Slacker rids the $3.99 monthly charge… basic radio now free

It was a year ago that Slacker Radio came into Canada. They first launched on BlackBerry and Android devices, then on the iPhone and webOS and recently on Windows Mobile 7 phones. There are now over 80 different genres to pick from and what used to be a free 30-day trial then a charge of $3.99 per month is now completely free. That’s right, Slacker Basic Radio is now free! The downside is that you’ll have to listed to some ads every few minutes, but it saves you about $50/year. If you don’t want to hear the ads you can upgrade to Slacker Plus for the $3.99/month.

According to the press release I received it states that “Canadian users now have unlimited access to free Slacker Basic Radio with the option to upgrade to Slacker Radio Plus. Slacker Radio Plus features all the same great benefits of Slacker Basic Radio along with station caching for supported mobile devices, ad-free listening, complete song lyrics, unlimited song skipping, song requests and more.”

Jonathan Sasse, SVP of Marketing at Slacker said “Turning Canada on to personal radio earlier this year was a giant milestone and the ability to expand the free Slacker Radio experience beyond the 30-day trial period is another exciting step forward”.

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