Angry Birds to have in-game Bing searches on Windows Phone 7 devices


  • James Vond

    Overrated useless crap. Why don’t they work on making turn by turn nav, a REAL instant messager app and other useful things?

    • artstate

      Who says they’re not?
      How does this partnership affect other things they are working on? There was probably an opportunity and they made it happen. Wasn’t like: “hey, stop trying to add other features and make bing work with angry birds”

      And bing team is not the same as WP7 team

    • Matt

      Windows Phone is getting turn by turn navigation from the Nokia deal (Ovi Maps).

      There are instant messenger apps coming from 3rd parties, but until WP7 gets multitasking in the Fall IM clients are pretty useless right now.

  • Stimulator

    As much as I love Angry Birds, I’d rather pay a couple bucks for it than put up with the ads and Bing crap in the Android version.

  • Rogers Rep

    Yay! I just asked myself yesterday “Rogers Rep, what would make Angry Birds even more awesome?” I thought about it for a while then I replied to myself “I think the game needs way more ads and way more banners. Banners and ads always speed up the game and give the game a more professional feel and look”

    Lone and behold, my dreams of come true.

    Seriously guys? This is what you come up with?

    • artstate

      I don’t see any banners or ads in the game. It’s basically an added button it seems..

    • Rogers Rep

      *face palm* Bing in Angry Birds is an ad. It starts with one then you have 2 or 3 or 5 or 6 and then the game is unplayable. Much like Mafia Wars today.

    • artstate

      It’s not a banner ad though. It doesn’t interupt your game or intrude in the interface in any unpleasant way as to hinder the “professional look and feel” of the game. Whether they actually put the same type of ads as you’d see in Mafia Wars is up to Rovio in the future (it’s a paid app, i doubt they will). But them adding a search button and relating it to “I thnk the game needs way more ads and way more banners.” is a bit of a stretch..

    • Rogers Rep

      You sir need to understand the concept of sarcasm.

  • wordup

    happens on iphone/ipad too

  • Tim Halloway

    You guys are crazy!
    That was just a cute marketing video by Microsoft but they are NOT going to actually have bing searches within the game. Microsoft just has a sense of humor and was trying to be humorous.

    The whole point of the game is that the Birds are Angry that the Pigs are eating the eggs so Microsoft was trying to be cute and say that the pigs found out about the eggs using the bing search. In this way Microsoft is trying to say that their Bing search is so good that even cute pigs use it to find Birds’ eggs…but AGAIN there are no BIG SEARCHES within the game at all, NEVER, just a cute marketing video by Microsoft. You guys are nuts!!!

    • 0defaced

      hey Tim, it’s there…..

  • Overkill

    This is the same as the android version. Move along people.

  • shaundmartin

    Did anyone read the article or just start the trash talk as soon as MS was mentioned?