think the major problem is that blind consumers don’t get the awareness that there is indeed an excellent alternative to BellTelusRogers.

  • Grover

    Coverage aside, ff you want a phone purely to chat your head off, then I would think public mobile’s $15 unlimited province-wide calling is pretty hard to beat… that’s cheaper than VoIP on Vonage or no-frills home phone from Rogers or Cogeco. Of course this survey probably means data as well, so I would have to go with one of the other new entrants (again coverage aside).

  • Kevin Thom

    Wind seems to have the best unlimited plan, but the network coverage is not enough for me. I just renegotiated my deal with Bell, and got 1GB, unlimited text/video/picture messaging, unlimited incoming calls, 10 nationwide unlimited numbers, 200 anytime minutes, 200 nationwide long distance minutes, call display, 8pm evenings/weekends and a month for free. I pay $55/month plus HST.

  • Aarin

    I voted Wind but I wish their “unlimited” Plans worked in other cities but its only “unlimited” if you are in their home zone. Great if i lived in Ottawa or Toronto, but crappy right now as I live in North Bay Ontario.

  • Cory

    All the three big companies have the same plan right at the moment. So its hard to say who has the best.

    With Rogers, Telus and Bell for $55 you get:
    MY10 Canada-wide
    Unlimited messaging
    1GB of data

  • Nex

    Wow I can’t believe how many people are white knighting the new entrants here.

    They are cheaper, yes. But they are cheaper because they can’t compete in either coverage or signal quality. This is an absolute fact. Do you think they wouldn’t charge more if they could? Would you go with wind right now if they charged the same rates as the incumbents?

    Does this make them a bad deal? No. If you value savings (sometimes alot of savings) off your bill at the EXPENSE of signal quality and coverage, then it might be ok for you. But just because they are the cheapest certainly does not make them the best option.

  • Andrei

    This question seems to completely disregard Quebecers, considering that Videotron isn’t even mentioned in the choices. I think people have to keep in mind that in Quebec, anyone that wants data, not being given the option of voting for videotron, can only vote for one of the big three since wind/mobilicity do not exist here, hence the votes for them.

  • Unknown

    WIND over Mobilicity if you have a blackberry phone. Outside of that, their plans are pretty much the same.

  • joe

    In this poll about pricing and not coverage or device selection, I’m surprised Telus and Rogers is rated so high.

  • Mike

    I am shocked MTS unlimited plans (espically iPhone) aren’t getting more attention.

  • Jim

    Sasktel is awesome. Was on Rogers and it was terrible anywhere you went in Sask. Sasktel’s new network is blazing fast and the coverage is great. I also pay 30$ a month for unlimited bandwidth. I hear that they slow you down at 10 gigs, but I have not experienced this.

  • Accophox

    Holiday miracle plan, full stop.

    Their normal plans are also pretty good too.

  • TH8MA3

    NOT EVERYONE HAS WIND/MOBILICITY COVERAGE. Its not THAT hard to understand and some people ACTUALLY NEED Canada-wide service and not simply limited ”zones”

  • Jay

    Im with Rogers and I still voted Wind on this. Who the s**t would vote for any of the big three?

  • JSmith

    Im sure the voting is skewed, cmon we all know everyone who works for their respective carrier and reads this voted for the company they work for. Mindless sheep brain-washed by their employer who dont have the never to actually accept some other carrier might have a better plan. Bah! I refuse to vote…take that Mobilesyrup!

  • Peter Boggs

    I voted 40 times for Wind Mobile and so did Justin Credible and nulclearbroccoli.We all have Cred and love it.Come join US for some real conversation and fun on Wind and become part of our party group.All you need is no brain and a willingness to lie.Go Wind Go.

  • Jester

    All I want is unlimited SMS and unlimited data for a low price.

