Kik Messenger crosses 3 million users… WP7 app coming plus mobile streaming music service

Even though Waterloo-based Kik Messenger has been banned from BlackBerry devices (and knee deep in a lawsuit) they have proudly announced that they crossed the 3 million user mark. Their messaging platform is similar to BlackBerry Messenger where you can send a message and immediately see if it’s been delivered, read and if the other is responding. Kik states that their community grows between 10,000 – 15,000 per day and is now driven by Android and iPhone users (RIM shut them down in November) and on average each user sends about 20 messages a day. Kik will also be coming to Windows Phone 7 devices soon.

On another Kik note, additional features coming soon to all platforms include picture messaging and group chat… plus they are moving forward with their mobile streaming music service.

Source: CNW