“Facebook for Feature Phones” app launching on Mobilicity devices soon

Facebook is one of the most popular mobile apps around the world. Majority of the users access the social networking site from their Smartphone which Facebook recognized… and of course want to get as many people using the site as possible, along with the best possible experience. Today they announced a new mobile app directly aimed at those with a basic device called “Facebook for Feature Phones”. They stated on the company blog that this will provide those users with a “an easier-to-navigate home screen, contact synchronization, and fast scrolling of photos and friend updates”.

In total there are 14 mobile operators around the world that will be implementing this app on their devices. New wireless entrant Mobilicity has received the nod as the only Canadian carrier on the list. Facebook said that the app will be available in the coming months and users will get “free data access when using the new Facebook mobile app during the first 90 days after they launch”.

Nice work Mobilicity!
Source: Facebook