Dell Streak now available at Dell for $549.99


  • JMS


    • JMS

      Really? Somebody dislikes my joy? Really?

    • JMS

      I smell a fanboy (or three) . . .

  • David Laliberte

    What do they mean by “For use on Rogers network only”?

    Does it mean that: (1) Rogers is the exclusive seller of this device in Canada; or (2) a person using this device will not be able to roam onto other networks such Bell, Telus or any carrier outside Canada (e.g. AT&T, Vodafone, etc.).

    I hope it is not #2, otherwise this phone will be much less attractive…

  • Mike Gardiner

    wake me when they start selling the venue pro

  • Justin

    not a bad device, could have better specs and a huge selling point would be upgrade to 2.2 not 2.1, ill wait around for the next 4″ + device

    • bj

      Given that they stopped working on the 2.1 update and have sold it to Softbank in Japan with 2.2 (Softbank is taking preorders with a claimed December delivery) I really really doubt they will ever officially release 2.1.

  • Chris Marle

    This is stupid. They are selling the phone on their website and it’s still SIM locked to Rogers? Come on Dell, you would sell more of this phone if you would sell it unlock.

    Stupid move Dell, really stupid move.

  • Jim R

    If indeed it is sim locked (as it sounds like it is), it’s an amazingly stupid move on Dell’s part. Definite fail.

  • Alex Davies

    The next official Dell upgrade, coming very soon, since Beta leaks are already out there, IS 2.2. It also includes Dells new ‘Stage’ UI and launcher that looks very nice !

  • Tim H

    Had to contact Dell this morning & confirm, according to “Agent (Gracel_O)”, this version is absolutely locked to Rogers and there is no way to switch to another provider. It is also shipping with Android 1.6.

    I was ready to buy this today (I was READY to buy it 6 months ago), but not when I can’t switch carriers if/when I want. Maybe if they priced it at $199 no-contract, but not $549.99! That’s unlocked pricing for a locked phone…

    • JMS

      I’ve read that Canadian carriers are required to provide the unlock code upon request . . .

  • Mike V

    Wow, I can’t believe how stupid they are.

  • Paul


    I really thought I loved your sexy form and function but a guy can only take so much rejection. I give up.

    1) You slept around with all the other countries first – only coming to Canada after soooo much begging.

    2) You don’t even dress-up for us – walking around with old Android 1.6 when 2.2 is already on the shelf.

    3) You’re all hot and bothered for Rogers – like a secret lover we can’t get rid of.

    Come on Dell, all we wanted was a fighting chance! And all we got was a kick in the pants… (insert sad country song here).

  • Nado

    Real dumb business move, for the life of me I can’t understand why Dell would do this. Dell wants $549.99 and I only have one option for a carier and its launching with Android 1.6? Yeah, but no!

  • Jim R

    There is no requirement for Canadian carriers to provide unlock codes. They are totally allowed to sell you a crippled product and not help you uncripple it.

    • JMS

      Right you are — the legislation is still pending . . .

    • Charles

      There is a law being proposed that would force Canadian carriers to unlock a phone on demand at the end of a contract. That implies that a no-contract phone could be unlocked on-demand at purchase time…

  • RamenBlue

    Unlock it, and I will buy it.

  • Rob

    If you try to order it you will see at the top of the page that it is “sim free”. In other words it is unlocked. The US site doesn’t have that designation when ordering. It just says locked to ATT. In Canada it is illegal to use a hardware lock on a cellphone. If it is locked to Rogers as some are suggesting it is not the same lock as the US. This will be a way to software unlock it. And the provider are required to unlock the phone once your contract has expired. The catch is that you have to be a customer in order to have them do it. It was written in to the legislation over 10 years ago.

    • Andy

      I think sim free means it does not come with a rogers sim card..You will have to purchse one or put in yours…I could be wrong though….

  • Andy

    Well…I do is strange for Dell to sell it locked to rogers from their website…I wonder what Rogers held over their heads to push them to make this decision? This must have been a mutual agreement. It just doesn’t make sense otherwise. I still plan on buying one though…I am already a Rogers prepaid customer and have been waiting for this phone to make the plunge. I have several phones already, (iphone, Galaxy S, Acer liguid e)however this is the one I want the most…I do a lot of web surfing and youtube and was debating on whether or not to get a tablet until I say the reviews on this a few months ago…I am glad Rogers is getting it however it would have been nice to at least have options, if I am to buy it at 549$…To me that is the whole point in paying full price for a handset…I bought all the others outright however don’t see the point when sold in this configuration. Oh well…Can’t wait to get my hands on it…Cheers

  • Anonymoose

    You people are f*****g morons. Please keep your traps shut since you apparently don’t know anything about cellular technology.

    The Dell Streak sold in Canada has a CARRIER LOCK to Rogers. This can be easily broken by any provider of IMEI unlock codes. It is only ‘locked to Rogers’ because the frequencies the radio supports are Rogers frequencies of HSPA, aka UMTS Band II. It has fewer frequencies in common with any other carrier, therefore signal strength and data speeds will be lesser or non-existent.

    If you want to buy a Streak and use it on another carrier like Wind or Mobilicity, maybe you should buy UMTS band IV device (T-Mobile), not band II (AT&T).