DigiTimes: HTC set to release a tablet called the “Flyer”


  • JAWG

    I can’t wait to buy this tablet. The specs look very promising. It will replace my Galaxy Tab that I’ve been using with Rogers!

  • JAWG

    On 2nd thought, I will be waiting for the iPad 2 which for all everyone knows already will be the return of jesus.

    So disregard my initial thought.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    JAWG, you are my hero… always and forever. I also can’t wait until the Jesus tablet a.k.a. the iPad 2 is released!!!

  • EJ

    If JAWG is serious about buying the iPad 2, he’ll have to get off of welfare and find a job!!!

  • sookster54

    The stretched picture of the Desire looks hilarious.

  • MXM4K

    Seriously people, please stop flooding this comment section with this nonsense. People are entitled to their opinions, so stop mimicking those you disagree with to make them look silly/bad, and post concrete responses if you want to counter those points. Or just ignore them outright (it’s the simplest thing to do). These games you’re playing are childish, and polluting what *used* be an interesting comment section to read.

    As for the topic at hand. With so many tablets coming out, I think the market will become over-saturated before it even truly begins. Unless companies price some good quality tablets at the $300 range, I don’t think I’ll be getting any of them.

    Desktop in my office, laptop for around home or elsewhere where computing power is needed, and my phone for everything else. A tablet would fill a very small niche of my computing needs, and that’s certainly not worth the $500+ cost of one.

  • bubbles

    Hopefully thats not the final build! kinda fugly,

    @JAWG, ever looked under careers on the top of the page? loads of mobi and wind openings!

  • SeanT

    There’s some version errors in this article. The Android 2.3 it is to ship with is version Gingerbread. The version 3.0 it is reported as being upgradeable to, is the upcoming Honeycomb Android release. Thanks to those pesky confusing people at Google giving us this crazy version-o-rama. Sigh, in any case I’m still stuck on version 2.1 on my phone. I’m drooling over the chance to get either of these versions on any device.

  • Meadus

    Is it just me? or is this a stretched picture of a phone?

    I think someone thinks they’re funny.

    • Umut

      I actually thought it was funny 🙂 They have no actual image..

  • JAWG

    It’s not just you…it does look stretched and the icons look distorted.

  • JFrosty

    I hope you also only buy products made in Canada, food grown in Canada, only visit websites hosted in Canada, otherwise, you are hurting our economy!

  • monsterduc1000

    I want me a Fat Desire!!! Seriously. If you didn’t have a picture, that would have been alright.

  • david dee

    Great news that the HTC tablet is on its way! Given their phones, I am sure this is going to be an incredible piece of hardware. My only concern is around an “upgradable” version. Past experience indicates implementation of these upgrades takes so long it would probably be better to purchase the Honeycomb tablets when they are launched in June. Nevertheless, I look forward to learning about this tablet when the specs are disclosed.

  • Len

    Moto and their locked boot loaders can keep their Xoom.. My HTC Desire is amazing and has served me well.. this will be my next device.

  • Len

    Ugh, just noticed its 7 inch not 10. I knew it was too good to be true.. Might hafta just go with an Archos then as their doesn’t seem to be much choice for the 10 inch Android tablet users.

    Come on HTC, put out a 10 inch quickly…

  • Breeze

    I really hope their tablets are real tablets, not just oversized smartphones. Dell Streak 5 is a disappointing one.

    Also, I hope they will offer WiFi-only 3G-free tablets, which are cheaper and unlocked.

  • criminalogic

    ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!!

    Cant wait to see HTCs skinning of 3.0…

    These will be tha best tablets of 2011

  • Brennan

    This looks kinda ugly, but maybe the real thing will look nicer.

  • GMan

    Can’t wait to see the product in person! I love HTC and I love Android.

    Other companies try to make Android products but they just can’t seem to match the sleek feel that HTC provides.

    Motorola tries with MotoBlur, which is, to put it nicely, meh. It makes me wonder why spend the effort if pure Android would’ve been better.

    And Samsung…don’t even get me started. TouchWiz should be illegal. And why put a non functioning GPS in your phone? Just so you can say your products includes GPS? I got so infuriated with my Galaxy S I had to fight the urge to throw the thing against the wall. The only thing that stopped me was I wanted to return it and they wouldn’t let me if the phone was in pieces.

    HTC though, did a great job designing their Sense UI. And from day 1 with my HTC Desire I’ve had 0 problems. Everything just…works.