Fido intros new $35 Unlimited Incoming plan


  • Ted

    150 minutes = FAIL.

  • TomatoGuy

    Thanks but no thanks. Unlimited calls and data is where it’s at right now.

  • ToniCipriani

    I’ve think seen this plan from Fido before… several years ago.

  • Don

    Wow, a Fido plan that actually includes call display? At this rate we’ll have voice mail by 2018.

  • Abdel

    Fido is not a good copier.

    Koodo, Virgin Mobile… introduced this plan with Voicemail a while ago.

    Fido forgot voicemail!!!

  • gord

    i used to have fido when it was owned by microcell to bad he didnt last was good then

  • J C

    This plan does not actually include international text messaging (outgoing), or so I was told by their rep today.

  • sammy740

    This plan is the identical copy to Solo Mobile’s plan that has been out for two weeks now!

    Solo’s only includes domestic text messages though.

    • Justin Credible

      Which means that the roles are reversed for once. Usually Solo simply copies everything Fido does.

  • mike

    $35 for unlimited incoming, come on rogers, get with the game, competition is here, and the new market is unlimited voice and unlimited data. Get with it soon or face losing all your subscribers by 2012. I think it would be best just to close rogers and fido, and just keep Chatr running with what they have now but include unlimited data. because rogers right now by the way they are running things as it is, rogers and fido will have zero subscribers by 2012 anyway.

    • David

      This isn’t going to happen. The new entrants with their unlimited plans will only be suitable for a certain proportion of the population. A significant number of customers want the latest devices such as iPhones and the latest Android devices. In addition, many need to be able to use their phone across Canada without being charged roaming fees. Rogers/Bell/Telus are not going to change to and all you can eat business model and they’re not going away either. The big 3 continues to add new subscribers every quarter, turn a profit and increase or sustain their ARPU time and time again.

  • Justin Credible

    David, the latest and greatest Androids (and flagship Google phones) are the Nexus One and Nexus S which both work on the new carriers.

    In fact, good luck getting the new Nexus S working on the big three’s 3G networks.

  • Ryan

    Lol look at Rogers HAHA! Didn’t the lawsuit hurt you enough, and now you introduce this bullshit way to go!

  • Zeake

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Get of the Fucking Stage!

    Just NOT good enough! NOT EVEN CLOSE!

  • Mike

    This is garbage!!!! Solo has unlimited for $50 a month!!!

  • Luke

    ABOUT TIME they do SOMETHING, but ya what’s up with this crap?!?! still better than what they have now so I called my friend and told her, I’ll stick with fido prepaid until they come out with something truly competitive.

    They have $35 unlimited local calls but it is only on retention plan which SUCKS and does not include voicemail. though there are no zones.

  • Luke

    p.s. rentention plan DOES NOT INCLUDE TEXT, which is why I am not interested in it, not even 50, that’s all I need if I’m going to pay $35 +

    get unlimited fido, what a joke.

  • Luke

    UPDATE*** called fido about this and it does include unlimted messaging, what is so funny is their website plans is currently not working AT ALL! Apparently also looking at changing all of their plans to 6pm evenings instead of 7pm. I said I’m not interested I want unlimited, but called on behalf of friend who wants something like this who is current fido customer.

    i want UNLIMITED.

  • tbr

    These plans are so stupid that I think they are targeting people who have not heard of Mobilicity, wind or Public Mobile.

  • Wireless Gangster

    id go for this plan if it had about 500 day mins… canada wide.. but this plan is hands down FAIL!!!!

    Mobilicity is still the king of the wireless in terms of deals they offer without evil intentions

  • JJA

    You’re all seriously retarded. Just cause other carriers have better plans doesn’t mean s**t. That’s because their coverage is s**t. Rogers/Bell have the best nationwide coverage. Mobilicity for some reason does not have coverage in Newton. So if you want to pay miniscule amounts for smaller 3G zones and calling areas go ahead. Until other carriers expand their zones, the big players will not decrease their rates