  • Jimi

    I’m confused. Yes wind and mobi are zone based but its 25cents per min anywhere outside of it. Aren’t there long distance charges? I remember getting nailed hard for using my phone in Niagara back in the day to call Toronto. As far as I know, this is still the same?
    Last time I checked my friends also got nailed for huge long distance charges when we were in Huntsville as well to Toronto.
    Having said that I still try not to roam in Canada as I refuse to give robbers any of my money. As for the rest of the world, its still cheaper to roam then to use a robbers et al phone.

    • xtachx

      There is no long distance charges on mobi / wind.

      On mobi I am paying 20c / min to call home from any roaming area.

  • Scazza

    This is a stupid question. Unlike the US, where carriers offer “unlimited everything” plans, in Canada no one offers that. So one plan may be fantastic for one group of people, but useless for others.

    In terms of cheapness, yeah a lot of the small carriers offer great deals if you happy to never leave the city. But what about those truck drivers? Or business people who need to call or be called outside the city? Sometimes the big evil 3 offer decent rates for them.

    So no one offers the best monthly plan.

    • xtachx

      Well, Robelus charges 35c/min to roam on their OWN network (the lovely “long distance” charges + their “airtime”)

      Mobilicity/wind charges 20c all incl on robbers/tmobile. (US roaming is 20c/mmin … all inclusive). Now tell me, why isnt mobi/wind cheaper for the occational roamer?

  • Mike Jones

    WIND is, by far, superior to ANY other company out there. I fail to understand how ANYONE in their right mind can think otherwise! If right now they are pretty solid already, where do you think they will be a year or two from now? Wow! I also see a lot of speculation coming from the regular anti-WIND coalition. You know who you are. However, your claims can be easily dismissed, as they are based on pure speculation with NO proof whatsoever! All you do is argue until you are red in the face, making yourselves look like fools, and, ultimately, saying nothing. Shame, shame, shame!

    • RoccoStiff Reddi

      The fat man has sung. After all the links and most of your brethren agreeing that there is something not quite and your canning as the belly of wind.. you hoping to take a lower position at wind? stick to the all you can eat chubby.

    • Poutine

      Why is it SO hard to understand that I won’t give WIND my vote because they are NOT available where I live ? That’s why I gave my vote to someone else.

    • Jonesy1966

      You just can’t help yourself, can you, Rocco? Are you off your meds again?

      I always knew you were a multi ID-er but even not even I thought you’d stoop so low as to “clone” someone’s ID from another board.

      How bereft are you of an original idea are you that you feel this is the only way for you to get your point across?

      Along with the tired personal insults, this just shows how truly pathetic and desperate you are.

      Get a life.

  • Cole Mackenzie

    Student 55 on telus
    after 7pm calling and weekends.

    and excellent coverage!!!

  • krstnlndsy

    I’m getting pwned by Telus, but I’m stuck in a 3 year plan and had to get a phone for work so I was a little cornered for options. $115/mo gets me national top 5, 600min, 10 gb data, unlimited texting, vouicemail 3, call id….I got it just over a year ago when they still offered data plans that were actually useful and it’s still terrible….

  • PlanteMichel

    Hehe guys im with Rogers i think i have the best wireless plan in montreal QC and possibly canada : Unlimited local calling , texting , unlimited canada long distance , visual voicemail and call display bundle and other few features like call ringback etc and finally 6Gigs of data all that for 90.00 tax include. What a guy can wish for ? I don’t give a s…t about the other company. Im happy with Rogers. Only one wish from Rogers bring back the other residential services to montreal in the province of quebec.

  • davidA

    I gues I shouldn’t vote as many of these companies do not even provide a service in the area where I live, even though I live less than 50 miles from the capital city of British Columbia.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    @JSmith – “Im sure the voting is skewed, cmon we all know everyone who works for their respective carrier and reads this voted for the company they work for.”

    If that’s the case, then shouldn’t Rogers be winning as they are the largest?

  • RoccoStiff Reddi

    2k votes! thats more than the steamed vegs petition! See people want cheap they do not care about wind.. so whats this with 911 not working right again?

