RIM may exceed Google’s $900 million bid for Nortel patents, report claims


  • Nasir

    I hope RIM wins the bid and the patents stay with a Canadian company. They should have gotten the other patents as well but oh well.

    • TNSF

      RIM is in no position bid on the patents unless they can provide a really really really good financial case for doing so. Investors are already very upset with RIM and spending a billion on patents without a clear need would cause outrage.

  • delwej

    i dont like blackberrys so go google! sorry guys 🙂

  • Danny

    Yeah Google should get these. Blackberry is going down hill as we talk. The numbers don’t lie. Android will benefit from these patents greatly. DROID DOES!

  • jeeverz

    I really think that RIM should take this as well, Google wants to dip its fingers into every cookie jar they can reach.. and that is alot of cookie jars.

    How ever, they also run the risk of buying the patents and it just perverbially ‘rotting’ in the basement. RIM on yhd other hand is in its transitional phase and is throwing hail Mary’s hoping one would catch.

    I respect RIM alot, and admire the Canadian business side! So I hope that this works out for them

    • jmmm

      If google wanna dip into all the cookie jar it’s their right and they pay good money for it.

      Google dont want to use theses patent to attack other companies they want it to defend themself.

      And RIM dont need then

  • agasdg

    btw guys telus lowered 3yr term price to 149.99 now..

    • agasdg

      for the nexus s

    • Chris

      That’s still $50 more than fido’s 3 year price

  • espink

    whoa, talk about statement to the investment community by RIM.

    With patents worth that much, you wonder how bad the management was at Nortel to force them to go broke.

  • pll

    yeah I hope that RIM could get it, the patents would stay in a canadian company. And maybe it could get RIM to make better products in a near future so it can compete against Apple+Android.

  • Grover

    Nortel patents are cursed. Anyone who touches them gets the ‘lots of gold but dont know how to use em’ syndrome. Just ask Nortel.

  • Craig

    Nice deal for Nortel shareholders! Delist the stock then go and sell patents for 900M -someone owes me large.

  • Don

    Go RIM go!!!!

  • RM

    Mobile Syrup admin – how about getting a better RIM H/O picture that doesnt have MOSS on the RIM Sign… it looks bad.

    In the end I hope RIM gets it, lets keep it Canadian, no matter which OS is better vote Canadian

  • Kev

    If RIM can pay more than Google’s offer.. then go for it!! at least.. they both are canadian!

  • Mark

    Yeah no matter what is better keep voting for corporations which take Canadian roots for granted. “Hey these Canadians will vote for anything that has the Canadian label no matter how much we screwed up”.

    I vote for more fresh start ups by more Canadians. C’mon guys, you got potential, you don’t need to line up for interviews at another corporation gone lazy. Make competition!