TELUS announces the HTC Desire HD is “coming soon”

Finally some confirmation about the upcoming HTC Desire HD in Canada! TELUS has thrown up a dedicated page on their site that states that Desire HD is now “coming soon”. No dates are given or price points. They have a bang-on description about the newest Android: “With a huge HD touchscreen, amazing speeds for gaming, apps, browsing and multiple device mobile Wi-Fi hotspot capability, the Android 2.2 powered HTC Desire HD will impress you.”

We recently posted a screenshot of a retail inventory system that showed $499.99 no-contract and a “street date” of February 10th. Best Buy came forward to us and said both we’re incorrect on the date and price and the information was “not factually accurate”. So… the good news is that the Desire HD is officially landing in Canada and “coming soon”… maybe in February or March.

More here at TELUS
(Thanks Byran!)