DigiTimes: HTC set to release a tablet called the “Flyer”

If the overseas reports from DigiTimes are correct then HTC will be heading into the tablet market as early as March of this year. They state that HTC will be launching the “Flyer” and it’ll look something like the Desire and run off Android OS 2.3 (but will be eventually upgradable to OS 3.0 Honeycomb). The Flyer will first launch in the United States then eventually roll out to other markets shortly after.

In addition, HTC will release another 2 tablet in the June time frame that will run OS 3.0. No word on price or any other details. If this is true then we’ll see HTC compete with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook, Apple iPad/iPad 2, Motorola Xoom and the HP/Palm webOS Opal.

2011 is shaping up to be the year of the tablet…

(Side note: the image is not a picture of the upcoming “Flyer”, it’s a stretched out Desire)

Source: DigiTimes
Via: CrunchGear