  • Apollo

    Wind offers good value for money and they seem to be expanding their network as time goes on. I just hope they keep the same rates once they have a national network. Mobilicity has a horrible network on the other hand. They haven’t expanded at all in the last year and they sell their product products out of pizza stores and ethnic food shops. Wind should buy Mobilicity and re-deploy their network equipment to rural areas. Then Wind will really be able to compete with Rogers,Bell and Telus.

  • little baby wawa

    Mike Jones you’re the biggest pathetic Wind Troll on any site,your words are meaningless and you always type from the same script…everything that comes from your keyboard is garbage and other compared to you are human.The only person saying nothing is YOU and that’s what you stand for in your idiotic rants.

    You are a total JOKE nad LAUGHABLE!!!

    • Jonesy1966

      Wawa, sorry to say that I thought you had the smarts to figure out fake posts and IDs when you saw them. Apparently I was wrong.

      “Mike Jones” is a fake, a tired attempt by others to support what ever “cause” they have, using childish and moronic tactics to cover for the lack of any intelligence and original ideas.

  • I could be Mike Jones too!

    I don’t understand why some people are saying that Windicity, it’s a great plan until you leave your home zone, you pay LD… LD rates are cheaper then Robellus. There are some dead spots deep indoors some places like malls that Rogers and Telus do have, but oddly I have had reception where Robellus doesn’t have, so it’s all about getting more towers and where it is placed in. Reception is great for me for the most part and gets better over the months.

  • Framer

    Canadian Carrier. Sorry but if you live in saskatchewan, manitoba, quebec, new brunswick, nova scotia, pei, newfoundland, red deer, lethbridge, medicine hat, airdrie, the okananagan it just doesn’t work for you. If you stay in your zone or don’t leave it much then wind and moblicity are best but don’t be so damn critical of others cause the reality is wind and mobi only serve dense area’s.

  • BBM1

    Sorry but shouldn’t a company being listed as a “Canadian Carrier” actually be one that represents all Canadians?

    Except for Sasktel most of these companies only offer service in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, or Vancouver.

  • MobiMoni

    Where is Videotron?

  • little baby wawa


    Who cares if it’s the real Jones or an impersonator,same BS philosophy and ignorance that is imbedded in his moronic followers…he’s a disgrace just like Wind Mobile who allowed him to do that and deleted/removed legit complaints.This company isn’t a Telco,it’s a parasite in the industry and the sooner the Russians sell it running like Orascom the better and then maybe a new group will do what is right…this company is total unethical and that’s why they have poor service where in reality they are stealing your money more than the Big Three.

  • 5Gs

    And WIND is becoming a national carrier. GO WIND GO!

  • phoneguy

    wow ya this isnt slanted in anyway…REALLY!!?? Rogers the most exspensive phone company in canada has the best plan? LMAO….how about public mobile with canadas officially cheapest plans…Ie $15/mth unl talking provinve wide or $24/mth unl talk and text and Call display…wow the ppl on the site are a bunch of effing M O R O N S….and have your head way up rogers A$$!!

  • phoneguy

    PM is the cheapest in Canada period!!

  • Laridae

    I’ve been with Wind for 6 months and I’m happy with their service. Of course I happen to live in one of the 5 cities they serve. If I lived somewhere else I’d feel differently, I’m sure.

  • ROB

    I sure hope people did research BEFORE they voted. WIND is pretty obvious. Though I wish they were located in more cities.

  • Mo s

    Mobilicity and, Wind, and Public have the best plans

  • HO

    ..so the question is simple, “WHAT CARRIER HAS THE BEST MONTHLY PLAN?”, it was not about coverage or anything else, hands down I will say Mobi.

    Even the $45 still better than what the others offer on their respective areas of coverage and if u add the cost or options for LD then ur more than set, not to forget the data at $10 which is unlimited unlike the gang.

    Btw, I get All Unlimited for $40 and in the during 3 months I have spent $15 on ILD, compare that to Fido where I was going for $100 on ILD during the same period of 3 months, now u do the math.

