The Source giving $75 in-store credit on all Bell Android devices this weekend


  • Michael

    Failed list…

  • Michael

    It says I get the VibrantHTC desire Z and the Moto Attic + the Moto Dext for an additional $75 off. (Not that it matters contracts are too expensive)

  • Redrum

    I think they should be offering a $7500 credit instead to help offset the cost of their plans over the 3-year term.

  • Andy c


    About darn time

  • Andy c

    Wait, no nexus on that list?

    • Jay

      Nexus device was never officially released by Bell.

  • JSmith

    HAHAHAHHAA..The Source…first off that company cant sell phones to begin with, and were run in this area by jackasses, who thankfully got fired..there is some justice in the world!

  • DPac

    @JSmith, please don’t talk out of your butt by saying the source can’t sell phones. If they didn’t, why is Rogers’ marketshare dropping so quickly since they were thrown out of those stores?

    • JSmith

      @DPac..I can say that you assclown cuz I used to work for that company and theyre budget for a whole month in stores locally was 10 postpaid new activations and almost every store in the area couldnt hit that in 1 month! They didnt attempt any real marketing or even delivery of handsets to appease client requests..did you know that only 1 store received any iphone 4’s anywhere near launch..yet ads for the Source used the tag line, and I quote ‘the phones u want, the help you need’, so how is that helping sell phones to clients and making your monthly store quota when u dont receive the coveted iphone 4 that everyone (Apple sheep, at the time wanted soo badly. To top it off why I said alot of people, area manager, store managers, and reps got fired was due to lack of phone sales. I saw the letters, so maybe shut yer pie hole. I know what Im talking about. Nuff’ said.

  • DPac

    @redrum, how much do you think it costs to run a network, a company with thousands of employees?

    I think you sound really stupid by saying that Bell should be giving 7500$ to offset the cost of their plan. I’m pretty sure you don’t even spend more than 500$ a year on your services. So now Bell should pay you to use their networks?
    We’re not communists, so companies need to make money.
    I wonder what kind of job you have…

    • Jimbo

      You do realize Redrum was being sarcastic with the figures to make a point, right? I think you sound really stupid for thinking he was serious about a phone company giving away a $7500 credit.

  • Mystery

    @DPAC, you should really pay attention to the wireless industry worldwide, Canada has the highest rates (apart from the new entrants) bells’ $75 is ridiculous, big deal a whopping $75 that will cover a rate plan for one month essentially.

  • DPac


    1st, we have the best network in the world, period, so we have to recoup the costs somehow

    2nd, we have the highest rates because the market’s potential is lower than in europe and the usa. If we had the same amount of population, we would have lower rates too

    @JSmith, basically you got fired for not being able to sell 10 devices per month for your whole store and you’re mad.every store in retail had issues with iphone 4 stock during the launch
    @Jimbo, he was genuine about his answer, there are a lot of uneducated people on mobilesyrup

    • JSmith

      @Dpac..uneducated..maybe you were home schooled. I didnt get fired I left on my accord, so take another uneducated guess dipshit. As for all stores had iphone 4 trouble at launch, really? Firstly it wasnt just at launch I was referring, but for months. Secondly, funny how friends I know that manage a Rogers location, a Telus location all got fact 25 in one week each. Lastly I even had a area manager and head office reps stating that Source couldnt get the iphone 4 due lack of buying power. So once again shut yer hole, go back to getting on yer knees for your company and opening yer mouth for what its good at..suckin it!

  • bubbles


    If your so educated do something other than complain! I believe your wanted back at mcdonalds, get off the net and go sell Happy Meals

  • DPac

    @Bubbles and @JSmith

    Thank you, you just confirmed what I said earlier 🙂

  • JSmith

    And u just reaffirmed why inbreeding is a bad idea. U should read more of what people stated, and not fly off at the mouth so quick. On a side note, your network being the technically Telus would be as well..afterall you did partner with them to build the current one, and previous partnerships established on CDMA. And no I dont work for Telus either, before u jump to that conclusion like all your other ‘educated’ statements.

  • DPac

    When I said we have the best network, I meant Canada

    I can see with your name calling that you were probably an uneducated person that tries to sound as if they actually understood how the industry works.

    I’m really happy you are not the president of where I work because I’d’probably be out of a job due to bankruptcy with your judgement

  • JSmith

    I wish I was president of your company, because you would be out of a job for illiteracy. Not being able to read and understand english is a major function of coping in society, and since you obviously didnt read and understand my statements you have failed. Last time I checked Telus was a Canadian company, and Bell partnered with them on building the HSPA+ network, and have partnered with them in the past on the CDMA network. I feel I have to repeat myself to you because you didnt read what was typed. Im pretty sure, unlike your uneducated guess once again I know how the industry works as I have been a part of it for a very long time, and currently still am. Maybe you should re-read things, learn a few items, understand the geography, and stop believing all that your bosses tell you> Maybe your just impressionable. I wont pass judgement.

  • crunch204

    JSmith…Source is owned by Bell why are you talkinga bout roger’s phones? And buying power…I’m sure Bell has good buying power, it was apple who wouldnt release stock to retailers

  • JSmith

    When was I referring to Rogers phones? I know Source is owned by Bell..duh. Ive stated that much. If you go back and re-read my initial statements, area managers and head office execs at Source said ‘we dont have the buying power’ to get the iphone 4 at launch and afterwards. Apple wouldnt release stock? Again, explain every manager and staff i speak to on a regular basis for multiple carriers (Rogers, Telus, and Bell) who got Iphones at that time that Source did not. I would say 25 iphone 4’s weekly shipped to a small location, and other various locations in the region is a substancial number for ‘no stock’ as youve opted to point out. wow. Does anyone read statements on here, or do they all just run mouths first? At least your ammusing if nothing else.

  • Blaze

    @Jsmith, crunch said that they wouldn’t release to retailers, not to anyone, The Source being a retailer…
    And maybe your district was terrible at selling phones, because i work at a source, and we have 50-100 phones for quota a month. January was around 60 odd. We have reps selling 20 phones a month. Shoudn’t generalize about a store the size of The Source, as it is the largest cell phone retailer in Canada, basing that on the number of shops they have coast to coast.

  • Locke

    ALOT of people left the source (and Bell) to work at Public mobile. just a fun fact

  • Abe

    The hostility in this thread…damn people your all typing with rage.

    • ToniCipriani

      Hey that’s where the entertainment is.