Video: 1,500 pounds of old cell phones vs. a Camaro

In Canada we have several ways to recycle your old cellphone and some companies even give you cash or gift cards for your old clunker devices. This video is hilarious and is a good way to promote your business. Staring in this 2-minute debacle is 1,500 pounds of recycled cell phone and a broken down Chevy Camaro.

The maker of the video is United States based PaceButler and said that “We dropped a 1500 pound pallet of used cell phones onto a Chevy Camaro… The phones in this video were damaged beyond repair… As for the Camaro, the car was bought for a skit that was recorded at the same time of this shooting. The car needed a lot of work done to get it back up in good condition.”

Wonder if any Canadian companies would be willing to do this with a Zamboni

Source: Gizmodo