“Xperia Play” pops up on Sony Ericsson Canada site… launching with Rogers


  • zorxd

    Rogers had the original Xperia X10 so this is possible.

    • jellmoo

      Oh dear lord, please let them disassociate this with the x10 in every way imaginable.

  • ROB

    Well Ericsson built Rogers network so this is quite obvious. Also AT&T is the same company as Rogers. Do the math. 😀

    • bummy

      Rogers and AT&T were partners, and Rogers bought them out years ago right? (says wiki, so who the heck knows for sure!)

      This can’t be a bad thing though…. At least we don’t have to wait months and months and months before new phones arrives in Canada…

    • tyrone

      Rogers didnt buy out AT&T they just bought all of their shares they own at the time when Rogers was called Rogers AT&T

  • Max

    Not too crazy about SE phones, X10 just recently get multi-touch on X10…. And I am done with Rogers after our long and abusive relationship (I mean mobile service) and do not care what phones they are getting!

    • MCG

      Then why are you commenting ??? o.O

  • Zeake

    Mini-Pro 2 that’s what I’m waiting for!

  • Terry

    If it’s on Rogers then pass. Most of these games will probably have online gaming, and with Rogers, or Bells or Telus’s pathetic overpriced data plans this’ll just be a regular smartphone with a useless feature of gaming.

    Maybe they’ll sell them unlocked somewhere.

  • Hallandale

    Whoever’s in charge of device selection for Rogers ought to be fired.

    Bell gets Atrix, Desire Z, Optimus Chic. Telus gets Original Desire, Desire HD, Rogers gets… Xperia Play!

    Massive fail.

    • jellmoo

      You… You’re calling this move a fail based on other carriers having phones like the Desire Z and the Optimus Chic? Seriously?

      Wow, just wow.

    • zorxd

      Well I agree about the Optimus Chic but the Desire Z is a good phone. Basically the same as this Xperia Play but with a keybord instead of the game pad. And released 6 months before or so.

    • jellmoo

      Unless I am mistaken, the Desire Z sports an 800MHz processor, a smaller screen and lower resolution than the Play.

      I’m not saying it’s a bad phone (it isn’t anything to drool over either though), rather it’s an odd choice to point out as an example of other carriers having considerably better handsets.

    • Hallandale

      I wasn’t comparing them by any means, I was just saying that the selection is better on other carriers. I’ve been sitting here since the Htc Dream waiting for Rogers to give me another Android with a physical keyboard.

      Bell has high end (Vibrant), Low end (Optimus) and Physical Keyboard (Desire Z).

      And the processor in the Desire Z, though clocked to 800MHz, is better than a 1GHz snapdragon, as far as I’ve heard. Higher numbers aren’t everything.

    • Sub-Joker

      Rogers have excellent selection of phones, non andriod phones. here is some news, not everybody likes androids. I know friends who don’t like android and switched to something like the N8. Rogers offers good android (Captivate, Dell Streak) and non-android selections (Palm Pre 2, nokia N8). At least, the other non android phones are exclusive to Rogers.

      So don’t whine about Rogers not having good smartphone selection coz they actually do. you just need to look properly. desire Z is something I never considered buying. I like my Galaxy S, and my Nexus One. The Atrix is being gloomed by rumors of overheating so until it’s out and tested by customers I won’t consider it as a breakthrough. especially it’s a motorola, a company that makes phones that last 6 months only.

    • jellmoo


      Ah, you should have specified about the keyboard. I’ll agree to this to a degree. I would have preferred a good keyboard handset to the Play, but I don’t think that this makes the Play a poor choice, just something targeted towards a different audience. I think that Rogers has a pretty nice selection otherwise. With the coming of the Venue Pro, I’d say that it is going to be the go to keyboard handset on Rogers, though I think my heart might still belong to the Pre 2.

      Regarding the processor: You’re right that numbers aren’t everything, but they are a good benchmark. An 800MHz Scorpion won’t outperform a 1GHz Snapdragon. What the Desire Z has that helps is the 205 GPU that some of the 1GHz Snapdragon handsets don’t have. That will skew some numbers towards the Desire Z, but it will ultimately still clock slower.

    • wtv

      Wow, someone with logic here? Someone not bashing Rogers?


      Never thought I would see this happen.

  • Amelie Van Strydonck

    2011 Sony Ericsson Xperia™ Contest OFFICIAL RULES state The Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of the Prize is $400.00 US/$397.36 CDN, do we have our retail price here?

    • bummy

      Wow, I would be reaaaaaally impressed if Sony Ericsson decides to have a competitive price on their Xperia Play like their PSP NGP.

      Although I think the $400 is more the retail price WITH contract.

      If this baby is $400 without contract? I think I’m due for an upgrade!

  • Scazza

    Optimus Chic is a decent phone for its full price. Has 2.2, runs decently, and is a nice compact form. Have to say I was impressed by it when I saw it the first time.

    As for the Xperia Play being on Rogers, this ones a no brainer. Rogers seems to be the only carrier in canada to have any agreement with SE. Bell has never carried their products as far as I remember.

    Only other way this could go is with one of the new carriers getting it, but that’s doubtful at launch (SE will want a LARGE launch, and restricting themselves to a smaller carrier usually isn’t in the books right away)

  • Bob

    i will never have a SE phone again,, after owning the x10, SE should be offering me a free play


    Give Sony a chance! Yes there were mistakes with the X10 but I think they have learned their lesson. They actually shipped 8 million Xperia’s so it can’t all be that bad. All of their new phones are shipping with Gingerbread so what’s the problem here?

  • Bob

    give them a chance,,, ive got a peice of crap phone,, how about they give me a chance and offer me a new phone,,, which they wont,, they have learnt there lesson,, so have I and probally about 8milliiion others also

  • john

    its a good phone for ppl who are not addicted to FB or twitter, & like to play games with their spare time on the go, and play good games with controls and not g*y touch screen games that are not real games.
    if i can kill time at work with a phone that can play ps3 like games i will buy it and dont care who sells it.
    thats who its geared for
    i like games not ppl
    gaming > fb

  • Umar

    Oh god, rogers?
    Hopefully it’s compatible with Wind.

  • john

    maybe in 6 months

  • sdlaurin

    I picked up a play yesturday, unlocked it and put in my bell sim card. worked like a charm and didnt even have to call bell to register the phone.

  • Tom

    Unless you want to deal with Rogers, steer clear from Sony Ericsson phones. For some reason nobody supports these phones unlocked or otherwise !

    I’m stuck with an originally unlocked experia play which will only work with the crappy and overpriced Rogers services…