Mobilicity CEO confirms they’ll launch the Nexus S in March… along with Rogers, Bell and TELUS


  • JAWG

    This is great news. I can’t wait to get the Nexus S on Mobi. It looks glorious!!!!

  • Chuck

    How much!!!!!!!!

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    So everyone has it but Wind? I thought they were the next big thing? JAWG I think you will totally enjoy that handset! Pity the windies are left out in the cold again..

    • Dr J

      “The Nexus S is going to everybody, so we’ll have it. It will be AWS band. And Bell, TELUS and Rogers will have it. I mean everybody will have the phone. So nothing special about it… it will be all over the place…”

      Where do you see he says WIND is not getting it?

  • JAWG

    This is the only time I will agree with the Fake JAWG…I may go for this depending on the price and what other new phones come up.

  • Mike Lee

    But will the device be offered as unlocked?

    • Soulsaber

      Since when do devices come unlocked from a carrier?

    • Duncan

      This phone comes unlocked from T-Mobile.

  • Pout

    Why nexus S dual core phone will come out soon..

    • Thomas

      With that logic, no one would ever buy a new phone because there is always something new coming down the pipe.

  • Dabba

    Wind will also have it, and its gonna cost less than Mobi like the BB 9780.

    • MobiComrade

      lol. yeah but the plans you need to sign on for 3 months, that’s why we at Mobilicity charge more

      WIND just Blows, they haven’t even expanded yet, Mobilicity is expanding way faster and moreee towers, look for wind to be bought out.

  • Dabba

    Jawg I would say not to go for this one, cause it has no SD card capability. Why not wait till a dual core phone Android phone comes out.

    Are you an iPhone fan?

  • JAWG

    Isn’t Dave Dobbin super cute you guys ?

  • Max

    so getting one for sure! Wind should be more proactive bring REAL high-end phones to the market!

  • JAWG


    Wow…you asked me a civilized question…I swear I almost choked on my coffee.Ha!Ha!

    A lot of people believe the Androids are a copy of the iPhone,however although the function is similar the open source/ability to configure/apps/etc makes the Google totally different along with other similar phones and I just don’t like the concept behind the Apples where they basically just make their money now from selling expensive units…I like the Nexus for the simple fact it will be up-dated more precisely but like you said other things may be coming up soon as it sounds like it.

    About 10 guys at work are being offered free W7 phones most likely as beta testers,I actually like these units also and depending on which ones they’ll get with what Provider it should be interesting…in short I don’t go out of my way to use/buy iPhones and in many ways I have no interest in them as everyone I know who has them it’s more of a fashion statement or no desire to make the phone work at peak performance.

  • crunch204

    niiiiiceeee……price will prob be $599.99 (on the big three) but heres hoping for $499.99 lol

  • Lance W

    This is what they should’ve done with the Nexus One.

  • Dabba

    Wow I totally agree with you Jawg. This is a total shock!! lol

    Apple really offers little customization options, and my Android is totally customized to my liking.

    I played around with the W7 devices. I enjoyed them also, I might jump ship provided their app store matures.

  • JAWG

    Yeah I know,the W7 apps are not as extensive and I know MS is trying to make up for lost time…however all the ones I tried so far work great with regular up-dates and you can still customize them.Somewhat similar like for example things on your W7 Desktop like adding Fences/LogOn Studio/etc…maybe not at this point yet in the future the possibilities seem good and if the prices are somewhat lower with a good phone manufacturer this may be a fantastic option.

  • Regulator

    How many of you that do not like the iPhone 3 or 4 have actually owned the device or used it for an extended period of time?

    Isn’t it telling that JAWG and his other handles come into a thread that has nothing to do with WIND yet they promote it.

    Good press conference from Mobilicity.

  • Sam

    Problem with android is, the moment you mod it to run your phone at peak performance, the battery craps out. Used a desire for a couple months then a captivate and now a nexus s before returning it, i can say there is no battery improvement. What good is a dead phone with a flashy ROM? I simply went back to iPhone 4 because that dumb boring ibrick atleast chugged along from 100% to 15-20% from early morning to midnight every single day after doing 3-4 hours of browsing, 2-3 games, tons of music listening and 3G ALWAYS ON. Overnight standby it lost maximum of 2-3% only. Can’t do it with any android phone yet. After running a bazillion number of roms and tweaking the minimum i got was 10% overnight battery loss on nexus s.

    C’mon fix that battery hunger already. Hey google, are you listening?

    • rvictorg

      Clearly you did something wrong or had some app installed that was constantly running and killing your battery. My current Android, Xperia X10 rarely (if ever) drains more than 3% overnight and I can go almost two days of heavy use, being more conservative with usage and 3G data easily 3 days.

      The Xperia seems to be really good on battery, but other Android phones I’ve used in the past never had issues making it a whole day or the overnight drainage you mention.

      Btw isn’t this article about Mobilicity?

