Virgin HTC Legend upgrade to OS 2.2 is “in the midst of rigorous testing”


  • Lance W

    Don’t put your crappy apps on it and you can push it out a lot earlier. F’ing carriers.

  • crunch204

    ive got a hard on

  • Erik

    Better then Motorola at least HTC says January, Motorola just says Q1 sometime…..

    • legendary

      HTC said last year, and they got it out last year. It is Virgin and Bell that are taking their time releasing their crippleware.

  • Tim

    crunch204 at least im not the only one, and with this update be applicable to bell phones, they believe they both have the same software number of 2.02.666.3

  • Sean

    Just got an email from Virgin an hour ago (Jan 20). Froyo update delayed … again!

    Why is this so difficult! Stupid CAN cell companies.

  • Ry

    Does anyone know if this update will be pushed to Bell mobility HTC legend owners as well?

  • tim

    I’m not certain but I believe it will, bell owns virgin, they both use the same towers, abd the software number on the legend for both carriers is identical

  • tim

    we have been hearing this since last summer. now there are 2.3 phones and I’m still running 2.1 on my Legend. we are never going to get 2.2

    • Don

      Well they never said they would upgrade to 2.3 and besides I don’t think the Legend is powerful enough to handle 2.3. All I want is what I was promised.

  • PeterA

    I too am hoping that Bell will give this update to us despite no longer carrying the phone. Probably too much to hope for.

  • legendsucks

    I’m sure Virgin and all the other carriers Never wanted to upgrade there phones. But now are forced too after constant Questioning.

    But as in true Overpriced Fashion, They take their sweet a*s time.

    Too bad for us in canada that we pay almost the highest cellphones pricing in the world yet can’t get a simple update.

  • Ry

    well if my bell legend won’t get the update i’m affraid its back to the iphone for me,considering the underwhelming nexus s is the only phone that doesn’t suffer from carrier/manufacturer bloatware and software fragmentation. I love androids freedom, google integration and free turn by turn nav, but at least apple pushes out their software too everyone more or less at once.

    • legendary


      Have you seen its specs? They blow the iPhone out of the water, and it is less expensive than the iPhone.

      let me highlight it for you.

      Part name (which is better, S/4/tie)
      Nexus S
      iPhone 4

      Screen (S. The 4 has a higher res screen, but the S has sharper colours, better contrast, better viewing angle, no giant problem with dead pixels, and uses less battery)
      4″ Super AMOLED Lipophobic (anti-fingerprint) contour display 800×480
      3.5″ LCD 960×640

      Cameras (S, larger lens aperture = better pics. able to video chat over the network instead of only wi-fi)
      5 MP with LED flash/.3 MP
      5 MP with LED flash/.3 MP

      CPU (S, samsung took the A8 that they designed for apple and updated it a bit for the S)
      ARM Cortex-A8 1GHz (modified version)
      ARM Cortex-A8 1GHz (designed by Samsung)

      GPU (S)
      PowerVR SGX 540, 90 million triangles per second
      PowerVR SGX 535, 28 million triangles per second

      1500 mAh Li-ion, 6 hours, 428 hours standby (can be swapped out for a different battery. can be replaced with a 3000 mAH battery [although this increases the size of the phone a bit])
      7 hours talk, 6 hours 3G, 300 hours standby

      Memory (S)
      512 MB LPDDR2 RAM
      512 MB eDRAM (LPDDR1)

      Connectivity (S)
      wifi (g/b/n), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Micro USB 2.0, NFC
      wifi (g/b/n), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, proprietary cord

      Input (S)
      4 buttons (home, menu, back, search)

      Weight (S)
      129 g
      137 g

      Internal Storage (tie)
      16 GB
      16 GB

      Form factor (S)
      Ergonomically designed (points at finger rest on back, etc. which makes it easy to hold)
      Fashion over function (points at flatness which makes it hard(er) to hold)

      Multitasking (S)
      true multitasking
      partial multitasking

      Price (S)
      $499.99 unlocked without a contract
      $769.95 locked without a contract

  • brian

    hey, if I bought my legend from Virgin, and unlocked it (didn’t debrand it) to use it on Rogers. Will I still be able to get this update? I’ve been hearing conflicting information on the matter.

    If I can, will I be able to simply press the look for software update button or do I have to somehow get a virgin sim card in my phone to get the update then switch back to the Rogers sim card?

  • Ry

    Hry Brian, I believe the software gets pushed by the bell server- so even though you are using it on the rogers network if you press the look for new software button it should find it and download it. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

  • StillWaiting

    Considering the the number of other carriers overseas who have released their 2.2 for Legends, this is really poor. It makes HTC and Android look really bad.

    • legendary

      actually, it is virgin’s fault, not HTC, HTC is just waiting for virgin to add their bloatware.

