Mobilicity officially launching service in Calgary on April 28th


  • Chris

    Man I really want these guys to come to montreal!

    • Malek


  • espink

    I’m surprised they picked Edmonton over Calgary at first with all the oil money that is in Calgary. Must of been cheaper to start in Edmonton.

  • Cole Mackenzie

    Well they have a long waaayyy to go to get as much coverage as TELUS. so until then hello TELUS

  • djrudiak

    Yeah, it’s not “Hello Banff” or “Hello Canmore” or “Hello Bragg Creek.” Might not even be “Hello Airdrie” or “Hello Balzac…”

    Their coverage maps look worse than Fido’s use to be… and we all know how well that worked out for Fido…

    • tttt

      As far as I have heard people have seen the mobilicity signal in canmore, balzac and near airdrie. I could be wrong but there is a thread on howardforums on this in the wind mobile forum.


    People in Calgary are rich enough to afford real cell phone plans from Rogers, Telus, Bell that offer real coverage. We are not bankrupt like Toronto.

  • tb4

    I’m a bit disappointed with this news. I was hoping that their priorities would be to improve and expand their existing zones rather than to start new ones. For example, it would be nice if they had excellent coverage in the GTA, not just mediocre coverage in Toronto with no coverage in the surrounding areas (no Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa yet).

  • Big 3

    Hey drunk Quebecois, None of the other entrants who use HSPA+:1700/2100 will be able to enter Quebec thanks to your Proudly Quebec-Videotron who bought all the frequency in the province and won’t share towers with the other entrants.

    Mobi should also expand to resort towns too like Banff and Whistler..all they need is like…2 cell sites to cover the entire place and should also share towers with Wind to densen up the reception and saving up to half the cost.

    • zorxd

      You mean thanks to the bastards too cheap to overbid Videotron.
      And it has nothing to do with tower sharing. How can you share a tower with someone not having a license in your city?

  • MovieMan

    It sucks but in all reality these new entries are not any cheaper then anyone else, maybe while your in there incredibly small “zones” i need the expanded coverage and they suck at that. your paying less because they have no network

  • P

    Mntreal S-U-C-K -S

    Just B-IT-CHES

    • Poutine

      And your problem is?

  • Rookie

    Rick Calgary .. Understand the difference between Bankrupt toronto and Smart toronto…

  • Miles

    I dont understand why people are thumbing down Cole Mackenzie, he’s just saying the truth. Telus does have more coverage and if that’s what matters to him then let him be, you guys dont have to be angry 13yrs old about it .

  • Bryan F

    What about Wind Mobile, here, i’m stuck with the Big 4 (Bell, Telus, Rogers and Videotron) Videotron, their service does suck bad and they charge more then bell for some services and less for others, but honestly i would like some wind and mobilicity where i live in Quebec City instead of being stuck with all these guys but for city use i wouldn’t mind wind mobile, but for pan canadian coverage take the big 3, that my opinion

  • ron

    I have been using Mobilicity here in Vancouver for 6 months now, and I highly recommend their service to Calgary users. The only drawback is I find their data slow, but it seems to be improving lately. I will chalk this up to growing pains, but overall at $40 a month for unlimited everything, they have the best deal in the country.

  • bud

    Can’t wait! Looking forward to ditching Virgin (Bell)

  • Ed

    wondering if mobilicity network is workin in canmore ?