MTS to release the BlackBerry Style 9670 “later this year”


  • Donny

    who cares. Why is RIM even making this thing. It’s like an outdated Moto.

    • Kdawg

      Who the hell is disliking these comments?! Obviously a person that can’t comment because they don’t actually know anything about phones or the industry. Just a person who likes shiny useless products with fancy names

  • Kdawg

    I know they’re keeping CDMA running for a few years but why keep adding phones that aren’t hspa when the switch is gonna be flipped soon….. Weird. Especially with this over sized glorified flip phone.

  • Luka

    This phone looks really bulky and ugly, plus it’s a CDMA phone so why should I care?

  • A. Carmine

    The Pearl Flips fat cousin has entered the room….