  • Regulator

    Thats a good point Sam.

    Not every one is a mobile enthusiast or someone willing to load custom roms on their phones.

  • JAWG

    You’re right some Android have battery issues,yet most Androids once peaked are technically superior if you understand the problem and no unit was meant to run 24 hrs per day since normal users don’t…plus I’ve never had an antenna issue/broken glass/etc or other iPhone flaws using an mine where they ran great.I guess to each their own and if you don’t want to tweak/hack things iphones are fine…however the new W7 phones do show promise and in such a short time the advancements are incredible to the point it’s amazing what a come-back they made.


    Can you cut the crap,I have no other handles and if you’re that demented where you can’t believe I think it’s time you go for a vacation to loosen up.

  • Dabba

    I used an iPhone 3gs when I was with Robbers. Not many complaints, but I still prefer Android. At the same time I really want W7 to succeed. If I do ever switch from Android, it will be for W7.

  • WINDWatcher

    WIND just launched a $45 plan as well… before Mobi in fact. Looks like they are ahead of them this time.

    • Tcom


  • Mark

    Hmmm… no external SD card option, but it does get the fastest android updates. Decisions, decisions!

    By the way, who’s to say that the cdn carriers won’t prevent us from getting android updates directly from Google and instead saddle us with carrier approved versions that take forever to release?

  • Sam

    Well to each their own. If a phone has live wallpapers I expect to use the feature. I don’t like being told “make sure to turn it off” to have acceptable battery life. I only sound sort of complaining because i LOVED nexus, but the battery keeps annoying me. At the person who said I was doing something wrong, I had devs at xda help me out with “solutions” and none of them really worked to my expectations. To be honest Google needs to have tougher restrictions on their software. You can have open source without having loose end programming. Look at how much windows 7 has improved and still lets you do whatever you want to do.

  • DJM

    Does that mean we’re gonna have bloatware all over this from providers?

  • Amar

    And this is why I like Moblicity, they push out flagship phones like no tommorow. Just as if they’re in the big leagues with the big three.

  • Cory Cone

    Hardware wise this phone is pretty much a Galaxy S. I will be waiting for Dual Core phones, whether it be the Nvidia Tegra, or the upcoming Qualcomm phones. The only thing that this has on any other Android device is that it runs stock Android and will get updates first…

    Pick a device that is going to be embraced by the developer community and you will get updates just about as fast. 🙂

  • Upstart

    So if the big three are getting it then a non AWS model is coming? Otherwise it’s WIND and Mobilicity for 3G data. I’ll be tempted to switch from my Nexus One.

  • JAWG

    I still want to try a good W7 phone!

  • iPhone Droid

    Does anyone think that the nexus s will come to fido? I hope so.

    • JAWG StiffReddi

      FIDO?? LOL. Not a chance. They still sell the ancient Curve 8520, Pearl 8100, and a host of other low end phones. High end goes to Rogers 99.9% of the time. But who cares? You’ll be able to buy it and use on Fido and it’ll very likely be unlocked.

  • iPhone droid

    I hope it will come to fido as well. Does anyone no if it will?

  • KN

    nice phone, i’d get it but the video recording is below par…ill probably still get it

  • rob

    Its no improvement on the Samsung Galaxy, in fact its almost identical, so whats the point of them releasing it at all?

  • Dan

    I’ve been using the Nexus S on WIND since it was launched. It’s a fantastic phone. I’m a pretty heavy data user (streaming music w/ Spotify), and having “only” 16GB internal memory is a non-issue.

    That said… if WIND doesn’t officially carry the Nexus S alongside all the other carriers, I may jump ship to Mobilicity, as it will be a clear indication that they have no skills at acquiring contracts with vendors.

    WIND should be carrying every single phone that T-Mobile USA carries.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Dan you are right Wind should carry each handset that t-mobile has.. but you must understand Wind has no buying power. the AWS market is so small so they can not make a minimum order most of the time.

  • Kotlet

    I’ve been using one since Christmas on Wind. I love it and my buddies at work love it. Free internet on the go for my laptop with tethering, free internet for my office mates with wifi hotspot (work blocks a lot of good sites), gorgeous display, push email, navigation, voice recognition that actually works and google takes care of the updates.
    I paid $530. I wonder how much will it cost in Canada.

  • Tammy Flores

    I want one but I am no longer on wind. They took my acount away.. seems my pom poms are floppy.. 🙁

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Just got the official word from wind.. they will NOT bew carrying this handset. But you are free to buy it elsewhere and use it on the network.

  • ace309

    now we just need google voice in canada.

  • ace309

    lol… he said “we need to find our swing” and they found it after 3 quarters… when they finally started copying wind. then they really rolled out a crazy good advertizing campaign right when wind’s head advertizer in charge(vancouver) quit (or left for whatever reason).

  • Tangodelamuerte

    $10 that Videotron will get one on these