Update: TELUS HTC Desire HD pricing and possible release date revealed!


  • Jim

    February 10, is also the release date for Bells HTC HD7. Looks like HTC will be knocking out 4.3″ screens in a hurry! This is good news and the price is right.

    • zorxd

      I think it’s a bit too late for this device however. It will soon face the competition of the Atrix and Nexus S. Also I don’t think it was worth the wait over the Galaxy S. But more choice is always good.

    • Sike-1

      Nexus S doesnt hold a thing on the Desire HD. Nexus S is overpriced for what it really offers. Atrix is amazing though, but even still, its gonna be the second best phone in Canada.

  • baconeater

    Very Cool. Just need some decent plans to go along. Great price though!

  • TheSupremeOne

    I wouldn’t buy now, as this device will become old as soon as the Atrix comes out.

    • Andy C

      unless you plan on gaming the specs on both the Desire HD and Atrix are overkill for everyday use.

      having said that the Atrix appeals to me because of the laptop dock, would make a great travel device.

    • zorxd

      The Atrix also have a higher resolution which is useful for every day use.

  • JAWG

    I won’t buy this since it don’t have quad core and triple oled screens

  • candolstick

    if had come out last year i would have been all over that…

  • Geoff

    Honestly, it’s the battery life that worries me the most about this phone…

  • cody

    Yes!! Now it would be amazing if they decided to let a 5GB special go with it! That would be enough to lock me up for 3 years!

  • roccos_van

    I’m in.

  • Red

    I agree with a few other posters, the Nexus s does beat the pants of this thing, Although, it won’t matter for the average user. I’m trying to decide between the two right now. Nexus S = alwasy having latest version of Android, NFC
    Desire HD = HTC build materials, Sense UI

    • Bodda

      Generally speaking, stock Android is superior to HTC’s Sense UI. I would definitely choose the Nexus S as your next phone.

  • Karl

    Will this be the best Telus Android phone for sometime? My contract with them is nearly up and looking to upgrade to an android phone in the near future. Or will the Nexus S be coming to the Telus network as well? Sounds like it might be worth holding out for.

    • Justin

      It is rumored that the Nexus S will be released by the big 3 in March.

  • JAWG

    @Fake JAWG:

    Well,at least you’re not doing Ragu Doo Doo and Poo Poo jokes and it’s an improvement…wear yourself out.

  • Craz

    Very small upgrade from the Desire… Plus new phone will be announced at the MWC.

  • William

    I have no idea this would be perceived as a small upgrade to HTC Desire.

    I am a HTC Desire owner and I will state IMHO what’s the three key upgrades.
    – GPU Adreno 200 to Adreno 205. The former indeed leaves much to be desired.
    – True multitouch screen as suppose to limited two point touch.
    – Wireless N instead of Wireless G. Running mixed mode slowdown wireless network.

    • zorxd

      802.11n on cellphones is bullshit. You get a connection speed of about 65 Mbps, barely more than the 54 Mbps of 802.11g
      I don’t think any of them can do 130 Mbps.

      However you forgot the large 4.3″ screen

    • Bob


      “802.11n on cellphones is b*******. You get a connection speed of about 65 Mbps, barely more than the 54 Mbps of 802.11g”

      That is incorrect. On wireless g, you WON’T get the theoretical maximum of 54 Mbps (6.7 MB/s) due to the networking overhead involved. It’s more like 24-30Mbps.

      So, with wireless n you will get about 3-4 times the speed (still relatively slow albeit) of wireless g. If you plan to stream video from your home network, that extra throughput can help.

    • zorxd

      Wrong. 65 Mbps is the theoretical maximum. Just like it is 54 with 802.11g. Smartphones do not get much more speed with 802.11n as shown in real world tests. Better than nothing, but nowhere near 3-4x.

  • Sub-Joker

    I honestly think HTC released this to compete with the galaxy S. Having a Galaxy Fascinate, and waiting for a nexus S or a dual core phone, I think it’s stupid to change phone to this.

  • William

    My concern is not the access speed of the HTC Desire HD itself. If you have a wireless N router at home. Chances are you will have a few devices connected to it wirelessly. If you run your router in wireless N and G mixed mode, it will slow down the overall performance of the router. You end up getting a performance somewhere between N and G for your N devices. Hence, it is ideal to have all devices connected to it being wireless N. I went as far as installing two wireless AP at home one running exclusive G and one running exclusive N. But then… it`s just me.

    4.3 screen is a + for me, but it maybe a more subjective. GPU, multitouch, connectivity are non-disputable improvements.

    Perhaps it is stupid to change to this phone. But any new device announced will take a couple months more to travel to Canada. So, things that hasn`t even been announced seems a bit far fetched for me.

    • M1LK

      @ William:

      Really? I didn’t know that if you run your router in dual band G/N/B mode whatever it’ll slow down the speed of the internet?

      That would explain a lot.

      Do you know of any reference sites that I could read up on this matter?

  • thunder

    1230mah battery???? i don’t get why they are using such a weak battery that won’t last more than 6hrs on a normal day with everything running. shut everything off and it will last 12 for sure.

  • Bruce

    The sale of this phone would be a lot better if only they came out in December (before xmas + before the news of Nexus S and Atrix.)

    Was planning to get this phone but end up with Galaxy S Fascinate because I can’t stand with Rogers. 😛

    If the pricing is aggressive, this is still a very good phone to get.

  • vr

    i gonna get it for sure !!

  • Thai

    I doubt we’ll be seeing the Atrix anytime this year in Canada.