BlackBerry App World captures 2nd place in global app store rankings (7.7%)


  • GoWindGo

    I find that apps on the marketplace are way too expensive. I buy more apps/games for my ipod touch then I do for my android phone and tablet but I download a lot of free stuff on my android devices.

    I would be curious to see a chart that shows the number of apps/games downloaded for each platform.

    • bummy

      Do these figures include revenue from in-app ads?

      Because most of Google’s Marketplace apps are free, with ads embedded.

  • sean

    I can’t believe that people would pay for those god-awful ugly BlackBerry apps.

    • Jonesy1966

      Not everyone’s 15, Sean. BB apps make perfect sense for how I use a phone.

  • Stimulator

    Of course if you follow the growth rate from 2009-2010 the Android market will be at $980M for 2011.

  • cloakster

    This makes perfect sense because if you look at the type of people who buy Blackberrys, they are the business type with a lot of extra money to spend on things like Apps. And unlike us Android types, they will not research much about the app to find out if its worth the money being charged for it.

    • Jonesy1966

      Cloakster, that’s absolute garbage. I will not load an app just simply because I want it. If I don’t think it’s worth the money I can do without and I know nobody who wouldn’t do the same thing! Besides, all the apps I use are intensive and have speciifc purposes. Would you rather I wasted my time downloading Angry Birds or something? I find it odd that people would choose to use apps as a slingshot to abase someone else. But hey.

  • sookster54

    Themes on the BB App World are among the most expensive items to buy, usually more than games and useful apps. There ARE tons of useful apps on BBAW though.

  • zorxd

    Misleading title. BB is second in app store sales, not ranking. More sales doesn’t mean it’s better.

  • Jid

    Troll : That just means that apple and BB have a less complete OS since people are force to download apps to make it work all right

    • Jake

      Fail. Such a childish comment. I use both a blackberry device and an android device. Never have I ever downloaded an app to make my blackberry work “all right”. Can you please provide an example of an app that you NEED to download to make both phones work all right as you say?

  • Kapoue

    That study doesn’t take into account ad-based revenue which is where the overwhelming majority of the money comes for Android devs.

  • respighifan

    Basically, after all the shouting and barking and over analysis, we can state the following:

    RIM’s revenue stream has dramatically improved from apps, which means that, contrary to the “RIM is Dead” folks, RIM appears to be doing quite well.

    Apple has lost market share, even though they still grew at a nice rate – at some point they will plateau, but they are certainly in the sweet spot at the top.

    Android’s app revenue is a bit of a murky muddle – I would not include those numbers in here unless it was more clear concerning embedded ads

    Nokia was not doing that badly with their growth rate – which should tell us just how forward thinking they must be at dumping their OS for MSFT’s WIN7.

  • Sub-Joker

    That’s great to hear. I like my android apps to remain for free please…. let’s keep things the way they are shall we.

  • Stuntman

    Look at the rightmost column. The year to year growth is huge for Ovi and Android. BlackBerry may be 2nd right now, but the trend would indicate that BB will drop by next year unless they do something remarkable.

  • Nick

    A year in the life of Android is a long time… I’m still not over those extrapolations from 6 months ago where people blindly projected current trends and predicted that by 2014, 1200% of people would own an Android phone.

    I’m exaggerating only slightly… Google’s 861% increase is pretty awesome, but the fact is that so much can change that nobody can actually predict what will happen more than a few months down the road.

    Off-topic: I actually think that as top of the line hardware becomes unnecessary to accomplish every role a smartphone can accomplish (i.e. Tegra 2 is nice for avoiding that 0.1 second loading time for some apps and is great for non-phone stuff like the Atrix docks, but otherwise isn’t really necessary for the phone itself), RIM’s disadvantage in terms of having the newest specs will become less of a handicap. Those of you who saw the 1.2GHz processors and 768MB RAM on the leaked Blackberries know what I mean. Is anybody outside of gadget lovers really going to not get a BB solely because of the specs in 6 months?

  • laweege

    nick while i totally agree with your 0.1 speed difference right now. it will change. there’s nothing wrong with buying hardware ahead of software. if enough phones are sold they will make different software to run on it and take advantage of the speed and power of the phone.
    64 bit windows comes to mind. if you wanted to run 4gigs of ram or more you had to have it. it just made your computer a little faster. there was no software specifically built for that much ram at the time as i recall.
    just my 2 cents

  • jellmoo

    I’m really confused by the need to qualify this stat. I realize that this site has a fairly strong Android slant, but really, does it matter one iota to anyone that BB is doing well in the app world?

    If you are happy with your phone, and happy with the selection of apps you have, it really shouldn’t matter how the other ecosystems are doing, and you shouldn’t feel compelled to rationalize anything.

    Right now BB is #2. It more than likely that it won’t be this time next year. It’s better for everyone if there is more competition in the smartphone world.