Video: “Dragontrail” to take on Gorilla Glass


  • David

    It’s “Dragontrail”, with an R 😛

  • William

    Definitely, trail, but in our capitalistic society, competition is always welcome.

  • Jeremy R

    Is this equal to or better than Gorilla Glass? I would love a comparisson, statistical or otherwise. Also, why wait an entire year to produce this stuff? They should capitalize on it now, don’t they know that the world will end in 2012? Sheesh.

  • End

    Cool. Looks promising, would like to see a direct comparison.

    side note: I like how your own profanity censoring system was used against you in s h a ttering. lol. loosen it up a lil

  • Jake

    Why is shattering censored?

    • Colin

      Because “Shat” from Shattering is the past tense of “Shitting”

  • Jake

    I didn’t know “hat” was a bad word.

  • AL

    they should’ve called it Dragonscale.

  • Keith

    Good grief you cannot say s h a t. I thought this was supposed to be a Canadian site.

    • Kriilin Namek

      Tell me about it, I once had “i_d_i_o_t” censored, and I wasn’t slagging a specific individual.

  • Matt

    I like the part where he drops the glass from waist height onto carpet. Dangerous…