Images: BlackBerry Curve “Sedona” leaks online


  • teee

    it’s got flash, that’s great! at last a curve that wouldn’t feel cheap just cos you got it cheap..:D

  • teee

    if only fido will change their 8520

  • Nasir

    I like it, it looks nice and sleek and if the reports are accurate of 10.5 mm that is pretty thin. But I wish the chrome would go.

  • Brian


    Berries make me fall asleep so boring

    • barry

      My nephew gets bored sometimes and falls asleep. He’s 4 years old.

  • Sub-Joker

    I’m just wondering how practical the phone keyboard would be with a smaller size (thinner size). I find typing on the current 9300 (and even 8520) kind of hard because they are very small. The thinner size or smaller size in general doesn’t really help when it comes to physical typing coz you need to push the buttons (not only tap them) so you need a good grip and some space to grab the phone comfortably.

  • Dan

    GSM/CDMA? booo

  • chall2k5

    what rim? no touch screen?

    • Jeremy R

      They have one, its call the Torch.

  • Jeremy R

    This is AWESOME! Leaked images of a new Blackberry that looks just like EVERY OTHER BLACKBERRY! Who wouldn’t get just a little chub over this?

  • Amar

    At least the specs are more reasonable, looks like a Bold but with a cheaper price tag, not too bad.

  • Regulator

    Newsflash people most blackberry users are quite happy with the form factor of these devices. That’s one of the major selling points for blackberry users.

  • Nick

    Sweet… I’m looking to buy an unlocked phone in a year or less (I like Koodo but their phones are about 2 generations behind). This will probably come in at under $400 and may be the one. Give it a good processor and good screen res and I don’t see why not.