  • JK

    This is stupid! Dragging their bloody feet at every turn. Delayed, again! Absolute worst service anywhere are CAN cell phone companies. This isn’t rocket science, get the bloody update out.

  • StillWaiting

    I agree its Virgin / Bells fault, but it makes HTC / Android look bad because they get the blame for carriers not upgrading phones quickly. I like my Android, but this sort of nonsense might push me back into the iPhone camp.

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, I have a Virgin HTC Legend and it is pleasantly bloatware-free. I am glad that they haven’t gone down that road.

    • MikeS

      Regarding the Virgin HTC Legend that “… is pleasantly bloat-ware-free”:

      They were probably in a hurry to get the product into stores soon after it was released, so they didn’t have any time to screw it up.

      They should learn from their past successes.

    • Don

      I have the HTC Legend from Virgin and it does contain bloatware that I wish I could uninstall. And it doesn’t even work.

      – Tunes & Apps
      – TV & Radio

  • MikeS

    It doesn’t make sense that Bell/Virgin is taking so long:
    Bell has discontinued carrying the HTC Legend, so its highly unlikely that Android 2.3 (available for the Legend?) will EVER get pushed out by Bell, so what is the point of Bell wasting their time and aggravating customers to try and get their bloatware working?!?? Its not like that effort will help them sell more Legends! Actually, it works to the opposite … by taking eons to get the update pushed, they’re just hurting they chances that people would by ANY Android phone from them!. Push the vanilla update from HTC already!!! Sheesh!

  • keeksnjay

    I sold my xperia x10 and got a bell legend about 5days ago because SE didnt and wasnt going to make good on any promises regarding updates that and rogers doesnt know what the hell their doing and lost a customer of 13 yrs that aside….this isnt android or htcs fault at all…stupid bell…. well u can always root/debrand/unlock to get the things u want depending on how u want to get em….. love my htc legend…lets not get upset if the update hasnt hit yet at least android keeps promises…its up to our idiotic and expensive canadian carriers to give us what we want…in same respect theyd rather you spend the money and upg to a new phone with the new OS/firmware then upg an *older* model……

  • FittyLOLOL

    What doesn’t make any sense to me is why HTC won’t let us download the update from their website.

    • legendary

      They do, but they don’t make it easy (rooting, etc.), and a virgin version doesn’t exist yet.

  • StillWaiting

    Maybe they have started from scratch to release 2.3 in 12 months.

  • Av-enge

    February 5th and still no update?… what happened to mid January?

  • MikeS

    It appears that Bell/Virgin are ridiculously incompetent when it comes to managing a product that is designed from the start to be easily managed. (I guess this must be another example where the phrase “Looks ain’t deceiving!” applies.)

    If I was HTC, I would be very concerned that Bell/Virgin’s incompetence is damaging the marketplace’s perception of my product. I would either bail them out and help them release the update before the Bell/Virgin/HTC reputation became more pathetic than it already is, or just by-pass Bell/Virgin completely, and release the update directly to the marketplace and save my own reputation.

    But on the other hand, when have carriers ever done anything reasonable?

  • chrispycrunch

    Will this android update improve battery life, or are all android updates still resting on phones that don’t last more than a day?

  • StillWaiting

    I guess technically they are saying “eventually” and “never”.. time will tell.

  • ben

    What is happening, we are valentine day and still no upgrade or any sort of response from Virgin mobile?!

  • Julian

    This is ridiculous when are they going to release the upgrade? Why even say “the upgrade is in the midst of rigorous testing” BS.

  • MikeS

    (Light bulb just turns on …)

    BELL = Business Elevated to the Lowest Level

    It all makes sense now.

  • Adam D

    I just called Bell and asked if there is any information on a 2.2 firmware update for the htc legend and I was told to contact HTC. Upon asking if Bell was the company which is going to roll out the update, the rep on the phone said that HTC has any, if any updates and I should contact them.

  • Greg J

    ^^ Adam D; So, basically an incompetent or deliberately evasive response from the Bell rep, since it’s the carrier that has to push the update OTA. I’d have asked him if he’s saying I should root my phone so I can use the HTC update released to carriers in November?

  • MarchMadness

    This is the longest mid-January I every remember.

  • Uncle Jack

    March 2nd and still no upgrade. Virgin is incompetent.

  • Ben

    We are debuting the month of March…. any NEWS from Virgin?!!
    Damn, we’re still waiting for that update…

    It’s seems like a false advertising from Virgin. Very disappointing.

  • StillWaiting

    There’s a problem with my phone, when I check for system software updates, it says “Your phone is up to date”. Which obviously isn’t true.

    It really should say, “No 2.2 again, would you like to delete some apps because keep running out of room because you can’t run them off of the SD card till Virgin/Bell releases software which has been out for months and months?”

  • Julian

    I just installed froyo on my phone, thank you so much virgin mobile Canada and htc, keep up the good work!!! The upgrade is nothing short of absolutely amazing!!!