“BlackBerry Innovation Forum” coming to Toronto February 22nd

If you have a BlackBerry and want to make the most of it you could attend the upcoming “BlackBerry Innovation Forum”. This one-day event will set your company back $149 (USD) per person and it’s coming to various cities across North America: New York City, Chicago, Washington, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, San Fransisco and the only Canadian date is in Toronto on February 22nd.

The official description of the BlackBerry Innovation Forum states that they “are designed to provide BlackBerry users, both new and old, with a one day technical seminar to educate users on the platform capabilities. The BlackBerry Innovation Forum is geared toward Technology Managers, BlackBerry Enterprise Administrators, and Mobility Architects. This event is open to all BlackBerry users with a BES and at least 500 BlackBerry smartphones“. Sounds like BlackBerry 101 for Business.

Check it out here at BlackBerry