MTS launching BlackBerry Style 9670 on Thursday


  • MacMan

    Ugliest BB ever made

  • gord

    pick up a phone then go to sals to use it mmm

  • Kdawg

    Definitely the stupidest bb ever. On the stupidest network ever. Mts when are you going to realize that smart people don’t want CDMA. They want your new network online an they wanted it two years ago. Quit wasting time with crap devices like this and ones that are already a year or two old when you finally get them. Even when you get your new network – if you don’t shape up device wise you mise well give it up and sell it all to Rogers. Cause they’ll have all your customers. I switched in 2008. Glad I did. Now my poor wife who is still stuck with mts doesn’t get my text messages for hours if at all thanks to your absolute bullsh** cdma network.

  • caanda45

    MTS is the bestest cellphone company in Canada….sarcasam at its enth degree!!!!!

  • Alex

    I really hope they get their asses in gear and launch the new network sooner than later. I’m on Rogers and would enjoy some damn 3G outside of Winnipeg… I’m in the city every day for uni but living outside of the city, it would be more than nice to get 3G everywhere else..

  • Kdawg

    Ya. Ya know I realize we may not have the subscriber/population base to support these expensive projects but come on. Should’ve been here by at least 2009. And never mind mts. Rogers should’ve been able to fund this themselves with their insane data prices.