Google seeing 350,000 Android activations per day


  • Luqman

    That’s pretty crazy. Wait till you see those “why is my battery life so short” comments because of the heavy gaming and browsing lol.

  • rudiox

    GO, Android, GO!!!

  • Nick

    Any day now all our Droid phones will go into “control humans” mode and we’ll all become property of Google. Until then, sweet!

    • A

      I still get creeped out about google knowing every click I make. That’s worse than carriers knowing, at least they are regulated by privacy laws.

  • Bruce

    Android is doing well. (more apps, improving the OS, more smartphone choices)

    Just need to work on pushing out update in a more timely basis. 🙂

  • Sub-Joker

    I’m proudly been with android ever since the G1 (or HTC Dream with Rogers). while the Dream is now something I laugh at, it was amazing back then 2 years ago. Now i’m looking at my nexus and Galaxy S and I say “wow, these devices are more and more becoming like computers.” Amazing revolution in the mobile industry.
    But I give a lot of credits to Apple and the iPhone for starting the cell phone revolution with their original iPhone. I don’t see any of this would have happened without it. iPhones are good products until the 3GS in my opinion. iOS 4 didn’t properly do what it’s promised to do and the iPhone vista (aka iPhone 4) seems constantly playing catch up with the competition when looking at hardware and software capabilities.

  • iadvize

    That’s no joke. Still, I don’t see them catching up with the Apple popularity any time soon. They’re good, but Apple has a whole marketing/PR/blogger world that they put to very good use.

    • RogersGuy

      @iadvize – I’d disagree with you on that. Android may not have the marketing success Apple has, but as a sales person, Google is getting a HUGE push on the store level. Our job these days is to make sure everyone gets to at least see a working Android device (currently the Galaxy S) side by side with an iPhone4. This has resulted in about a 30% sales conversion overall (wanting an iPhone4 and walking out with Android).

  • A

    @RogersGuy… Yep and I am sure Google is encouraging Rogers to do just that, I fully bet that money is influencing the direction Rogers is going after losing exclusivity in Canada to Bellus with the iPhone the same as your being told to do everything in your power to push people away from Blackberry because of their carrier licensing model.