CWTA: Mobile broadband subscriptions totalled 5,668,142 as of June 2010 (24.2% of total wireless)

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) released some stats on Mobile Broadband today. Research commissioned by them reveals that “mobile broadband subscriptions in Canada totalled 5,668,142 as of June 2010, which represents 24.2% of total wireless subscriptions. Of the total mobile broadband subscribers, 86% were subscribers with a smartphone voice/data plan, and 14% were subscribers of data plans exclusively with a mobile Internet stick.”

We reached out to the CWTA for more details, specifically a breakdown by carrier, but they said they cannot release the info for competitive reasons as the stats were compiled with NDAs. However, the numbers shows that 4,874,602 are with a smartphone and 793,540 are from an internet stick. In addition, if this number represents 24.2% of subscribers then the total number of wireless subscribers in Canada as of June 2010 was 23,422,074.

Source: CWTA