Nokia: Ovi Store sees a “whopping three million downloads a day”


  • Justin

    I picked up the N8 last week, i knew the OVI store wouldn’t come close to the Android Market on my MAGIC, theres not many useful apps for Canadians in the OVI store

  • Joe

    Just picked up an (unlocked) N8 as well. The camera is insane on this device. Software is a big improvement over the old S60 touch devices (had an N97mini for a few months and it was horrible). Can’t compare to other devices.

    As far as Ovi store goes, wait until apps written in Qt kick into full gear. Qt with its massive worldwide developer community is going to give Apple’s AppStore a run for its money in the long term.

    • Justin

      i am loving the phone, i have android 2.1 on my MAGIC, and although symbian could use a little work, it beat my expectations by a mile.The hardware itself is second to none, well done Nokia, they are definitely heading in the right direction, can’t wait to throw another OS into the ring here in North America to compete with android and iOS and webos

  • Shane McLaughlin

    Hi, Joe I work for Nokia. This milestone for Ovi Store is a step towards the more integrated Ovi Experience that is coming, including richer mobile experiences for consumers and a more compelling business proposition for developers and partners.

    True that the competition is fierce. But I would like to point out that the CEO of Ovi Store content provider BLStream said they are “on track to exceed App Store performance even though we’ve been there longer.”

    Breakdowns by country are not available at this time, but I will tell you our goal is to make every Nokia phone a smart phone with locally relevant apps and content, and that is a significant opportunity given we have 1.2 billion consumers. Stay tuned.

  • david

    Wait. Just hold on a second.
    You mean there are people using Nokia phones in this era??

    • Jeff

      Just because you may be an apple/android/whatever the phone you’re using fanboy doesn’t mean that others are the same as you. Some like Nokia, Some like Apple, Some like Android and Some like Blackberries.

    • Terry

      HAHA you’re so funny because that’s the most opposite thing you can say since factually Nokia phones are the most used phones on the planet..HAHAH yeah, you’re so funny because you think NA is the only market on the planet.

  • Justin

    im actually just going through the store now and it looks like a hell of alot of apps have been added in the last 24-48hrs

  • Adwin L

    Personally I’m still on the fence between choosing my first smartphone. The quadband GSM and pentaband 3G phones are alluring from Nokia, but I keep reading all these people trashing Symbian^3

  • Joe

    The thing is, with Nokia you get great build quality / hardware and currently okay-ish software. However, their software is schedule to improve over time and I believe them in that they are now fully committed to doing that. The announcement that they will no longer have a “Symbian^4” but instead do continuous upgrades is just one more indication in that direction.

    With other manufacturers however, you might get good software to begin with but only okay-ish hardware. Hardware obviously cannot be improved after you have purchased a phone so you will be stuck with it until you buy the next model.

    Personally, to have Nokia’s great hardware in the long run is more important to me than having only superior software in the short term.

  • Mo Sh

    After being a long Nokia phone user for many years, my experience with symbian signed and software tweeking broke my cycle of buying Nokia phones. N97 was the last nokia phone I bought. The reason being their anoying operating system that doesn’t allow you to do anything and the lack of having a TTS accessbility software like Android and Apple.

  • howi

    “whopping three million downloads a day”*

    * 2 999 999 downloads are free apps

  • howi

    @Shane McLaughlin / Joe,

    While I agree with you that Nokia makes some of the greatest hardware for longevity and still the #1 in terms of global shipping volume, but I do not agree software improvement through “incremental” upgrade in this current S^3 should make the best of the greatest hardware.

    Here comes my rant…

    I am a die-hard Nokia fan since the DCT-3 era (almost 70 different models I have been collected) but what we have got in return with our misplaced loyalty / slavery?

    Set aside the decline of the build quality in hardware at Nokia (e.g. the fragile microUSB connector used in many handsets), we have got the old Symbian wine in the new N8 bottle of S^3 with the flawed supporting desktop software, Ovi Suite! Your boss, Stephen Elop says he would listen to people, reconnecting people. I challenge any corp type user to put away your BlackBerry for a month, try to deal with all major messaging solutions – Domino, Exchange, Groupwise.

    Focus your resources into MeeGo now; Make the Ovi ecosystem as a prime location for ALL REGIONS in the globalized world; Stop the internal competition / bureaucracy; try to LISTEN to Eldar Murtazin!!