  • sahej

    Mobilicity $45plan is the best. North American LD, international texting, picture messaging anywhere in North America plus voicemail, caller id and call waiting.Everything unlimited for only $50.40 with $10 data add-on (unlimted data) is the best plan in the industry for me right now

  • CB_toronto

    In terms of raw price (factoring out “zone coverage” and limited availability), I’d say Public Mobile.

    $15/month = unlimited province-wide calling from home zone

    $24/month = same as above + caller ID + unlimited worldwide text

  • 0defaced

    Mobi wins hands down. No one can touch the $10 unlimited data add-on, and frankly it’s not for people who live in the areas that aren’t covered…..unless you have pay as you go…..then with the $.20 /min flat rate it’s STILL cheaper.

    Wind only has so much time left…..

  • Chauhan

    Mobilicity is the best carrier I ever enjoyed in Canada. I love it. Best of the Best……. MOBILICITY.

  • davidA

    A good plan without a good network is not of any use to anyone. That being the case I decided not to vote.

  • Pri

    Whether it’s Mobilicity’s unlimited $35 plan or $45 plan –with or without our incredible $10 unlimited data add-on –one thing is for sure, we have the best monthly plans!

  • Rob

    Initially had some troubles with Wind, problem was with the phone, works perfect now.

  • Randy

    I was using chat r for a few months, I found out they were owned by rogers and switched to Mobilicity, Great value for my money.

  • E

    Still running on the holiday promo for wind, so $7.50/month for unlimited international text and 150 minutes… Way better than anything possible (see telus 20$/month for 50 minutes, no text or data)

    Plus the fact I live on school campus all the time means i dont need data on the go… so it works =)

  • Brandon

    What the heck, wind plans suck, you leave their wind zones and you get charged for roaming pretty much in your own country. Its a nice idea having unlimited plans, but in reality its quite limited

  • DWN

    7 mo Calgary Wind user. Switched away (over a period) from Telus to Rogers to Fido, and after plenty of arguments and outright lies (and a fiasco with Fido holding “hostage” money as a “credit”), I switched to Wind for the deep savings and zero contract.

    I haven’t had coverage issues, and have loved the service the entire time (Holiday Miracle Plan, followed by upgrading to the Irressistable 35 to save $5/mo more. 🙂 ). I have loved the service in entirety – the unlimitted low cost, the friendly and surprisingly competent personel (which I had basically come to assume was an impossibility), the detailed billing without hidden fees, and the list goes on.

    Suffice to say, it’s the first time (ever) I have almost been pleased to pay my phone bill.

    Setting aside the deep savings, I did a simple calculation of my usage based on a scaled down version of my service (250 minutes, 1000 text messages, 2 GB data), and I’m still saving more if I did all my calling while ROAMING on the Wind network than if I was on the Robelus network. That’s not including other services like voicemail, call control, and the regular shpiel (although I’m not comparing against the price plans available to you if you argue with Customer Retention for 3 hours, which I did and were still not even close in comparison, although the savings compared to stock price were DRASTIC).

    The major downsides: Wind has been (up until Nexus S, the (basically) only real exception) thuroughly committed to sh!t phones (so you really need to order one yourself, the home zones are restricted to major Canadian cities (so not available to everyone, especially those who live remotely, which almost has been a consideration for me, drastically affecting the savings), and… well, that’s basically it (I can’t comment on coverage loss as here in Calgary/Edmonton I traverse the cities regularly and generally don’t lose reception in any place I haven’t lost reception on Rogers/Fido).

    In summary, I love Wind if it’s available to you. If you’re going Big 3 you MUST argue with retention to get even a remotely reasonable price (you can save considerably, which adds up a lot when you factor it over 36 months of service). Moblicity also has a lot of good promotions, so they’re worth checking out too (especially if you’re willing to buy lump sums of service at a time, it’s like 30% off, but then you can’t really walk away from the service if it’s not for you).

    Hope that helps someone. 🙂

  • DWN

    I’ll add even the EPP I had with Rogers (briefly) wasn’t comparable. 😛

  • Gunner

    How about FIDO?
    I’m new to data plans. Just got my first iPhone, am old, and won’t use it to much